Pay Your Bill The Stations were based on Scripture and on popular piety that imagined the falls of Jesus and the wiping of His face by St. Veronica. Lord, give me the grace to exchange the sackcloth of my mourning for the silken robe of joy in my salvation.

A prison is also a symbol of Lent because we are locked in the prison of sin. What greater King could we possibly desire?

Amen. Originally the Easter hare played the role of a judge, determining which children were good and which were disobedient, and rewarding the good ones with candy and eggs. Barren stones: Stones call to mind the desert, and Jesus’ testing by the devil there. Give me grace to love all those who persecute Christians or others. LORD, transform the crushing trials of my life into the new wine of praise and hope, all to give You glory. Jesus is the true unblemished Lamb whose self-sacrifice through His Blood takes away the sins of the world, thereby saving us from eternal death. Was this all? At the Last Supper, Jesus also gave us His Precious Blood under the form of consecrated wine. What did that “rise again” mean? Amen. We come before God with open hands, to receive what He wants to give us and then to return it to others. Amen. One should not undertake extreme mortifications, unless he or she has consulted a spiritual director about them. First, we are to be clothed anew with our faith in the risen Lord. Amen. A butterfly, which emerges from a chrysalis, is  symbol of the Christ resurrected.

When we feel hammered by circumstances, we mean that we feel unrelentingly beaten and battered by life. Hyacinths are beautiful, extremely fragrant spring flowers which are grown from bulbs. Almsgiving is not an option; it is a necessity for a person who claims to follow Jesus. Amen. You are the Son who gives me warmth all the days of my life.

A chrysalis has traditionally been seen as a symbol of Christ in the tomb. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity in communion with the First and Third Persons.

Help me to deconstruct that wall, Lord. Amen. If we meditate upon these five truths, we will begin to understand the depth of God’s love and the extent to which God was willing to go so that we, so deeply loved, could have eternal happiness and live forever. It was mistakenly thought that rabbits could breed without loss of their virginity, which made them a symbol of the Blessed Mother. Give me Your strength to endure, Lord, and Your grace to emerge stronger from trials.

Lord, grant that I may seek Your mercy and that I may grant mercy to others who seek it from me. We also abstain from meat on other Fridays of the season. Despite uptick in N. Mpls violence, Visitation sisters’ outreach undeterred. LORD, let me clothe myself in the sackcloth of repentance.

You Who endured the hammering of nails into Your hands and feet, have mercy on me. In early paintings of the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel offers to Mary a branch of pure white lilies as he asks her to be the mother of Jesus. LORD, teach me how to pray better, to pray with greater trust, to pray for Your Will to be done, not mine.

Praying Hands. (praying hands): Praying hands are a common symbol of Lent and prayer in general. Thus, trust in the blood of the lamb saved the Jewish people from the plague of death which struck everyone else. The image of Jesus as Divine Mercy shows red and white rays coming from His Heart to bathe the world. Thank you. Over time, with God’s grace, time heals and transforms what was crushed into a new, life giving vision.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. The Stations of the Cross is a familiar Lenten devotion. In fact, the archangel Gabriel, the great messenger for God, exhorted Tobit and his son Tobiah, “Prayer and fasting are good, but better than either is almsgiving accompanied by righteousness. LORD, give me a spirit of openness to You and to Your gifts. Fish: As a Lenten symbol, fish stands for the obligation to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. (Deep purple was a color reserved for royalty in Jesus’ time.). When the new creature is complete, it breaks through the cocoon or chrysalis and emerges as a beautiful winged creature. What meditations do they foster? The first Stations of the Cross were made by the Blessed Mother as she accompanied her son on His journey to Calvary and was with His body through the burial. Amen.

You, Lord, can transform me when I embrace the joy of forgiveness. Nests are a symbol of spring and of Easter. That time may be now. Birds construct their nests from dried grass and twigs. Violet is a somber color which symbolizes mourning, suffering, humility, regret, and the willingness to do penance, particularly fasting. How about making a centerpiece of rocks for your Lenten table? Fish: It is a symbol of lent which calls us to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Clothe me with the virtues I need in order to receive this grace. Let my works and my prayers be a pleasing fragrance before you, Lord. They were often shown on coins and used in the decoration of important buildings such as the temple. Popularized by St. Leonard of Port Marice in the 1700s, the Stations were actually a popular medieval pilgrimage in the Holy Land where pilgrims prayed at the various places of Christ’s passion beginning with Calvary and ending at Pilate’s house. It also represents Christ as King of the Universe. Jesus explained to Saint Faustina: The two rays denote Blood and Water. Bulk Subscription, About Food? The cross thus became a sacred symbol, used to symbolize fire and light. Lent and Easter have many symbols whose meaning can lead to a deeper appreciation of this holy season. Easter Bread is a tradition in many European cultures. LORD, may I rejoice in the resurrection of Christ Who, by His Passion and obedience, overcame the finality of death and showed us that the flesh may die but the spirit lasts eternally. Phone: 651-291-4400     E-Mail:, © 2020 Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Amen. The bread that became his Body was made from wheat. LORD, You are the great miracle worker.

The tradition of the Easter bunny, or Easter hare, seems to be German in origin. When a caterpillar reaches the full stage of its development, it stops eating and begins to spin a cocoon or secrete a chrysalis around its body. (Note: This page is being developed day by day during 2016 so check daily for the next symbol and reflection. Lent is a time to remind ourselves that our lives do not go on forever. Your health? I can only accept it and try, in my feeble way, to return it to You in my service to You and to others. Amen. You are the model to follow and the goal to keep before me. Until about forty years ago, purple was used for both Lent and Advent. The Easter bonnet was part of the new clothing worn at Easter time. LORD, You spared me through the death of Christ, Your Son. The prophets used to prepare themselves for a long time for this encounter with God, especially when the important mission was awaiting them. The Easter straw reminds us that, in the dried up places of our lives where nothing seems to be alive, we can make a nesting place for the Holy Spirit to come to hatch new life within us. The crucifix is the cross with Jesus crucified on it. Ashes serve as a stark reminder of human mortality which is a compelling reason to do penance. Jesus used wheat in a parable when He said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat, but if it dies it bears much fruit.” Jesus used this parable to refer to himself and the death that he was about to undergo.