Manage important documents, photos and official committee positions and make these available on your website. Cricket Australia works together with States and Territories to deliver Weet-Bix MyCricket to their affiliates. Provide greater exposure and attract more players through an integrated Club Finder. A national solution enables better identification and tracking of talented individuals for high performance squads and teams. stayed together to secure their side a grand final berth. Transfers & Clearances Follow New articles New articles and comments. Multiple users for each Club or Association are given secure access to specific areas of the system. Improves quality and quantity of experiences, engagement and communication with cricket supporters, participants and customers at all levels. MORE CRICKET. Sturt captain Brad Davis (82) led the reply and was joined by Thomas Kelly (59) as they pushed past Uni’s total with seven wickets left. :2�TF%���܋�M��9��J��T�4Y� ���V-�`7��:=,�J��9��w��)���p�����@E�8U�hlz`�� XG"�9-d�3mJ��BtI��B}�G�]?���3��k��>{f�@ The system substantially reduces workloads for volunteers by streamlining data capture requirements for Junior Development programs, The National Club Risk Protection Program, Club Finder, Census and Coaching Accreditation. <> But after Wakim fell for 80 with the score on 133, O’Connell took 6/34 from 16 overs as Uni crashed to be all out for 168. stream Manage Umpire contact details, availability, allocation and assessments. 2016-17 CLEARANCES AND PERMITS. These reports can show performance for a club, or for an individual. 1198 c?��Ghb��#�}�kU9�У�/ OP�(C����z�"�,�e���"�������"�'�S9���-��߭�1��B�(cA B�C�I�*�����&��H�'��X�����Y�^�@�)�e̖��!���gDs��t� *�KI�Y��j�����&�S�T����Ii50z�f4\�J�W��I��� (�+�R*C?�`X�D�[йOˉ�U2�I��0��S��}J�I����j�~�)��.�-�vS��W�R�5E�� #BA�`�~�a�J OPDJ�u�}�����(&���ǐ�Gay:�L��B���۱ '�l��E�B�}9�K)X�4˛j)��N��e~Uīq��ÇS�a(����FF�f���Slp��Ú? SACA Premier Cricket: State and National selectors can keep an eye on identified players, or potentially find a new talent by checking weekly best performances. ���8�m`�X-q喕�R+�b��[@Qq�_!���^\C�"t�Q��H��u�5�1h =$lȡ )��z�� �A��Hy��d�ң�L��W�pA�by�X�ˋ ��H�l�!���%�C�Ni���.�|��so�!��f&�Q�Φ��?s�&�L�t4e��Hh��#�݂@*1d��AO�&����fՈ!˕z�x71,d�l���$�ab|��Ʊ_?��&�І��m�2=���#��B �(�AQf��Ѥg7�j�T,�M-创�yd�Ap����yͼ��/�Ҷ�A�3Ά��o��=�\��m�+hug(����\u� �>�-R,��S��n�Փ�M�� �b�j-�ūo��W��L�d:�˖Ww��r^N|�v2����9%6&8覤{�}�����endstream Keep connected. Sign up for newsletters and electronic communication for cricket news that affects you. These include batting, bowling, fielding and partnership reports from one season or combine statistics across multiple seasons. Every grass roots Club and Association can access their own free website which is easy to customise and includes features such as club colours, logo, news items, photos, documents and direct links to the results and competitions. �� ���k�Թ{ g=˦Dt���9 �}�& ��{Í!N�Z���J�������#g�1ڕ��6�ƣ#�����C��ǻ����� �Г�:0bl<02��. Potential to increase generation of revenue through online sponsor promotion or advertising, more targeted and cost effective communication, broader event promotion and the easy running of competitions like fantasy league. Share your successes over time. 16 0 obj The Club Finder links to the cricket management system and includes the ability for associations and clubs to display detailed contact information. Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:54AM, Club Support Program and Child Safe Information. Australian Cricket has an ongoing commitment to evolve Weet-Bix MyCricket and provide greater value and return to associations, clubs and participants. By connecting to the internet, administrators can manage participant registrations, competition setup, results, individual statistics, awards, umpires, media reports and more. u���!z�jW`¹$#�pr�D����5!�#� 1$L@X�pf1!f�ɨ0����b�!Z�/6�$��]l��%z� q~�1�@ou�`���i�N��?�ӽ��cP�‰��pA���$ѡ �����&���Z�M0�*k����|P�z���s��U�N=%�����֮,g�;�s*V�`��}9��J�i�sąt8��^�c��4�g� �����]���=��5���y��uk��u��Dk�e�%:���. x��]ݏ�4���,�wZ�����, wm���z:�����{��"���KWN:q��I�t'3N:�/��].�����\��%�g���~|���{����U�:���ۇW?�~_Y"���~��e�� d.c�cx��iE�s�QY��eN�ʌ���^�~��P�Q� ��V0�e,���+k�kJ�����`�(Au~ �q���q�8T�Z�� RTS��'Ś����ߊ�"�3��?L�\�*+�� ��xt9�x�V�dM�8�? ��Moom��2�nC��z���1h8��lYF�~h�Jg>.�K�&�{#�5T�$FT�-j�Ѫ6�ï�]7�kյ��ڟ�RA��&S���d�圖��]��}{���qrH�?4S�M���kޱk� ]ۃ.I�����6��2nj۩FʶΛ��V���¡o�rS��*%�5̝�Qq��S��x��`�{o�B}�_pN�c-���n�����q��P���I�Ƶ7%�Ժf�����hr]HY8�{��]0 Note * - if any feature is not free, this will be clearly communicated by Cricket Australia and users shall not be obliged to utilise such feature. Celebrate. Every page has the same colours, layout and feel making navigation through the site simple. At the end of every summer cricket season we collect vital feedback from people who use the system to inform what future enhancements we make. Special extras are available through inbuilt links with external providers and include live map references and local weather information. Who is the best grass roots batter, bowler and fielder in Australia? Standard sections are available and include News, Events, Grounds and Calendar. A support mechanism is provided for community cricket via email logging of issues or problems through the MyCricket support site.