Smile, and a series of bizarre events pushing Peet into the bowels of his dark and twisted nightmare. In playing the original Flash game Coma, it looked just fine in a tiny window on Coma has received a lot of praise and seriously high ratings for what is only a fifteen minute game, likely due to the dark and confusing world it’s set in. However, there’s no denying that the game is filled to the brim with dark undertones that add a genuinely eerie vibe to the world, with plenty of small details to be found that flesh out the nightmare-like experience that Peet is going through. This is what initially drove me to want to play Neversong, a game touting itself as a “psychological adventure” easily catches my interest. Neversong is an aesthetically pleasing platformer with absolutely killer sound design and overall presentation. Platforming systems give players the ability to swing from ropes, float with the breeze, and slid down ramps on a skateboard. When I was 18 years old I started making my first indie game, Coma. Still, things like the piano playing are charming, but even that ends up feeling significantly underutilized. life with a vast array of improvements over its initial iteration. Neversong (originally Kickstarted as ‘ Once Upon a Coma ‘) is a horror-ish 2D action platformer and the spiritual successor/reboot/remake of the popular flash game ominously titled ‘ Coma ‘, now very nearly ten years old. Thankfully, the narrative offers more than enough to keep players firmly hooked into its heart-wrenching tale, whilst the stunningly designed locales you explore and treacherous bosses you face off against ensure that Neversong remains engaging and entertaining all the way through until the end credits. It’s a decent execution of the narrative and flows nicely with the game’s presentation. Pinstripe now joined by a new adventure that certainly embraces a degree of the You will, however, be able to bring your slowly enhancing toolkit back to previous areas to hunt down collectibles that allow you to customize the character. mental health conditions through its characters and storytelling, though it’s This post contains spoilers for Neversong. Unfortunately, I tossed the entire look and feel two months into the project, and opted to design an entirely new 4K world from scratch. But when played on PS4 on a full-screen TV, it suddenly looked like a 4th grader’s project. Neversong’s story focuses on Peet, a young orphan boy who is alone in the world save for his friendship with a young girl, Wren. For someone who adores experimental storytelling, this ultimately felt like a cheap way out of writing something more in-depth. for dark and melancholic vibes in his video games, with his previous release I’m incredibly proud of it, but it wasn’t without the painful destruction and restructuring of the original. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The simple and abstract poetry of the original game could simply not be spread over the course of a 4 hour adventure without becoming pretentious, watered-down, and ultimately annoying. Neversong is a psychological adventure developed by indie studios Atmos Games and Serenity Forge. of baddies with your baseball bat. Unfortunately, you don’t get to use the skateboard in a boss fight, which is a missed opportunity. ventures from the safety of home and delves further into his mysterious and hazardous I don’t want to spoil anything here because it really offers a genuinely enjoyable (and sometimes horrifying) little tale, but just know that the storytelling is of a high quality and will certainly appeal to players who appreciate video games that are heavy on the macabre. Our reviews can be found on Metacritic and Opencritic. macabre in its tone. Alicia Keys Under Attack From Jaguar Wright Following Wright’s Beef With... Archie Lyndhurst dead: How did actor Nicholas Lyndhurst's son die? feels equally fascinating and depressing in design. Will solve murder mysteries for money so he can buy more murder mysteries. Smile. Gameplay-wise, Neversong has a big focus on exploring its desolate yet beautiful world, with some Metroidvania-style elements woven into the experience to keep players on their toes as they try to find their way around. @JacobPFZE on twitter. and requiring some proper co-ordination to defeat. 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Neversong tells the story of Peet, a young boy whose girlfriend Wren is kidnapped by a malicious creature named Doctor Smile after they stumble upon an abandoned asylum.Peet falls into a coma following these events and awakens with one goal: to rescue Wren. Everything about the game’s visuals just look fantastic though, which when paired with the sombre but beautiful music and solid voice acting come together to make one expertly presented adventure. But it was totally worth it. Neversong is actually a remake of an old flash game all done in a tasteful way. They’re top notch and more than make up for the simplicity found in standard It’s called Neversong, and it contains everything its audience in 2010 loved, but also an entirely new world and set of game-mechanics.