Copyright © 2020 Electoral Commission of Queensland.All rights reserved. There have been a few cases of councillors, from the Labour and Conservative parties, being assaulted whilst campaigning. Both authorities had their inaugural elections in May, and their predecessor authorities were all Conservative controlled except for Weymouth and Portland, which is in no overall control. [n 5], Will Jennings, a professor at the University of Southampton analysed ward-level data and found little correlation to support Labour's decline in areas that voted 'leave'. [34] Labour has sought to avoid talking about Brexit, but internal rows over their Brexit policy have created headlines. Elections also took place for most English parish councils. In 30 English unitary authorities the whole council is up for election.

[61] Martin Baxter, the creator of the political analytics website Electoral Calculus, suggested that the election data indicated that the next general election could produce a Labour-Scottish Nationalist coalition government.[62]. [1] Some have argued that the Conservatives put their expectations so low so that the impact of losses were reduced. An additional unitary authority replaces the remaining portion of Dorset County Council's area and the district councils of North, West and East Dorset, Weymouth and Portland and Purbeck. [31], Nationally, Labour organised their campaign on raising awareness of the impact of the austerity programme by the Conservative-led government on local councils, which has led subsequently to higher council tax and reduced local services. ", "Local elections 2019: How the national parties are trying to dodge Brexit as they head out on the campaign trail", "What are the major threats to Theresa May's leadership? All registered electors (British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens) who were aged 18 or over on the day of the election were entitled to vote in the local elections. ", " to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections", "North Kesteven to trial voter ID scheme in 2019 local elections", "What would be a good night for the Conservatives in the 2019 local elections? Can I register at both addresses? [21] Because of this longer extension, the UK participated within elections to the European Parliament in order to avoid a no-deal scenario on 1 June. The new districts of Somerset West and Taunton, East Suffolk and West Suffolk held their first elections in 2019. A by-election was held in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in addition to those indicated below.

The Local Government Inspectorate is the integrity agency for local government in Victoria. [36][37][38] This detraction from Brexit, however, has been quite difficult. This election was the largest rise in Green council seat gains in 20 years. With the exception of areas whose electoral cycle has temporarily changed (due to a boundary review) or permanently changed, or that have been reorganised, the seats up for election in England were last contested in the 2015 local elections, on the same day as the general election of that year. Their changes have seen the public procurement budget rise significantly, unemployment decrease and quality of life improve. Similarly, in Northern Ireland, Alliance (the Lib Dems' sister party), some smaller parties and independents also made significant gains.

In 17 English unitary authorities one third of the council is up for election. With the Labour making gains and loses in areas that both voted to leave and remain in the 2016 referendum. [33] The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, had commented that the economic policies of Preston City Council, where Labour took control of the council in 2011, were a model that he wanted other Labour councils to follow. [3], A total of 8,886 councillors were elected: terms were up for 8,861 seats, but eight elections for a total of 14 seats were postponed due to the death of a candidate;[4][5] there were also casual vacancies to be filled: 38 in England (including on nine councils with no other elections) and one on Dundee City Council in Scotland.[6]. In March, there was a demonstration in London, the Put it to the People March, in favour of a second referendum on EU membership, with an attendance reported to be between several hundred thousand and over one million. [16], Brexit dominated UK politics leading up to the local elections. Please note, the internal boundaries (divisions/wards) of 17 divided councils were reviewed in 2019 in preparation for the Local Government Quadrennial Elections in March 2020.The revised divisional boundaries came into effect at the conclusion of the March elections. The Victorian Electoral Commission acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of the land. Unitary authorities for Bournemouth and Poole have merged with Christchurch district council to form one new unitary for the eastern portion of Dorset, to replace the aforementioned county council. –. [30] Leave.EU encouraged people to spoil their ballot paper in protest at delays in Brexit. Despite electorate changes, your local member remains the person elected on the electorates in place at the previous federal election or subsequent by-election. If you have any trouble accessing the interactive maps, please contact the ECQ. [53], Leading up to the election journalist had noted the high turnout of the 2015 local election, when the 2015 general election took place, benefited the Conservatives greatly. Seven other district councils normally elect by thirds. Authorisation: W. Gately, AM, Electoral Commissioner, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. The local government quadrennial elections will be held on Saturday, 28 March 2020.

[42], There were isolated incidents of politically-motivated violence during the election campaign. External boundary & electoral arrangement reviews, Official administrative Queensland local government maps, Interactive local government boundaries can also be viewed through. [55] In the voter id trial areas an average of 102 voters in each pilot area failed to vote due to not having the required documentation, compared with 70 per pilot area in 2018. [49], Parties supporting remaining in the EU performed well.

The Electoral Office for Northern Ireland published lists and total numbers of candidates, showing that a total of 819 persons were nominated to stand. ", "Conservatives in for 'difficult night' in local elections", "Local elections: Mood on doorstep negative as campaign under way", "Shots fired at home of Labour councillor in Sheffield", "Local elections: Lib Dem candidate's car covered with far-right graffiti as voters head to polls", "Theresa May under pressure to quit after local election losses", "The Lib Dem surge is real. [26], According to the Electoral Reform Society, there are 148 councillors who were elected unopposed, largely Conservatives. We have a plan in place to make sure voters, candidates and VEC staff are safe from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In a divided council, voters from each division elect a councillor (or councillors in multi-member divided councils) to represent their division. [12] Defence secretary Gavin Williamson was sacked the day before the elections, which was predicted to be unhelpful for the Conservative campaign. [32] As an effect of cuts to council budgets, council spending per person has fallen 30% since 2010. Internal party sources has voiced a negative outlook to the success of these elections,[39] with the deputy chair of the party saying it was an opportunity for voters to protest against the party's handling of the Brexit negotiations. Elections took place in 168 non-metropolitan districts. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS SATURDAY, 28 MARCH 2020. Elections are by single transferable vote in 5- to 7-member district electoral areas. [53] There was also a significant increase in the number of independent and local party councillors, with their number of seats more than doubling. ", "England's local elections 2018: Theresa May holds on, but the Conservatives remain on the precipice", "The LibDems' performance was underwhelming – but these were not the elections to judge the party on", "Facebook to vet UK political ads for May 2019 local elections", "Disabled candidates grant scheme to return for 2019 local elections", "Million joined Brexit protest, organisers say", "Petition to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU passes 6 million signatures", "Brexit backers block Westminster roads chanting 'Bye-bye, EU, "Brexit: EU leaders agree Article 50 delay plan", "Brexit: Theresa May defends 31 October delay to MPs", "Extinction Rebellion activists gather in Hyde Park to mark end of disruptive protests with 'closing ceremony, "Sir Vince Cable to quit as Lib Dem leader in May", "When could Theresa May resign? This will be your opportunity to explain why it appears you didn't vote. [11][12] The result of the 2018 local elections saw the collapse of the United Kingdom Independence Party's vote, largely to the benefit of the Conservatives. Type a minimum of three characters then press UP or DOWN on the keyboard to navigate the autocompleted search results. Local elections in parts of the United Kingdom were held on Thursday 2 May 2019, with 248 English local councils, six directly elected mayors in England, and all 11 local councils in Northern Ireland being contested.

[57] Because the group of local councils varies with each cycle of local elections, the BBC and other analysts calculated a projected national vote share, which aims to assess what the council results indicate the UK-wide vote would be if the results were repeated at a general election. To view the council areas, click on the button below.

[18] On 29 March thousands of pro-Brexit marchers demonstrated in Parliament Square in London. [44] Homes with Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green signs were damaged in Lewes,[45] and a Liberal Democrat candidate's car was attacked and painted with swastikas in Faversham. [15] The government also funded a grant scheme for disabled candidates to participate, funding 60 candidates. Polling booths will be open on election day from 8am to 6pm. State electoral district. Five are for local authorities (the Mayoralty of Torbay is abolished this year): One election was held for a regional mayor: this newly established combined authority was set up by groups of local councils, much like similar devolution deals across the country, giving the combined authorities additional powers and funding. As noted above, due to boundary changes, six of these have all-up elections. Federal electorate. [48] Labour, despite topping national polls, lost 6 councils and more than 80 seats. Additionally, there are no elections scheduled for Adur, Cheltenham, Fareham, Gloucester, Gosport, Harrogate, Hastings, Huntingdonshire, Nuneaton and Bedworth, Oxford, South Cambridgeshire or Stroud. Voting options during an election; Preferential voting; Counting the votes; Learn to vote. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole*[64][65]. It was the worst Conservative local election performance since 1995, when the party lost more than 2,000 seats. – Local Councils, 1 May 2019. South Ribble: Farington West: election of 2 councillors delayed due to the death of a candidate. [7], A person with two homes (such as a university student having a term-time address and living at home during holidays) could register to vote at both addresses as long as the addresses are not in the same electoral area, and can vote in the local elections for the two different local councils.