One Nation has announced Ian Hodge and Peter Rogers as its first endorsed candidates for the next state election. Major projects to 'weatherproof' tourism industry, Queensland tourism campaign uncovers tropical north's hidden treasures, Tourists would go batty for Cairns flying foxes. Hon. Mr Hodge - a former member of the LNP - joins Mr Pyne and the LNP's Sam Marino as the confirmed runners in the seat of Cairns.The LNP recently announced former MP Michael Trout and former candidate Robyn Quick as the endorsed candidates in the seats of Barron River and Mulgrave respectively. He hasn't played for more than a month, "[Also] the pain and suffering that I'm going to have to live with for the rest of my life with my thumb and my neck.". © Copyright 2018 - Privacy Policy - Authorised by M Pucci, 2/38 Hudson Rd, Albion QLD 4010 for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Political Party Mr Hodge will take on sitting member Rob Pyne, the second time the pair have faced off in a political contest after a close race in division 3 at the local government election in 2012. The party was officially registered by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on 27 June. Mr Hodge was yesterday announced as One Nation's candidate in the state seat of Cairns, while the party's former Leichhardt candidate Peter Rogers will take on Treasurer Curtis Pitt in the seat of Mulgrave. Mr Rothery is the One Nation candidate for the seat of Keppel. MEDIA RELEASE One Nation candidates across Regional Queensland have pledged to be the most farmer-friendly members of Parliament in the states 160-year history. Mr Rothery is running for the seat of Keppel in the Queensland state election on a platform of mine safety. ONE NATION is a political party representing the people of Australia who are concerned that their will is being ignored by the two party system. The Queensland One Nation candidate is taking civil action against mining company Anglo American and labour hire firm One Key Resources for injuries allegedly sustained at the Grosvenor Mine, near Moranbah. “If Queensland is to borrow money in the wake of this pandemic, it should be loaned based on genuine infrastructure projects that will alleviate traffic and improve the lifestyles of Sunshine Coast residents.”. "I've worked really hard to get to where I was, to become a shearer driver," he said. MEDIA RELEASE One Nation candidates across Regional Queensland have pledged to be the most farmer-friendly members of Parliament in the states 160-year history. ABC Capricornia / By Jemima Burt. The application process has been simplified and streamlined making applying for candidacy stress-free. Absurd, this has never happened before, Real Madrid and Barcelona are priority options for Alaba, but he is ready to move to Liverpool, city, Juve or PSG, Alaba about the contract: I Found out about everything from the news. The party needs devoted, dependable and driven members to step up to the task. Labor's introduction of compulsory preferential voting - with voters required to number all boxes on the ballot paper - could backfire against the party in a seat with a high third party vote like Mulgrave. One Nation was launched on 11 April 1997, at an event held in Ipswich, Queensland. “Locals in railway towns have been promised the duplication of the railway line between Beerburrum and Nambour for decades, but it’s never been delivered. One Nation is committed to Australian sovereignty, the Constitution and Government of the people by the people for the people. The way I am being portrayed is not true, Liverpool defender Tsimikas has returned to training. We can bring change with your help. One Key Resources has been contacted for comment. It also alleges there was inadequate supervision and lighting at the time of the injury. All candidates must be a member of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Political Party.