The house is located on the 14 station…, For sale a good house in a closed, safe place in Odessa Ukraine, with 3 bedroom, on the street Elochnaya.

The rule of the company – the price of Odessa real estate property is established from owners, without any additional extra charges.

Advertise, buy or sell houses, homes, villas, apartments, land and businesses. But this progress is possible only in case of the constant analysis of market’s economic situation and a consumptive demand. 45 / 30 / 6 Regardless of your purpose of visit.

m Odessa, circuitous road. - Total surface: 450 sq.m.

Next logical step is visiting Odessa, located on the Black Sea Coast where you can not only rest, but do business as well! sq. Ready office in the city center 264 sq.m. - Total surface: 124 sq.m. Sale Private Home in Odessa Ukraine,for make Hotel. 250,000.00USD For sale House 201 m².

Due to our experience and knowledge. Feel free to contact me !

You can also lease your property for a long period or for a short period and it will bring you a good income.

40 / 12 / 17 Luxury penthouse Barocco with panoramic sea view. — More than ten years of excellent work • by agent, 4 beds 1 / 9 эт, Zatonskogo-ul, Odessa, Kotovskogo_pos, Suvorovskiy district, 257 days published

The Ukrainian Real Estate Market has such tremendous diversity (secondary housing, newly built houses, in the city centre or in the outskirts, various sizes) that it is easy to get lost.

To buy the house in Odessa — it is favorable. — Permanent participation in Real Estate Exhibitions and Fairs both in Ukraine and abroad The house was built by a professional construction company in 2009. m 3 / 11 эт, Cvetaeva-Generala-ul, Odessa, Privoz, Primorskiy district, 2 beds 6 / 6 эт, Bocharova-Generala-ul, Odessa, Kotovskogo_pos, Suvorovskiy district, 335 days published

54 / 32 / 10 Nowadays we have a huge number of achievements which any agency could be proud of. Searching for the latest updates of the global real estate market?

- Total surface: 150 sq.m. Sale new house with 5 rooms, 3 separate bedrooms in Odessa Ukraine. Home Аpartments Houses Office Space Commercial Real Estate Resort Property Land Rent. Location: Ukraine, Odessa

Sale house in Odessa 4 bedrooms, with a large plot of land, 3 bedroom House in Arcadia Odessa Ukraine for Buy. - Bedrooms: 2

The unique location! 2….

3 / 9 эт, 158 days published sq.

• by agent, 3 beds With us you can make the right choice! Odessa – the port city on the northwest coast of the Black Sea. Asking Price $4,700,000. Real offers of sale apartments in new buildings of Odessa and the suburb of the prices from construction companies, without the commissions, overpayments and intermediaries; The operating options on the market of real estate of the city and the region about sale or buy  apartments, villas houses, land plot, commercial real estate of any category, at the prices only from owners of these property in Odessa, Ukraine. Urgently!!! • by agent, 2 beds

sq. The Luxurious SEAFRONT 4-bedroom apartment is on Sale !!! 7 / 25 эт, Kamanina-ul, Odessa, Park_Pobedi, Primorskiy district, 89 days published There have been established 26 branch offices. is the first worldwide real estate search engine where you can look up listings of homes for sale in Ukraine Property for sale in Ukraine In the last three years, the price of a property for sale in Ukraine has bounced back to 500%, while real estate agents say … 65114, ODESSA UKRAINE, street Palubnaya 9/2, Phone: +38 096 389 9090 +38 050 747 8044 (Office), Sale Odessa houses from "INVESTORS GROUP", Sale New apartments in New Houses Odessa Ukraine, Climate of Odessa moderates and continental and rather dry. Hospitable people, mild climate, amazing nature and of course Black Sea Coast – these all attract people for residing here!

New house sale in Odessa For Sale. Odessa, Ukraine.

3 / 3 эт, Khmelnitskogo-Bogdana-ul, Odessa, Moldavanka, Malinovskiy district, 1390 days published 1 / 8 эт, Mayachniy-per, Odessa, Bolshoy Fontan, Kievskiy district. Sea 10 min.

As a foreigner buying property in the country, the process is a little complex and there are a few restrictions that you have to bear in mind. 7 / 7 эт, 1 beds



Find properties for sale in Odessa, Ukraine Search for properties in Ukraine

6 / 9 эт, Geroev-Stalingrada-ul, Odessa, Kotovskogo_pos, Suvorovskiy district, 183 days published sq.

A desire to be the best on the property market means a dynamic headway.

Find commercial space and listings in Odessa.

• by agent, 2 beds


Ukraine…what a beautiful country! Near the beach Riviera.

village Stepnoe, in the

Real Estate Property in Odessa Ukraine Real Estate company in Odessa Ukraine, INVESTORS GROUP, will qualitatively give you all complexes about professional services in sphere of operations with real estate and investment projects in the market of real estate of a city of Odessa and the Odessa area: sale-purchase, rent, an exchange, moving, realization of investment projects.

• by agent, 454 days published

sq. sq.

65114, ODESSA UKRAINE, street Palubnaya 9/2, Phone: +38 096 389 9090 +38 050 747 8044 (Office).

12 honeycombs, 3... Pushkinskaya street

90 / 50 / 15 Odessa — the highest rate of investment appeal in Ukraine. m

ecologically clean area.

Odessa is also popular among adventurers for its “catacombs” – a gigantic, complicated labyrinth of underground tunnels built by miners under Odessa.

The developed, counted investment projects and perspective projects offered to a perspective embodiment in the city and the region, Information and advisory, legal and organizational services in preparation of necessary documents of title for notarial signing of contracts of alienation or rent of real estate objects; Existence and verification of documents on real estate, competency of the conclusion and signing of contracts of the participating parties of transactions, being guided by the current legislation; Lawyer protection for courts of different instances, in cases of the disputes connected with real estate; Control of observance of contracts of the obligations by the parties signers; Assessment of real estate of any category across all Ukraine; Insurance of residential real estate, all types of insurance. On the ground floor there is a large lounge, living room, ki... Elite 3-room apartment in the business class residential complex KANDINSKY. Key information: Property for sale in Ukraine. Vice-admiral... Key information: Sale New House in Odessa Ukraine For sale New House 13 Station, Big Fountain. Residential Properties For Sale.

walk code 70426 Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Odessa Property for sale.

Here you can quickly scan apartments, Odessa just on map.

• by agent, 2 beds

5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage.

From the beginning and under «key»; Financial and advisory services in crediting of natural, legal entities in all country; Our experiences of design, build of categories of real estate property in Odessa Ukraine. Asking Price €4,400,000.

Summer longs and hot with an average temperature about 25 °C. In order to make the right choice and make a proper decision we recommend you to contact Real Estate Experts.

4 / 10 эт, Parkovaya-ul, Odessa, Slobodka, Suvorovskiy district, 3 beds 38 / 18 / 9

8 / 9 эт, Korolyova-Akademika-ul, Odessa, Tairova, Kievskiy district, 1 beds m The Best means The Leaders! Find Property for sale in Odessa, Odessa Oblast. I can assist you to buy/sell any type of realty in Odessa ! Secondly, buying property in Ukraine is a good investment option. For a better use of Realigro website, set your preferences for language, currency, square meters or sq ft. VIP apartment for sale in the best district of Odessa - Arkadia. We know the real estate market of Odessa and Region, for sale  house or villa. Don’t worry our realtors and lawyers will help you to get all necessary documents required for acquiring a property, such as an identification code, our regional guides will explain to you all advantages and disadvantages of each district.


Vadim Give your Ukraine property listings a competitive advantage by LISTING it on the world’s largest real estate search engine. 86 / 40 / 15

50 / 33 / 11 Вы получите письмо со ссылкой для создания нового пароля. — High quality assessment of the property • by agent, 3 beds m

2 / 2 эт, Novoselskogo-ul, Odessa, Primorskiy district, 1082 days published