Next In Line enables your front desk to be open 24/7, so pet owners can schedule appointments when they have time! Find Next In Line pricing plans, features, pros, cons & user reviews. Clients of ours have had pet parents booking their appointments at 2 or 3am.

It would crash. Next In Line helps reduce the time spent on these activities to mere seconds, enabling your staff to focus even more on taking care of pets and clients.

Through Next In Line, this process is reduced to under 30 seconds, and frees staff to focus on other high priority tasks. Set clear expectations of wait time to clients Reduce manual entry for staff

This program is very easy to implement, make changes to, and use.

Today’s veterinary clients are savvy shoppers with little time to spare, and online booking for vets is in high demand. they allow the administrator to… Whether you want to better track your students for one department, or if you’re part of a One-Stop area with multiple lobbies, Who’s Next™ can help manage your intake of students and record their visits. We migrated all our practices to the new, supported integration and had hoped you would migrate as well as we tried to help you do for almost a year. Boost compliance by making it simple to book vet visits online, with consistent reminders to help your clients stay on top of their pet’s routine care. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Are you registration and booking processes taking several minutes per clinic? The impact that taking control of veterinary appointment scheduling will have on your practice cannot be overstated.

Keys to Effective Veterinary Appointment Scheduling for Your Veterinary Practice, 5 Reasons Why Veterinary Clinics Need Smart Appointment Reminders, “Why would you like to bring [pet’s name] to the clinic?”, “Is there a certain doctor you’d like to see?”.

Next In Line helps reduce the time spent on these activities to mere seconds, enabling your staff to focus even more on taking care of pets and clients.

I have been working very closely with the [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] of the company.

the next level Qline is our web based queue management software solution that not only gives you the means to bring your customer flow management to the next level, but also delivers it in a way that is easy to use and even easier to maintain, thanks to the cloud. No-shows aren’t just bad for your practice’s revenue, they disrupt the scheduling flow and result in fewer pets receiving needed care.

It is actually saving us money to pay someone to double data entry into EZNet and eVetPractice than it is to allow [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] software to keep shutting our clinic down. Many of us are overwhelmed by our overstuffed email inbox, and the last thing you want is for a pet to suffer because an important health reminder wound up in the spam folder by mistake. Whether you are a brick & mortar hospital, a mobile practice, or a walk-in clinic, we have a solution for you. Next In Line’s online scheduling platform for mobile veterinarians is a great solution for you.

Good news for everyone! It worked for a short period of time. If you’re still keeping your staff busy with phone calls or mailing endless reminder postcards, there’s a better way!

As our business evolved, they accomodated our changing business requirements and were prompt in rolling out system enhancements. Sagi Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Vetter Software, had this to say about our partnership: “I’m thrilled to partner with Next In Line. We automatically filter your available time slots based on where a prospective client lives and where you have other appointments. In the next, a regular client is frantically calling in need of urgent care for their beloved furry companion.

He told us he was having trouble getting it working and he would get back to us.

Simply enter in your service area and your personal scheduling preferences and let our system do the rest. Let your clients book themselves online - Includes free version. Our platform integrates with your practice management system to automate this entire process.

Not all clients are able to fit you into their busy schedule and call your clinic during the day.

Purchase or lease multi-line desk or conference phones from your VoIP provider. Our real-time online booking platform can be configured to your hospital’s specific needs, accessed from any device, and keeps your front desk open 24/7. Next In Line offers appointment confirmations and reminders via both text and email.

Next In Line has built a robust, rules-based scheduling system that reduces the burden on your staff and clients.

Our modern, virtual waitlist allows you to send messages to patients regarding any last minute appointment openings. Next In Line’s online scheduling platform for mobile veterinarians is a great solution for you.

The last question helps determine a window of time that works best for your client. He does seem to care that his product is causing loss of revenue for another business. Booking multiple sick pets back-to-back will most likely lead to staff running behind and long wait times for your clients. By utilizing Next In Line, you are fitting your hospital into your client’s schedule, not the other way around. It became impossible to edit recurring schedules without it wiping out the entire schedule. Remove All Products Add Product Share. Next In Line offers a proprietary check-in feature that allows clients to see an estimated wait time, enter their information to reserve their spot in the queue, and get messages as their wait time decreases. To learn more about Vetter Software, please visit Next In Line lets you fill last-minute appointment cancellations in seconds – more pets get the care they need, and your practice avoids lost time and revenue.

We are sorry that your experience did not live up to expectations or match those of other clinics who have enjoyed our platform. This functionality has never worked. Manage clients, appointments & payments from one single app!

You can also find Vetter Software on Facebook at and on Twitter, To learn more about Next In Line’s features request a demo, Create an account now and generate more leads, Next In Line and Vetter Software Form Partnership, Next In Line Leverages Google Maps to Better Serve Mobile Veterinarians, The Veterinary Innovation Podcast Welcomes Next In Line, eVetPractice and Next In Line Form Partnership, A Personal Touch: The Key to Client Retention. Review of Next In Line. Next In Line’s virtual waitlist feature will send notifications of last minute openings to your clients, delighting busy pet parents and saving time for your staff. Appointment requests and phone calls require staff to manually approve the booking and enter the pet owner’s information into the system. You should also reserve a number of same-day appointments for pets requiring urgent care. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] has no business being in business.

He gets back to me right away to answer any questions I have, provides helpful suggestions to make my scheduling more efficient and catered to my needs, makes requested changes quickly, and the program is very user friendly. Integration with our software And website was streamline. In addition, the system is called “Next In Line” because it is supposed to have a waiting list function. Veterinary appointment scheduling is a no brainer! Next in line has helped us integrate with our website and software to make everything cohesive and easy. Practice management software that provides everything you need to streamline your health clinic.

Clients without a preference are a great opportunity for newer staff members to build relationships with the clinic’s clientele. These integrations ensure a smooth experience for your user, as well as ease of use for your team.

Create a Free Account. A text message lets your clients receive reminders without breaking their stride and respond when it’s convenient for them. This has been going on WAY before the Covid 19 epidemic became an issue. Whether a client cancels right before their appointment, or a vet finishes a surgery early and now has an open schedule, our virtual waitlist will help practices get other pets into that open slot.