Snap counts can be used to view who saw more time on the field filling in for an injury, or possibly what third wide receiver is getting the most run. Let's be real: Jeffery would not save the 2020 Jets offense, nor would he likely be kept around beyond this year. If it works out, great. NFL snap counts are an important part of gauging where a player’s role stands within a team, and how often he sees the field. Adding Fowler's teammate, another underwhelming first-round talent, would be a similarly smart bid for the NFC West contenders. Maybe they'll rebound later this year, but this seems like a move Bill Belichick would make. The Los Angeles Rams have had one of the more potent passing attacks over the last few seasons, and Robert Woods has been consistently at the top of the list for targets. Every year, a fresh batch of rookies come into the league, and teams accommodate them in various ways. Snap counts can be dictated by how the game is being played too. Metcalf saw a massive amount of targets in Seattle, even with Tyler Lockett and the Seahawks opting to be a run-first offense. Dallas Goedert hasn't played since Week 3 with an ankle injury of his own. If the Giants are going to make an addition, it will be an inexpensive one. What Wide Receiver Had The Most Targets In 2019? Chris Ballard probably doesn't want to be giving up anything of significance knowing full well he's going to be tasked with replacing Philip Rivers sooner rather than later, but for now? Because special teams players might be on the field for just a few plays a game, we are not looking at the differences within their snap counts. The team also believes it has found its franchise quarterback in second-year pro Drew Lock. Why on Earth would the Texans give up the guy they just extended on a $58 million deal? Instead, how about a shutdown corner, with the Pats looking to unload his hefty salary? And bringing the Wisconsin native and former Badgers star to Green Bay would be a ginormous hit with Green Bay fanbase. Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons led all players in targets with 170. It also depends on how they adjust to the league. With just two victories, the Los Angeles Chargers won't be big spenders at the trade deadline. But GM Joe Douglas knows him well from Philly and Chicago, and absorbing his unfavorable contract would be worth a move up in the 2021 draft. Working the waiver wire and free agency is always a helping hand for how far you make it in your fantasy league. As Jason La Canfora reported at, rival executives expect the Texans to be among the NFL's biggest sellers at the trade deadline: "'Cal (McNair) knows that a fire sale is probably in order,' said one league source who has been in contact with the owner. We have seen teams deal with changes in that regard. What are NFL targets? Were the team to add a piece, it would have to be a young player capable of helping L.A. in the future as well as the present. This chart can help showcase that. You can find some low ownership on those types of guys because that may not be completely baked into their projections. The Steelers are off to a great start, but the Week 6 blowout win over the Browns came at a high price—inside linebacker Devin Bush was lost for the season to a torn ACL.