Week 4 Update (pdf, 4.8 MB) Does a seemingly shy and retiring local businessman hide a terrible secret? Epic BattleLore (PDF, 160KB) For instance, an investigator might receive damage of a broken leg and be unable to move as quickly as before. Download the FAQ for DungeonQuest (pdf, 300 KB), Rules for Dust Premium Miniatures (pdf, 7.4 MB), Dust Tactics Revised Core Rulebook (pdf, 13.7 MB), Operation Zverograd Rulebook (pdf, 2.9 MB), Operation Cerberus Rulebook (pdf, 7.7 MB), Optional Advanced Aircraft Rulebook (pdf, 1.4 MB), Dust Tactics Tournament Rulebook (pdf, 750 KB), Dust Tactics Corrected Commissar Squad Unit Card (pdf, 7.5 MB), Tournament Rules Dust Warfare (pdf, 17.3 MB), Dust Warfare Allies Unit Reference (pdf, 4.1 MB), Dust Warfare Axis Unit Reference (pdf, 4.0 MB), Dust Warfare SSU Unit Reference (pdf, 4.0 MB), Dust Warfare Campaign Book: Hades Markers (pdf, 4.6 MB), Dust Warfare Campaign Book: Hades Tracking Sheet (pdf, 8.7 MB), Dust Warfare Campaign Book: Icarus Support Pages (pdf, 11.8 MB), Dust Warfare Campaign Book: Zverograd Markers (pdf, 4.5 MB). Week 5 Update (low-res pdf, 2.3 MB) The expansion unlocked the three new scenarios—"Astral Alchemy", "Gangs of Arkham" and "Ill-Fated Exhibit".[8]. View cart for details. This handy index lets you find the information you need fast. Week 3 Update (pdf, 1.2 MB) After setting up, the players begin at the designated starting point an… Wings of War Miniatures rules — this is a comprehensive rulebook including rules for altitude, two-seater airplanes, and more! An excellent revitalization of a classic collection and definitely has enough new content to be a worthwhile purchase even if you have earlier editions of the collection.". Players who owned either the first edition base game or added the Recurring Nightmares figure and tile collection could play an additional scenario. Warcraft (Norwegian) I have  created several of my own scenarios, made an entire 3-D set for all the rooms,  painted all my miniatures have collected many other miniatures, purchased all the expansions. BattleLore: The Hundred Years' War Rules w/ Scenarios (Print Quality) (PDF, 20.6 MB) Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. 3 7 3 3 Before making an evade test, you may use this ability to gain +4 to all evade tests this turn Jury-rigging. Descent: Tomb Of Ice Rules (pdf, 3.0 MB) Tribune Expansion (pdf, 2.3 MB), Download the rules for Twilight Imperium Third Edition (pdf, 4.4MB), Download the rules for the Shattered Empire expansion. The app designers can create a designer module that would allow land-based community to build their own adventures, then posting online their scenario opens up so much more possibility that beyond the initial development of the software fantasy flight games so much content for no work. This supplement is best used with the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set or the Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition) roleplaying game and, optionally, with the Pulp Cthulhu sourcebook, available separately. I had the unique opportunity to play both of these games for the first time on the same day. Designed for HeroQuest Glorantha. The Suppressed Memories Figure and Tile Collection contained game components from the Forbidden Alchemy and Call of the Wild expansions—eight investigators (Monterey Jack, Bob Jenkins, Amanda Sharpe, Mandy Thompson, Dexter Drake, Carolyn Fern, Vincent Lee and Darrell Simmons), nine monsters (two Child of the Goat, two Dark Druids, two Goat Spawn, two Nightgaunt, two Crawling One, two Byakhee, one Wizard, one Dunwich Horror and one Dark Young), and seventeen double-sided map tiles.