John McLean presents statistics on UN IPCC reporting processes. Flannery failed to produce any. Nothing like planning from the start. I know in my electorate it was the candidate she chose that cost her a lot of loyal votes (including mine), On the polling booths in Maryborough with candidate Sharon Lohse & volunteer LeoStrong support on the ground and we will give the Labor party a run for their money today. Rather than fix the problem, Angus throws more taxpayer subsidies. So many booths with nobody handing out how to vote cards. She sold her long time members and volunteers out. I also look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to make contact. It seems most are 1 election wonders and then walk away. Coal Should be a tempoary soultion To allow us to have cheap power whilst building green infastruture. disappointing result guys, Urban people do not care about the plight of Rural people and Farmers as evidenced by this QLD not waste resources trying to get their vote..the cost of media now that the Print Editions of Local Newspapers has gone is excessive..I will not subscribe to a digital newspaper as I only used to buy a paper when I wanted to check something out ..not be Very happy to see this result for Stephen Andrews. Climate policies - Transferring wealth from the poor to the rich. Review of Chapter 11 I am shocked that the CSIRO came so unprepared to Senate Estimates when I gave them my questions in advance. Support crumbled, need to get some policies that people can get behind, First thought on election results.....'Rigged'. ... See MoreSee Less. [Deputy President]

The flooded islands in Vanuatu flooded because of deforestation.

Nature completely controls CO2 levels Letter to Christopher Pyne Minister for Education 27th May 2015, Email to Christopher Pyne 27 May and courtesy email to UQ VC 29th May, Reply from UQ Vice Chancellor of 1st July 2015 to Malcolm's letter of 21st May. Through the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Ltd the deep corruption that had been culturally entrenched in Ipswich and Logan Councils, is ingeniously and systemically infecting many other Queensland councils. !, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it , coal =jobs , and always has. I have employed the Vanuatu UN representative for climate change in my business and she said that climate change is a huge joke. Failures of UN IPCC scrutiny. Unsurprisingly, this is a common trick among advocates of global warming. For more Elon Musk’s Tesla made $1.2 billion from selling regulatory credits this year. Check for yourself, it's clear: Author and Reviewer Numbers are Wrong

Well One nation your voter support collapse yesterday across the state of Queensland and you wonder why, you alienated 1000s of One nation supporters who walked years ago when you endorsed candidates from the middle east as One nation candidates and they have not forgotten many told Pauline this was a bad move which none were elected and now you paid the price, plus Latham telling anyone who did not agree at the time were lunar right, which went down like a led balloon. Independent, international audit shows 2007 report relies on 5,587 articles not peer-reviewed - including hikers' anecdotes, newspaper stories and political activists' campaign material. ​ They don’t want minor parties like ON as they challenge and question their status quo. It was a pity that the Labor grub showed his true colours of a bully, have not heard an apology from the current incumbent Bruce Saunders, l hope you loose your position and the people of Maryborough speak at the vote. Something fishy going on! Exchanges of letters with politicians and others, Draft Climate and Science Policy and Affordable Energy Policy,, Aims, background and declaration of interests of Malcolm Roberts, Dr Vincent Gray and John McLean, Australian academic, UN IPCC Lead Author feeding off government grant has no evidence, Governments promoting coal exports want to tax Aussies using coal-fired electricity, Corruption of temperature data used by UN IPCCC, Many breaches of science in UN IPCC reviews, Federal political and scientific corruption summarised on page 2 of. All four UN IPCC reports (1991, 1995, 2001, 2007) contradict science. YOU HAVE A LOT IF EXPLAINING TO DO AFTER WHAT YOU DID IN THIS ELECTION. Something went wrong General Comments 2, Timeline of shady UN IPCC practices Following are the email threads: thread 1 | thread 2 | thread 3 | thread 4. Instead of reputable evidence, policy makers defer to political beliefs…, This week Senator Malcolm Roberts revealed CSIRO’s complete lack of scientific justification for climate policies and CSIRO’s only response was to state their world ranking. These are the ACT pollies GST Inclusive,, People suffer when political whims dictate policy,, CSIRO’s conceit stands by discredited science,,, Medical Cannabis & Hemp export industry given green light,,, © Copyright 2020 Authorised and paid for Malcolm Roberts, L36 Waterfront Place 1 Eagle St Brisbane QLD 4000 -. Professor Hoegh-Guldberg (transcript) is a marine biologist promoting himself as an expert on climate. Well played by Labor, as there's no such thing as a proper 'software audit' in CCP. Malcolm Roberts, WTH happened yesterday, does NOT make sense how much ON bombed out. Maybe something to do with Pauline listening to Ashby. They failed to meet my reasonable need for integrity, reassurance and understanding. They are incredibly brave when it was a lone woman.

Thank you, Madam Acting Deputy President. The LNP and the ALP are not progressive parties; they support each other. During a recent visit I learnt about a great program called ‘One Community One Standard’. Senator for Queensland with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Beyond a Joke Australian academic, UN IPCC Lead Author feeding off government grant has no evidence

They live close to the Gold Coast, they are paying almost Double what it use to cost to run our Dairy Farm. Reducing electricity prices, increasing the supply of reliable energy and ending the government obsession with renewables. ... See MoreSee Less. He has led the operational development of Australia’s largest and most complex underground coal project, setting many new industry firsts. And congrats Malcolm Roberts for your tireless energy. Senator Roberts said, “CSIRO’s response to my findings…, Stop banks in financial trouble from stealing our savings is the message of Senator Roberts’ submission to the Bank Bail-in inquiry. He too contradicts real-world climate science and apparently science in his own field. Apparent prejudice in UN IPCC's work Australians are already paying $13 BILLION EXTRA on electricity charges because of climate policies and renewable subsidies. Plain Stipidity, We have to rid our country of these bloody parasites they will ruin our country with this climate change bloody crap, About time this discrepancy is exposed That’s Ike paying $1K to go into a pub to drink free beer for a night! Only One Nation supports cheap and abundant coal to power our future. With a strong background in engineering, mining and business leadership, Malcolm brings a real world perspective to Parliament that the ranks of major party lawyers and former union bosses miss.

In fact, Tesla was only profitable in 4 of 5 quarters because of this state-subsidised green funny money, says @jameswoudhuysen To be honest, our local person was a last minute stand in. Comment on Facebook Australians are ... Give us coal fired power stations do what the people want do do not listen to