The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Legends of Tomorrow S5.10 The Great British Fake Off review by Robert Turnbull Zari utilizes the emblem to scatter the group, at that point utilizes the Hell weapons herself to execute the baddies. There, she gets an offer to become their third sister and fakes acceptance, then lets the Legends tied up in her office loose and joins them back on the Waverider. There are some potential answers either in the fact that Sara has been traveling through time longer than anyone on the ship, minus Mick, and perhaps that, in conjunction with the Fate’s powers, has given her some time displacement. She begins seeing things, yet is gotten by Charlie and comes out of it. In another room, John accumulates a few of the Legends in a round room where he needs to utilize them as mysterious batteries to help track down the Enchantress. But then she runs a con as Cleopatra and is legitimately brilliant, quoting Shakespeare and power moving her way into talking this group of killers into working together. Astra doesn’t know that Lachesis is a Fate, or that Lachesis is running encores without her knowledge. Marc Guggenheim (developed by), She gives us some looks into her updated backstory, how everyone treated her like a joke because she is an influencer and what that did to her psyche. However, she states in ". Constantine's spirit coin has additionally been taken off her neck and supplanted with Vandal Savage's. While this does imply that the Encores were little more than a plot device to have wacky, genre-filled episodes because they’re not part of the grand endpoint for this season, they are still something that needs to be addressed. After the excitement of all this, she and Constantine almost get smoochy which is the distraction they needed to find the ring. We continue to see what a fabulous character InstaZari is. And thankfully not Cara Delevingne) to hide for her. Quiz: How Well Do You Know 'Julie and the Phantoms'? Ground floor, John is drinking while Zari uncovers to him that she is tormenting herself in light of the fact that Behrad kicked the bucket attempting to spare her. Things finish up neatly for Zari and Constantine; After figuring out that the enchantress has hidden the ring so people can only find it if they’re not looking for it, they decide the best thing to do is get drunk so they forget about the ring and find it by accident. Spoilers for 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5 Episode 10 'The Great British Fake-Off' After the tragic end to last week's Episode 9 'Zari, Not Zari', 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5 is back with a killer new episode.