Queens of Mewni. Latest Gallery Contributors. After successfully conquering the kingdom, she destroyed all tapestries of queens other than Eclipsa (including Moon, Solaria, and Celena). Sep 25, 2020 - Explore BroadwayCutie16's board "Queens of Mewni by jgss0109" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Butterfly family, Star vs the forces of evil, Star vs the forces. I will now list Kings of Mewni. BADASS QUEEN INCOMING!! The First Queen of Mewni. EricVonSchweetz. by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Luna the Child - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Princess Solaria by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Dresses of the Queens - Age of Heroes by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Dresses of the Queens - Dark Ages by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, The Butterfly Lineage by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Dresses of the Queens - Age of Ascension by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Dresses of the Queens - First Years by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Queens of Mewni Character Design - Discarded by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Mewni's Continental Map - UPDATE by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, The Fair and The Wild by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt. Helia the Light of Power - Curiosities by jgss0109 on DeviantArt, Leilania the Tranquilent ~ Curiosities by AmberSprings0 on DeviantArt, jgss0109 - Professional, Filmographer | DeviantArt, Juna the First Duchess ~ Curiosities by AmberSprings0 on DeviantArt, Diana and Tileford - Love Rating Card by jgss0109 on DeviantArt, Harmonia the Flautist of Dawn by AmberSprings0 on DeviantArt, Galaxia the Clairvoyant - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Venus and Eric - Love Rating Card by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Bianca the Abducted by AmberSprings0 on DeviantArt. CARDS OF 13 MEWMAN QUEENS!! Lyric, Mother of Skywynne. Solena, the Smitten. Her intelligence isnt that high though which is weird, and I have know idea what the Wrist Power stat means but its 20 so that's a thing. - Glossaryck finds it ironic that Lilac and Prince don't like Earth, hm, I dunno either. She has 4 butterflies which makes her a pretty strong queen and again......she's so cute! :arrow_forward: Time period: She reigned after Solaria because in her tapestry there are 3 craters in the Moon. So basically Daron tweeted out an adress of some sort and whoever got there first would get a deck of cards portraying all queens of Mewni, so the winner then took photos of the 13 queens and posted them ( Winner's profile for original posts here ), Anyway I thought I'll make a quick analysis of each queen and her card so lets go! The Red Eyes / SVTFOE FanArt, Febe the Red One - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Festivia the Fun - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Asteria the Mother of Stars - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, St. Asteria's Day by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Etheria the Knight - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Magical Dames Party by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Skywynne the Queen of Hours - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Skywynne and Filbric - Love Rating Card by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Soupina Dipping Down by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Soupina the Strange - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Soupina and Osmond - Love Rating Card by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Galaxia's Wheel by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Galaxia the Clairvoyant - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Venus, the Problem by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Venus the Fairest - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Venus and Eric - Love Rating Card by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Queen Helia and The Stump by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Helia the Light of Power - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Celestia the Queen of Winter - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Meteora the Relentless - Curiosities by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Hekatia's Tapestry Ghosts by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Luna and Meteora, the Lonely Half-Sisters by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, Family Issues - Luna and Eclipsa by jgss0109 on @DeviantArt, The story of Luna: I'll always be with you. Sep 15, 2020 - Explore Morgan Miracle's board "Queens of Mewni" on Pinterest. Her stats arent that good and just like Celena has 4 butterflies, but she seems very interesting, maby writing the first book of spells, I dunno. - Lilac wanted to be there for her kids, but she was too busy. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Post what you find.". I know, that's so crazy and weird......but this is SVTFOE we're talking about so nothing new here :p. So does that mean that the girl he married was named king?!

As a result, King River Butterfly (born River Johansen) took his wife's last name upon their marriage. I am 21, male, and a resident of the United States! A community for fans of Star Vs. ( the following is my fan made queens, one king, and their titles), the Age of Rebels                                   &, the Age of Faith                                  &, the Age of Rejuvenation                           &.
The Cards also have 2 Queens mentioned in the previous book but fear not! Now we have our peasent girl Festivia who took the throne intead of Meteora, her stats are close to Star's current stats with charisma tge highest and Wisdom the lowest, so she's one of the weaker queens but I guess it's justified since she's not the rightful heir. So yeah this is a pretty interesting queen indeed. Queens-of-Mewni. Her highest stat is common sense (again, of course) and her lowest is constitution, and how the drawing of her blasting Toffee's finger is in the background just as a reminder. Her stats apear to be pretty good but her strength is really weak at only 2 but she makes up for it in Potion Crafting which apears to be very important, idk about including a stat for shyness though, well she is Celena The Shy afterall. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Jun 2, 2017 - Explore Blessie Calimlim's board "Queens of mewni" on Pinterest. However, in the #StarLIVE Live Chat (around 12:55), Star suggests that Mewni's time notation is different than Earth's. 501 Favourites. So that concludes it, wow tgis was a long post!

Another queen confirmed by the book, not much to say about this one either, her stats are similiar to Skywyne with charisma being her lowest and Dexterity and Constitution being her highest, and her bunny cheek marks are so cute and very interesting and again, 5 butterflies, one of the strongest queens. Also her Aureole sign is a freaking demon!! The Forces Of Evil. Just like Celena I'd love to see her in the show in some way but I'd love it to be in battle to see her being a badass and not only looking like one. See more ideas about Butterfly family, Star vs the forces of evil, Star vs the forces. In one case, Prince Jushtin Butterfly was briefly in line to succeed his mother Skywynne as Mewni's ruler, but the birth of his sister Solaria caused him to be superseded.
Queen of Mewni Comics. The most notable kingdom is Butterfly Castle, formerly ruled by King and Queen Butterfly. Since Eclipsa reclaimed the throne, however, the monsters have begun reintegrating themselves back into Mewman society. Does anyone know about information about Soupina? "Star Comes to Earth" 221. Families of nobility include the Butterfly family, the Pony Head family, and the Johansen family. St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, https://starvstheforcesofevil.fandom.com/wiki/Mewni?oldid=179166, This is further evidenced in the episode ". General Artwork of Original Queens . Her stats are amazing with both strength and constitution being 20 and her lowest stats are 13, with 5 butterflies and again being one of the stromgest queens.