The two fight, and Bond is defeated and left stranded in a desert. Goldfinger could be assured that each of its orders was executed immediately. His latest appearence is in the game is 007 Legends, when James gets a flashback.

While spying on Goldfinger's operation, Bond encounters Tilly, Jill Masterson's sister, as she tries to avenge her sister by killing Goldfinger. This led to the classic "No Oddjob" rule, where the phrase must be spoken before Oddjob is chosen as a character.

After that, he is seen strangling a friend and after that he has to duel him.

Oddjob made his only appearance in the film. VideoCamera: Grace Brailsford-CatoEditor: Kyle MaackProducer: Michael MorrisScript: Tim SeppalaScript editor: Terrence O'BrienHost: Cherlynn Low.

In the game 007: Nightfire, he can use his hat as a unique throwing weapon that returns after 30 seconds. The developers behind classic shooter GoldenEye 64 have officially ruled playing as Oddjob in the game’s multiplayer mode cheating. Back in gaming's early glory days, when Rare's seminal Nintendo 64 first-person shooter GoldenEye was the only game that really mattered, I would always play as Oddjob against my younger (clueless) sister.

He can also be seen in the cast list that plays during both the opening and ending credits. 5'10" Kisch desperately runs to disarm the bomb, but is thrown to his death by the ever-loyal Oddjob. He participates in the underworld feud between Dr. Julius No and Goldfinger, protecting his master and their recently developed super-weapon (the OMEN) during No's assault Auric Enterprises' alpine facility. He throws it, but Oddjob calmly ducks and it wedges between two metal bars. The chase ends in a dead end and as Tilly attempts to flee into the forest Oddjob kills her with his hat. Maybe he had a language mistake. Oddjob departing for the Hoover Dam with GoldenEye, Oddjob's concept artwork in Goldeneye Rogue Agent (2004). Oddjob is the 11th character in the roster.

As they depart, Bond hands back the golf ball, which Oddjob promptly crushes with his bare hands. Born Oddjob betrays the protagonist, GoldenEye in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004).

Frustrated and highly suspicious of the agent's motivations, Goldfinger warns Bond to stay out of his affairs by having Oddjob demonstrate his razor-rimmed throwing hat on one of the club's marble statues. Almost immediately afterwards Oddjob inexplicably betrays and attacks GoldenEye. Instead of aiming at Oddjob’s center of mass, the player's gun would aim for a point above Oddjob’s head and completely … He was even ready to die for the success of Operation Grand Slam for him. Oddjob is in the game and so it's perfectly fair to play as him, they'd say, before nonchalantly picking Akuma in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Weight © 2020 Verizon Media. 284 lbs. I thought this secret would go to the grave with me, but alas, my hand has been forced -- I have a confession to make.

Instead the other player must stop moving to use the precise aim crosshairs to aim downward and deliberately at him. Deceased, electrocuted by 007 I told her the only reason she couldn't hit me was because her aim was rubbish and I was just better than her, but I knew it my heart this was a lie. His initial plan a failure, Dr. No launches an attack on Goldfinger's Midas casino in Las Vegas, again hoping to procure the OMEN, which had recently been locked away in its subterranean vault.

While Goldfinger acted for personal reasons, Oddjob seemed almost obsessed with unconditionally satisfying his master. Bond outmanoeuvres Goldfinger and wins the game. Oddjob is a villain who was included as a special bonus character by the Rare team in GoldenEye 007. James Bond Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. His character model seems to be based on the actor who played him, Harold Sakata. It seems likely that he was confused with the actually diminutive Nick Nack from. Oddjob acts as Goldfinger's golf caddy and assists him in cheating by surreptitiously placing a duplicate golf ball when Goldfinger loses his original in the rough.