At the southern tip of the loop, closest to Rodeo Beach, the route shown on this page includes a short trip to that beach and back. Add one. Password help . Camping & Lodging. It’s a true all-rounder, if not quite as well specced as some.  - Loop Trail. Coming soon! Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | If you're looking to ride and to get a great view of the city but and want more than to just ride the Golden Gate, then this is for you. Connect with Facebook. You will come to a road in a somewhat residential area, which looks confusing. Log In. Share a Video . but more of a cardio blast with great views. Great views mostly fire road with a few sections of single track. An enchanted LED forest is sprouting in Golden Gate Park + more good news from around the Bay Area Autumn Adventure Rx: Go glamping with Mt. MTB Podcast | There's a parking area just below the gate leading up to Hawk Hill. a few very minor technical sections. Then you finish the remainder of this climb on a slope that (with brief exceptions) stays fairly constant around 12% grade. Most of the trails are double This trail starts at the Coastal Trail in Marin Headlands Park, where there's a small parking lot and outhouse bathroom off the circle when coming from Conzelman Road. It's pretty much what its name implies; a bookstore combined with a cafe that used to be the train depot at which the Mount Tamalpais Railway began. You can make the ride even shorter by omitting this diversion. I then hit the horse stables then head back up hill using Oak Hills trail then down on Miwok train. Much of the descent near the end of the trail is punctuated with low wooden steps, in addition to a number of stone-paved "dips" in the trail for drainage, which is why the best way to ride this trail is downhill, in my opinion. © 2020 The Outbound Collective - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. The best way to get to the trail is cross the bridge and head towards the Headlands trail access Add a Symbol . adventures and follow local regulations. Share a Photo . This 10.1 mile loop trail isn't it's own trail, but a chain of trails throughout the Marin Headlands providing a variety of views and enough solitude among the hills to see some spectacular wildlife, yet you're not far from one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Bay Area. This popular eatery has more of a "brunchy" slant, but their menu is big enough that anyone could find something to their liking. Widgets, Explore   Starting from the GGB will add 2 more miles onto this run. track with a few single tracks here and there. Best Bike Trails | Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! Marin Headlands videos. The first of the notable trails that this ride passes through is the one on which it begins. After reaching the top of the ridge, the ride follows Bobcat Trail, which skirts around Gerbode Valley (which was to be the core of the Marincello project). Related Articles. If you're leaving from SF, head over the bridge and exit onto Alexander Ave. Make the immediate left under the overpass and you'll be on the road to Hawk Hill. Sign Up or Log In. ninertom (on Jan 12, 2020) What's this? Marin’s new Headlands 1 is a bike with multiple personalities. The next segment allows you to rest a little by dialing the grade back to around 8% for a short distance. Good (on Apr 27, 2019) login to update. Rate this Adventure Marin County, located just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate bridge, has the finest urban park system in the world, with over 600 miles of wonderful trails. Upcoming Events. Veer left onto Bobcat trail for a brief distance, then turn right on Miwok Trail, Turn Right onto Marincello Trail which eventually turns into Bobcat Trail, Take a sharp left off Bobcat trail towards Alta Trail / Morning Sun Trail and then take a sharp right onto Morning Sun Trail (Alta Trail). This is entirely optional, of course. Once you get to the highest point in the hike, turn around and on a clear day you can see a gorgeous view of San Francisco and both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. Turn left on Bunker Road until reaching the Presidio Riding Club, which will access the Rodeo Valley Trail on the opposite side of the street from the riding club. The campground is a great location for those wanting to camp near the city. On this particular ride, most of Bobcat Trail constitutes a fast descent on a very smooth fire road. At the bottom of the Rodeo Valley Trail the landscape will become familiar again: turn left off Rodeo Valley Trail to cross Bunker Road where you initially crossed when heading out (you can cross earlier to get back to the parking lot, but the trail ends and you will have to walk up a steep, winding road without a hiking path, and at times it doesn't necessarily feel safe) and take the Coastal Trail back to the parking area. IMBA Epics | Feel free to skip that part and return straight back instead, in case that doesn't speak to you. More importantly, it features a sizable menu of good lunch items in addition to a variety of edible and drinkable temptations, and it has numerous outdoor tables looking out at the "town square" and affording a resort-like, laid-back lunch atmosphere. Singletracks Merch | Miwok trail has a few lengths of single track switchbacks, but lots of climbing up mountains, not much flat trail to focus on technical skills. Bobcat trail up hill to Marincello trail. Best MTB Gear | It's actually a pretty nice singletrack, too, albeit a short one. Have you done this adventure? Although there are two extended climbs along the route, only the second one of these is really noteworthy and it only lasts a hair over one mile. I rode Tennessee Valley to the north, heading toward Muir Beach, it's one hell of a climb for almost three miles, but the views west over the Pacific Ocean and east over the entire north Bay Area are amazing, also many places to branch off on to some cool single trac. From wind swept Marin Headlands, to sweeping views from Mount Tamalpais, to whale spotting lookouts in Point Reyes, the diversity of wilderness in Marin County is unsurpassed. When the project stalled, they left it unfinished and whatever part that was already built has become this trail. After a couple of switchbacks near the end, the trail terminates at the Miwok Stables (where you should respect the signs and walk your bike through, rather than riding). It's not huge either, so it's very common to find people also parking all along Tennessee Valley Road, on both sides. If you are looking for hard core technical trails this might not be the best option but the 1990 ft gain Your next closest backup options are most likely to be along Miller Avenue, on the way to the heart of Mill Valley, but it would be worth your while to try "downtown" Mill Valley. This is merely to visit an outdoor blue whale skeleton that can be seen lying in a tiny park on Kirkpatrick Street in Fort Cronkhite. Finding a spot in their parking lot (as well as getting in and out) can be a bit challenging on nice weekends, though, and you need to be prepared to have to wait for a table. Please explore responsibly! Create Recommended Route or Trail . This will take you back to Bunker road and the Golden Overview There is a wide offering and Club Sponsor-Local Bike Shop. Marincello Trail takes its name from the residential development project that was to take place here several decades ago. Although the Headlands can be crowded, particularly at the parking-lot chaos of the Vista Point and pull-offs along Conzelman Road, the three routes leading to the summit of Slacker Hill remain relatively quiet, even during busy weekends. So, especially if you plan to do this ride on a weekend with good weather, unless you show up really early, be prepared to have to park on the side of the road a quarter mile from the parking lot itself. Turn off right when you get to the road and then right again, and you should continue on Rodeo Valley Trail. Be the first to leave a review! A wide open hike out of the Rodeo Valley and up around the top of the Marin Headlands. You'll also notice that, on the extension of the ride onto Rodeo Beach, there is a little loop near the turn-around point. The park's speed limit for bikes is 15 MPH. We don't have any videos of this trail yet. points. Aquatic Park Cove is a vibrantly urban harbor that mimics a natural anchorage and is located on the Pacific shores of one of America's great West Coast cities. Top Marin County Biking Trails: See reviews and photos of biking trails in Marin County, California on Tripadvisor. Marin Headlands (Coastal Trail) Address: 37.833556, -122.494151 (Next to the roundabout between Conzelman Rd & McCullough Rd, Sausalito, CA) Parking: Free (small) parking lot at the address above (to the right of the roundabout). It starts out with a cozy meander along a couple of lush nooks on the hillside (presumably the springs that give the trail its name) before starting to descend in earnest. This loop can start from several different locations, including Rodeo Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot. You will then see a parking lot off Bunker Road on the right. I rated this trail because if you ascend and return at TV the fire road main trail is very steep and loose, I blued my rotors on the way down also reccomend shin and arm guards.