Company Credits. Stars joined forces to … HIGH: Samantha Bee breaking up Jon Stewart, John Oliver, and Stephen Colbert’s fight.The first big bit of the night came when the three newsmen of comedy — Oliver, Stewart, and Colbert — united onstage to roast each other. Stefon Meyers (né Zolesky),[2] simply referred to as Stefon, is a character played by Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live who appeared as the New York City correspondent for Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, created by Hader and former SNL writer John Mulaney. Saturday night, she showed how much she and her singing talent have grown since then when she performed Andra Day’s “Rise Up” with Cynthia Erivo and the Action Play Chorus. Because if anyone needs a stunt double, it’s Al Roker. Underground celebrities to be found at the venues include Blingo (Black Ringo), Jewish Dracula Sidney Applebaum, nine-year-old Tokyo pimp Ichi Yakaguro [16] and 300-pound Chinese baby deejay, DJ Baby Bok Choy.[17]. 1 debuts. Was it worth $10K to have Abrams and Corddry whisper in your ears on live TV? Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. #57-1136147 NEXT for AUTISM is a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization. Jon Stewart’s opening monologue, in which he discusses his recent Bill O’Reilly debate. She filed the dismissal just days before their scheduled divorce hearing. [6] The character's mannerisms were based on a barista at a coffee shop in Chelsea, Manhattan that Hader frequented, whose look and talking style inspired the creation of Stefon. Stewart immediately took the blame for the confetti idea (“Who’s stupid f**king idea was that? The sketch was co-written by John Mulaney, who worked on it with Hader over Skype and texted new jokes to the writers to once again surprise Hader, who barely began the sketch before having to cover his face from laughing. Stefon recommends unusual clubs and parties with bizarre characters and very specific tastes, described as "visions a dying gay man would have if he was under too many blankets,"[3] "nightmares of a crystal meth addict,"[4] or a "coked-up gay Candyland. Production Co: Home Box Office (HBO) See more » Show more on IMDbPro » Technical Specs. If explicitly saying, “He f**ing blew it” wasn’t enough, he went on: “Retired before Trump / the era of fake news / now he begs Colbert to get on the air and share his views.” Stewart, ya burnt. Nominees will now be announced in February. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. 1430 Broadway, 8th Floor The special will feature stand-up performances, sketches and short films, all part of the effort to raise money and awareness for autism programs. Stay tuned for the new date! Oh, yeah, and Stewart led them through the tunnels of MSG to find Billy Joel onstage playing “Just the Way You Are.” The three of them went onstage, interrupting the concert for a confused but thrilling minute. Last held in 2015 on Comedy Central, the Night of Too Many Stars auctions off celebrity stunts and takes donations to benefit nonprofits like NEXT for Autism. Stefon makes his first guest appearance along with, Second guest appearance and Hader's first as, Third guest appearance and Hader's second as, Unnamed children (with Meyers; mentioned during, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 05:27. It was a great way to take advantage of their proximity to MSG, and I’m guessing the Venn diagram of Billy Joel fans who like Jon Stewart is almost a full circle. [18] After Seth and Stefon return to the studio, various Weekend Update characters gathered to congratulate them, including: David Paterson (Fred Armisen), Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy (Vanessa Bayer), Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan), Arianna Huffington (Nasim Pedrad), The Devil (Jason Sudeikis), Jean K. Jean (Kenan Thompson), Ann Romney (Kate McKinnon) and The Girl You Wished You Didn't Start a Conversation with at a Party (Cecily Strong) along with Amy Poehler. being kicked off the bill of big names, which included Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Robert De Niro, and J.J. Abrams, just a week before the show, due to sexual harassment allegations.