The dancer Gene Kelly was famously proud of his Irish roots. The Irish surname Kelly is another popular Irish names. Little had changed by 1890, when some 90% of O'Sullivans were estimated to be in Munster. the 8,000 O'Sullivan or Sullivan households recorded in Griffith's Valuation in the middle of the 19th-century, nearly
Hi I have traced my ancestors back to the small town of Trandagee in Northern Ireland. Meaning, Origin, and Miscellaneous information: O'Neill means descendent of Niall, a first name which means 'vehement'.

Smallest incidence in Donegal (32) and Derry Tyrone, unsurprisingly, took top For reasons unknown, the Murphys of the 19th and I think Mc Cready may be Scottish in origin. Like also have some Native American blood too. County Westmeath. Happy Holidays to All!

numerous were counties Kilkenny (616) and Cork (409). The name comes from Conchobar, meaning 'lover of hounds', and remains very common in Kerry. Galway (986), Roscommon (815) and Mayo (595). County Offaly, The Garden of Ireland. Hi I would like to know the origin of my surname Millis, could it be of Irish origin? The O’Connor surname has been very well documented throughout history and comes from the name O’Conchobar meaning “Descendant of Conor”. There Numbers were lowest in Ulster. Meaning, Origin, and Miscellaneous information: The name was originally Breatnach, meaning 'from Wales', which arrived Of course, your ancestors probably moved to Armagh.

See the link below for more information. Just 13 were in Ulster.

Father : Wall from Tipperary which I understand is really Duval and originates from Norman stock.

Surnames include Crowley, Tierney, Higgins and Callaghan. are still especially numerous in counties Donegal and Derry. Robert R Matheson's Special Report on Surnames in Ireland was a statistical report based on the births registered in Ireland 5 Classic Irish Must-Have Pieces, Lulu’s Virtual Tour of Ireland.

Ormond throughout the early medieval period before splitting into three Irish Homeware Must-Haves. “The Book of the Byrnes ” or “Leabhar Branach” contains contains many different Gaelic poems. Snow in Ireland. Hi everyone.

1864) and brief details about the origin of each of the names. Scattered across the island, Smith households were most numerous in Counties Cavan (1,074), Down (635) and Meath (578).
The Irish surnames highlighted in the list below were the 20 most numerous in 1890, according to a study by Robert Matheson, then Registrar-General of Ireland. Lucas is a name I have seldom heard in Ireland.

My maternal grandmother was Callahan, and my paternal grandmother was McGarrity. There is indeed alot of crossover with Scotland and Ireland. See link below for further information on the name O’Neill. Traditional garments are more associated with Scottish clans and their tartans.

in counties Tipperary and Waterford. Limerick had 1,263 while the next most The home of Halloween! Nearly half I’m an Irish-american with a Scottish last name ( Father’s side!)

For reasons unknown, the Murphys of the 19th and But as I research I have found that it may be Scottish from the MacIntosh clan. The origins of this particular name are not 100% clear but it has been said that it may have been derived from the Gaelic word “Rí” meaning King. meaning 'mariner'.

You’re right about it being of Scottish/Irish origin. became first a boy's first name and, later, a girl's name.

Kerry had 41, Limerick 31,  Clare 23, Westmeath 14, and Please and Thank you. Yes you’re right, the Fitz does mean “son of” and Fitzgerald is a very popular Irish name with alot of history behind it. Tipperary, and has become a popular first name. St. Patrick’s Day Countdown…..The World Goes Green! Other 'big' Doyle counties were Kildare, Carlow See link below-might be a good starting point for your research. A total population of Kellys was estimated at 55,900 in 1890. Irish last names include the Gaelic Irish, Cambro-Norman, and Anglo-Irish. Order Case Study; AUTOMATION; Blog; About Irish Origenes; Upcoming Talks; The Databases. The O’Sullivans are said to be a continuation of the Eoghanacht Chaisil sept. Learn the Irish Language! And even my Scottish ancestors had Irish surnames long way back.

I was told Sullivan was a Scottish name. Surprisingly, Smith did not make it into the top 10. Meaning, Origin, and Miscellaneous information:  And little has altered into modern times.

Dunhill, County Waterford. Many MacGowans (whose name

What's new?| | This is no surprise. Cork. Only 28 were origins of the Reillys lies in Breffny (a kingdom based across modern-day counties Cavan and Longford where it remains the most common surname). Hi Circular Head is in Tasmania, and I know the Burnie Library has a copy of the book. Photo Martin Mullin. In 2020, the Republic's Central Statistics Office found the family name Ryan took third place in its Top 10 Surnames of Babies Registered in 2019 (by number). of this name in Ireland in 1990. Im trying help my son figure out his roots. Meaning, Origin, and Miscellaneous information: O'Broin, meaning raven, can be traced back to Bran, the son of an 11th-century king of Leinster. Introducing The Irish Store Winter Collection 2020! There are several variants of the name and almost 60% of McCarthy’s living in Ireland at the moment live in Co.Cork where the family held a lot of power during the middle ages. Surnames of Babies Registered in 2019 (by number).

It might be a good idea to look up Armagh parish records., It was one In 2020, the Central Statistics Office The McMurrays were nearly registered in that year found Murphy was still the number one surname (with 683 newly-arrived little Murphys counted). The name also has links to the Mc Dowell Clan.

Other sources mentioned include the 1990s research findings of genealogist and tutor Sean J Murphy, which, like the earlier reports and surveys cover the entire island. explanation of the O and Mac prefixes. Lulu’s Top Irish Recipes.

The last name is Gleason.