It seems like virtually everything that was happening around this time was some kind of knock off. Comments? I wasn’t super into Priest at the time-spending as much time as I did at Skatepark of Houston before going to SF, it was all Metallica, all day. Instantly see how the look and price are changed when you change a part. Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. How long did it take to film your “The Real Video” part? The fact that it’s 25 years later and they’re still one of the most legit brands out there. For 25 years, Real has been pushing skateboarding and is showing no sign of stopping. Kelly, this board is timeless. Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from Tiago smashes through rain-soaked spots and hits chest-high grinds for Indy. It was never a hotel, always a kid from the shop’s house with his less than thrilled parents, some bro’s house with no furniture, or a house in the hood. Here's your Halloween horror film. What was your day to day like besides no BBQ? Even if it’s a … Their charity organization, Action REALized has raised money for causes like childhood leukemia research and victims of the Japanese tsunami. In 1991 the company opened its doors under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella and brought the raw, unfiltered, San Francisco style to the forefront of skateboarding. About: At a time when skateboarders didn’t really have a say in skateboard companies Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero took matters into their own hands and started Real. High Visibility Reflective Decks with Laser-Etched Graphics. Find skate decks, trucks, wheels, grip tape, bearings, and more. REAL's "Be Free" Tour. His brother Eddie and Manderson remind us of what made him so damn great. And follow @classicskateshop on Instagram for more from Eric Lanto. With an original team lineup of legendary riders including Keith Hufnagel and Max Schaff, the current team is also comprised of Peter Ramondetta, Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair, James Hardy, Justin Brock, Jake Donnelly, Chima Ferguson, Kyle Walker, JT Aultz, Davis Torgerson, Robbie Brockel, and Ernie Torres. We did stay at Matt Hensley’s loft across from Wrigley Field when we got to Chicago though. The “place to stay” part is where it always got interesting. That (now infamous) Powell contest was about to happen too, so we decided to hit that before we started the trek to Toronto. So many good stories from that trip. Can you give us the story behind it? I filmed a bunch of it with Metty right when I got to the city, then we went on this insane cross-country tour and maybe one or two more trips and that was it. It’s an interesting association we’ll always have, because people would never put us in the same skateboarding conversation otherwise. What is your favorite memory on Real? Cut to a few months later, they had been back in Canada and they hit me up and said they had convinced someone to buy a car so they could all go out to California, and that they were down to scoop me up on the way. DLXSF.COM Real Skateboards in Los Angeles. I might even fling myself down a rail for that one. How’d that play out exactly? James Kelch’s turning pro party was pretty insane. Dew Tour has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Simpler times…those DIY filming missions were so pure. In 1991 the company opened its doors under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella and brought the raw, unfiltered, San Francisco style to the forefront of skateboarding. This team’s in the sweet spot. Last words – obviously thanks to Jim and Tommy for giving me the green light initially and for bringing this thing back after all these years. Vans drops some black and pink kicks designed by Cher and gives $20K to charity. I must have still been staying at Jeff Klindt’s house and being the artistic type of dude that he was, he’d always be asking us to be thinking about graphics. When you made your skateboard setup – You can share it or buy it. That statement just might break the internet! Category Entertainment; Suggested by UMG Lil Wayne; Song Guitars, Cadillacs (2006 Remaster) Another great question. I had been to University for a few years, but the skate thing started to click a little bit so I was like, well, I’ve only got like three years of this at the most (that was a career back then), so I might as well make the most of it. The basic premise was that we’d drive to a skateshop, then they would be responsible for giving us gas money to the next stop, a place to stay, and a meal. ... Real Skateboards; calendar; 9/04/2020. I was skating in the practice chaos (I had a board on another company at this point) and that’s when it happened. They knew how to have fun and that was somewhat uncommon for that era, so I just gravitated toward them. STILL WATCHIN: Pedro Barros’ Treasure Island 540. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Standard and Tricks Skateboards for Kids and … Reynolds, Spanky and Zach Allen get buck on LA’s evergreen landmarks with help from Heyl and Thorpe. Take a trip with a handpicked crew of their homies to some great cities with amazing skate shops and hit new spots. Long story and to tell it, I have to back up to meeting Weiss, Thomas Morgan and Justin Bokma at Skatepark of Houston earlier that year. Thanks for your time Kelly, any last words? The skateboard builder has many advantages if you want to create your own skateboard design: See how your custom skateboard will look like. Shop Skateboards, Wheels, Trucks & More! I jumped in with those dudes and we headed West. Just reading “James Kelch’s pro party” made me thankful there were no smartphones back then, it must have been a rager. Riding for Real was one of the best things to happen for me and having the same alma mater as so many legendary skateboarders will always be a great sense of pride. I want to say it was ’90 or ’91. Twelve years out, the loss of Van still weighs heavy. These dudes do damage. REAL Skateboards: Pushing Vancouver After hitting their hometowns as a part of this year’s summer tour, REAL Skateboards and riders By T.S. 9/04/2020. It all went from there, but yeah, I owe a lot to him and that chance encounter. Van Wastell Video Tribute. Season 4 of Beyond the Bib with Red Gerard, Chloe Kim, and Amy Purdy is here. Free shipping everyday. Style is important in skateboard culture, so a real skater will have definite opinions on at least a few name brands. Can’t recall the exact sequence, but I remember getting smoked by this big ass dude, thinking he was going to fling me off the course then him picking me up, introducing himself and then skating off. I was down for ‘The Ripper’ and ‘Diamonds and Rust’ and I always thought all his album art was cool, so the ‘Screaming for Vengeance’ cover popped into my head one of those times Jeff asked because of the Eagle / Bird association and that was pretty much that. Shane, Yuto, Ish, Ronnie and more hustle for hammers and hit cheat codes on combos. Chandler Burton reveals his heart-eating alter ego along with heavy clips and unsettling visuals. Lace ‘em up and stand for something. The sequence from that point is kinda hazy, but I know I sent him some footage after that and ended up staying at his house in Los Gatos not long after.