Thus, he became a mass murderer, and later a serial killer. Brian wanted to establish a bond with his brother, Dexter, while Oliver left grisly messages for his mother, Evelyn Vogel. Saxon was the only main antagonist that fully destroyed Dexter's life, as well as ending his reign as The Bay Harbor Butcher. Darri Ingolfsson (born 22 December 1979) is an Icelandic actor. To meet with Dexter face to face, Saxon contacts Sylvia Prado who has offered to sell Dexter's apartment. Vogel gives Dexter a photograph of young Daniel, which Dexter takes to run facial tests. When Dexter asks Vogel about the scar, she explains that Yates had a lesion on his brain, and the hospital conducted surgery to remove it, leaving a permanent scar. Vogel strongly professes her desire to help her son, but the situation begins to escalate, and Saxon storms out of the house. While at a gas station, Saxon notices the news about the manhunt for himself and immediately knows that Dexter is the one who is responsible. [3], Ingolfsson is married and has two children, Nolan[4] and Kara. Yates), Dexter focuses on training a protege killer by the name of Zach Hamilton. She tells the team that the killer carefully extracted a specific portion of the brain - the anterior insular cortex. Dexter, however, suspects that due to his intelligence and lack of empathy, Daniel started the fire himself, and later assumed the identity of the actual Oliver Saxon. However, once Cassie is murdered the following night, Dexter suspects that it was Zach's doing (because of the similar bludgeoning to Norma Rivera, whom Zach had previously killed). They toyed with the police, while playing a cat and mouse game with Dexter. Saxon begs her to help him to freely exist as a murderer, like Dexter does. Both Brian and Saxon were murdered by Dexter and then left for Miami Metro authorities. After learning of Zach's worthiness, Dexter is convinced that Zach was framed for Cassie's murder. It's the part that processes empathy, and she finds it ironic that the very hallmark of a psychopath is that they have no empathy. After sedating Saxon, Dexter takes him to The Treatment Room and straps him to Saxon's own kill table. Dexter manages to reach her house before she is harmed and he warns her of the threat that her son poses. After Sylvia exits, Oliver proposes a truce, suggesting that he and Dexter should part ways and go on with their respective lives. A native of Iceland, Ingolfsson was one of those who watched the film industry from a distance, gaining an appreciation and respect for the art of American cinema. Believing that The Brain Surgeon is dead, Dexter disposes of the body while bonding with Vogel and Debra on his boat. Both were killed by trauma to their necks. He was subsequently committed to a psychiatric hospital in England which used overly harsh treatment methods. After returning to Miami, Dexter enters his apartment to find the corpse of Zach sitting in a chair with his brain cut open (proving that The Brain Surgeon is NOT A.J. There, he finds a computer incriminating him in the murders of several people (as revealed by recordings he took of himself killing his victims). As Dexter prepares for his Kill Ritual, they discuss the appeal of Miami and the reasons Saxon wants to stay there, while Dexter desires to leave. He then goes alone to King's Bay Café, intending to capture Saxon. In reality, Daniel had faked his death..[1]. Dexter arrives and shifts the head, revealing the same separation of the skull with a piece of the brain scooped out. However, Brian fully dismembered his victims, whereas Oliver only removed a piece of their brains. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Spoken to, he referred to how happy they were together and their plans for the future. Darri Ingolfsson was born on December 22, 1979 in Reykjavík, Iceland. This prevented the children from escaping the flames and even children perished. Both Oliver and Brian used an abandoned hospital to commit crimes. Saxon extends his hand to shake Dexter's with a generous smile. Unfortunately, the staff practiced harsh treatments, such as strapping youths to an examination table in order to force-feed their medications. He tells Cassie how he wasn't sure which beer to grab, but decided to go with the one with the "Moose" on it, which humors her. Since these parts are responsible for vision, Dexter states that the killer must now be aware of both of them. When he was seventeen, Daniel set a fire at the facility. However, Daniel grew jealous and resentful of Richard Jr. At the age of fourteen, Daniel acted on this rage by killing his brother. Dexter quickly removes her DVDs and files on him, and washes his blood-covered hands to avoid himself becoming a suspect in her death. His shorts include Alice in Chains: Never Fade (2018); Avalon (2016);The Rookery (2013); Hotel Pennsylvania (2013); I Have No Hold on You (2012); Escape (2012); I Have No Hold on You (2010); and Committed (2009); His TV credits include NCIS; Alice in Chains: Black Antenna; Hicksters; The Orville; S.W.A.T. They both dated someone who was close to Dexter. Lacking a moral code, Saxon could murder anyone without a second thought, even his own family members. The true criminal is unseen except for his blue gloves. He finds a veterinarian and forces him to stitch up his wound by holding him at gunpoint. This gives the two men a chance to speak alone. Concerned for her life, she waits for Dexter to arrive, who searches the house and finds no one inside. She finally discovered that he was her own son, Daniel Vogel (under the alias of Oliver Saxon). He turns on a light revealing Vogel in front of a window with a knife to her neck. She reassures Saxon that she wasn't lying to him and the two sit down together in the kitchen. When played, it shows Sussman being forced to kill Welks, only to be brutally shot in the back of the head with a pistol. Dexter stays outside and watches through the window as Saxon repeatedly plays a certain song ("Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass Elliot). He takes this hair to the police department to perform DNA tests on it. Uncertain of who it is, she asks Dexter to aide her and he states that he doesn't take "requests". Earlier Miami Victims, per Saxon's Recordings, Saxon's earliest known kill in Miami was in January 2009, and he killed at least one more that year. Almost immediately, the unknown man walks up to them with beers in hand. Before Dexter can look further, he hears a thumping noise outside and heads out through the back door onto the patio...where he discovers Sussman hanging by a hook. He inserts the picture into a computer and updates Daniel's age by 40 years. After three years, a large fire broke out (apparently due to a nurse's carelessness) that killed seven of the children inhabiting the facility. Jamie notices the two flirting with one another and tells Dexter that she doesn't know who the guy is, but if he wants a shot at Cassie, now is his chance. After Saxon is interrogated by Batista and Detective Joey Quinn, Dexter pays him a visit and tells him that he blames himself for what happened to Debra. Being a wanted man, he creates a scene by cutting out the vet's tongue (whom he has held hostage) and letting him loose in the hospital. Dexter orders him not to touch her, but Saxon mercilessly slits her throat, while Dexter looks on in horror. He recognizes her fear and determines what she has planned. This confirms that Saxon is definitely Vogel's son. He treated his girlfriend, Cassie Jollenston, respectfully and appeared to be a man in love. When Dexter arrives outside, Saxon calls him, saying that he wants to show him something. Dexter manages to track Zach down to the Keys, where the latter has apparently fled. He returns to tell Vogel this news, and suggests that an accomplice killed him. Saxon was born to be a killer. He speaks with Quinn, providing excuses for every question that he is asked. Both were strapped onto their own kill tables by Dexter, but Dexter chose to spare Oliver so that Debra could him turn him into the police department. Dexter considered him a complete monster, and wondered how many people Saxon had actually killed, since he had lived in several different cities. Her concern is that it may be a warning or a threat on her life by one of her former patients. Dexter takes a moment to think about it and then pretends to agree to the truce. After a lengthy talk, Dexter departs. Both took the name of a deceased person as an alias (Brian became 'Rudy Cooper' and Daniel became 'Oliver Saxon'). However, he discovers that his own tires have been deflated by Oliver, who was evidently aware of Dexter's presence, and is now seemingly on his way to Evelyn's house. Knowing exactly who he is, she shows him a videotape of Harry's sessions with her. Also, Dexter locates Saxon's kill room inside an abandoned hospital. He was sadistic toward his victims, torturing them both physically and psychologically. Elsewhere, in a tiled room , a man named Leonard Welks is strapped to a chair with medical supplies stored in nearby cabinets The song "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass Elliot is playing in the background. Thing become complicated concerning A.J. leaving Cassie and Saxon to drink their beer and talk. He then killed three in 2010, three in 2011, and at least one in 2012 prior to the Brain Surgeon Case.These victims were apparently not thought to be linked to a serial killer at that time. Yates). Vogel is appalled by this news, but refuses to allow Dexter to kill him (believing that her son deserves a second chance). Debra arrives as Dexter is leaving to start his new life with Hannah and his son, Harrison, as quickly as possible. In 2018, he appeared on the Alice in Chains' music video "Never Fade". However, she is rescued by Dexter and Debra before she is tortured and killed, and Dexter ends Yates life. As Dexter spies on him, he notices that Yates has a marking on the back of his head in the exact place where the killer cuts open his victims. After Saxon leaves, Dexter goes to Deb's house to warn her and Hannah about Saxon's "veiled threat.". In 2012, Saxon began to anonymously leave excised brain-matter on his mother's doorstep to send her a message regarding empathy. Because he scooped out a piece of brain from each of his victims, he was dubbed "The Brain Surgeon.". However, Dexter's awkward answers on their date and lack of conversational topics leaves Cassie available to go out with a new man. Saxon steals a truck from a man after knocking him out, and drives around looking for a place where he can get his lacerated arm healed. Sussman then puts a plastic bag over Welks's head and suffocates him.