Since its foundation in Lebanon in 1992, Group Plus has grown to become one of the largest media groups in the Middle East, employing over 400 people in 4 offices. But what's our USP? In addition, potential areas can be identified and specifically “lifted”. Even planning is not only one-dimensional: the media strategy is based precisely on these insights, whereby Data Driven can be acted upon – with the aim of a data-optimized media or communication strategy.

For clients with a national focus, there are usually regional or local distribution focal points meaning there are also both strong and weak sales areas that need to be optimized.

On the other hand, Germany is viewed in a differentiated way, with areas that offer more potential for a brand and where there is greater leverage on revenue gains. due by With advancing globalisation, people’s need for local and regional roots is becoming ever stronger. The direct and familiar environment is gaining relevance and vital to building trust and authenticity.

At the same time, many companies are battling decreasing budgets – meaning that advertising budgets require even smarter planning and implementation to achieve minimum waste.

Editorial staff Advertising Subscription Contact «AP » Vacancies Support us. Next accounts made up to 28 February 2020 The most significant change in the market can be seen in the quantities of data available: today, we know much more about customers – like where they live and go – so we know where we can reach them.

If a company operates in this environment and in a way that is relevant to people’s day-to-day lives, it can both present its brand as credible and manage its sales in a targeted manner. The Mediaplus Geo Intelligence agency strives to use the latest data analysis methods to recognise new trends, identify new areas of business, flag up potential sources of revenue and forecast customer behaviour. We merge company data and supplement it with facts: target group, competition, purchasing power and geo-data.

For 20 years now we have been servicing all kinds of business - big, small, online, bricks and mortar, B2B, B2C.

That’s why we developed the Geo-Potentialfinder°. Today, the key to efficient communication lies above all in its relevance.

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How big geo-data become key to national success: press release Geo Intelligence.

for retailers.

Phone: +961 1 584 006, UAE If we want advertising to be relevant, we must look at target audiences by region and consider the different mentalities.

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This also gives large, national campaigns the benefit of using regional features. Of course, geo-media provides targeted and successful support for regional brands in acquiring new customers and addressing existing customers. Our geo-media approaches are relevant for all national clients with a regional reference, chain stores and regional brands. Even from a national perspective, it is possible to analyse where the relevant target group can be located: do we find the target group more in urban or more in rural areas? Differentiation takes place on several levels: we locate a marketing or media target group spatially using our tools, so that we combine knowledge about the interests, motivation or age of the target group with information about the home country. 1plus Media Group is an independent UK based digital media company that operates a number of wholly owned digital properties across a wide range of diverse global markets.