Radical DreameIs that your voice? Actually, the whole CC soundtrack is really fantastic, with likely a couple dozen tunes that are really well done and get stuck in the head. Wandering to every corner of time. A nameless face seeks for you day and night. Your sorrow found its way into my life. Radical Dreamers wouldn’t be my first pick if I was asked to choose my favourite song from any video game, but this cover is very good.

I've come so far only to be apart. Hope is fleeting, fainter than evening dew. I’m jealous, I wish I knew how to sing. Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda Events Played: Ending Cutscene Lyrics and Singing by: Noriko Mitose Original Japanese Title: RADICAL DREAMERS ~盗めない宝石~ / RADICAL DREAMERS ~Nusumenai Houseki~ Traveling alone into the edges of time. ‘Radical Dreamers’ has been one of my most favorite songs since the first time I heard it, along with the opening song from CC, ‘Times Scar’.

through the gloom I search for you. RADICAL DREAMERS ~Nusumenai Houseki~ - RADICAL DREAMERS ~The Jewel that Can't Be Stolen~, Ending Song, Chrono Cross, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,video game music,game music,music game It reminds me of Kate Covington; she was also a talented singer who used to do covers of video-game music. A million years across another sky.