Villains | Stilwell spent the last two years as an Area Representative for Marco’s Pizza.

", "But Uncle G, you gotta play it to slay it, bro", "Oh Yeah, Son! Pizza Steve and the others decided to help Charlie in his time of need and later on in Charlie Burgers he sacrificed his ball to save everyone from going into the black hole. ", "I wonder where Giant Realistic Flying Tiger went looking this beautiful. Deep Dish Dave • Mad Bomber | Jeffrey | Karma comes to him when he is almost (and later) eaten. Mud Goblins, Generator Rex You're A Dirty Cartoons!

I've definitely seen this before. Eldwin Blair | Teigen said she deleted 60,000 past tweets of hers as a result of internet trolls falsely accusing her of being involved in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. In Haunted RV, Uncle Grandpa had switched their brains at the end of the episode and Frankenstein's brain was put in Pizza Steve's body.

Mindy | Evil Wizard later on teased Uncle Grandpa during the race, while Uncle Grandpa was trying to help Evil Wizard by telling him to look out for the ducks in front of him. Thiago • I give myself a healthy dose of vitamin ME! Steve |

Sissy Blakely | Auntie Roon's Minions | ", "So I burst through the amniotic sac, spraying everyone with fluids, and that's how I came into existence. Mary • The Beast |

Milton •

Pizza Steve lets on to everyone that he is full of himself. Cloud Wizard | Kevin E. Peepants | into the world. Steve Seyferth became our Vice President/Chief Experience Officer in 2020 after serving as our Chief Marketing Officer since 2017.

Peltra | He also wears a ski mask similar to Jason Voorhees or the Friday the 13th series. Florentine | The Ferals |

", "Sorry, Giant Realistic Holographic Flying Tiger.

As revealed in the comic Uncle Grandpa No. Sketchy Stanley • ", "Pizza Steve, how could you?! We got here by doing things the Italian way, because when your founder is a native Italian, you take pride in serving authentic Italian quality.

Cecil Turtle |

I'm walking on hot dogs. Mooon Man | Prior to joining Marco’s Pizza, Stilwell spent the last 35 years in the restaurant and franchise industry helping brands like Taco Bell, Kahala Corp., Peter Piper Pizza, and Red Robin drive growth and improve profitability. He also has the ability to stretch his arms and legs to different lengths, as shown throughout the series. He is very concerned about his image … As well as Uncle Grandpa, he yields a magical lightning hammer to shape-shift someone into a different creature just like how Uncle Grandpa yields a magical laser hammer. Dark Vegan | Lola Llama | ", "Hey! I have like 94 million pre-orders for the single. Lexus, Lisa, & Lori |

Virginia •

Marvin the Martian | "You Can't Handle The Tooth": In this episode, it is revealed that he tricked the Tooth Fairy and Santa for years. Meaches | Grandfather | Mutant Agents | Hector Con Carne | Stevie, See Also We Broke Master's Picture! Yuckie Duck |

OHHHHH!!!! Fox Chef| Frankenstein •

Priscilla Jones • His clones only appear without showing how he made them.

He often claims to have many achievements and statuses that he doesn't really have. Crazy Fruit | ", Teigen would go on to thank her fans and she praised the magazine "for taking a risk and putting me on your cover - I know your comments bout to be A MESS.". Mr. Cheetah | We've done that, remember? He also has the ability to stretch his arms and legs to different lengths, as shown throughout the series. Pizza J. Stevens "I'm like a modern day Thomas Edison except like a bazillion times better!" Cinnamini Monster | As revealed in the comic Uncle Grandpa No.

Gretchen |

Jimmy • ", "Wait! Cousin Sinkbug |

"The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced. Melvin • Belly Kid • I slipped and fell! Euripides Sharkowski | Uncle Grandpa has also been shown to have wizard powers in the episodes "Belly Bros" and "Tiger Trails". There are a few known Uncle Grandpa doppelgangers so far and they are: Uncle Grandpa has apparently been in a state prison before and escaped as told in, Uncle Grandpa's "Mr. Gus is Green" song segment of, "I wonder what Uncle Grandpa has in store for us today. As was seen in the episode Funny Face where he said that he could only hold the Funny Face Head back for about 3 weeks (when it was obvious he couldn't and that he was lying).

Lex | Count Bloodcount | King Rexxtopher | Wen •

"Ooh, I'm Mr. Gus weading my wittle bookie wookie." Also in Brain Game Uncle Grandpa claimed to question the plausibility of Pizza Steve's statements in a subliminal attempt to get Pizza Steve to actually make an achievement or admit he is wrong).