This is very very clear and right on the point. I found it very informative and did nothing but motivate me more on becoming a consultant. I have the passion for the business, enjoy working with people, and I am good at my job. I am writing an article due Friday and was hoping I could ask one question. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon! I feel I have a lot to offer, but where do I begin at even finding someone to do that work for me? The higher the position in the organizational structure, the more responsibilities or tasks he has to accomplish. I have years experience in service, training and upgrading training. We believe that restaurants should be able to operate with at least a 15% profitability, and since 2001 have designed our entire company structure around the expertise needed to make that happen. Seema.Shetty. We hope you found this article to be informative as well helpful when you will be creating your restaurant consulting business plan. An important piece of the work that I do is making sure I get buy-in from my clients. I believe I can take this gap in the market by storm. Then, after six years of thriving as a restaurant General Manager, I went to work for Nancy Silverton, Joe Bastianch, and Mario Batali as part of the service team of Pizzeria Mozza and later, Osteria Mozza. I became a trusted leader in the dining room — in sales and in happy, return guests. But it is rare for job positions that entail making company policies and also making the decisions for the entire organization to have new faces every now and then. But they are an essential part. I have been in the indusry since i was 14 worked my way up from a busboy to dishwasher and then just kept moving up every time i stepped foot in a kitchen. Recommendations for future restaurant consultants. Ganesh(my husband) run a hotel in Mumbai(India). My work is always different, but my primary job is always the same: to serve the particular needs of my client. Working as a restaurant and service consultant is an art form that I love. Then, after more than four years of putting my service theories to the test through personal research and development, I felt ready to begin my work as a Service Consultant. Was wondering your thoughts on negotiating a percentage on food sales vs a flat fee ….. Thankyou for the reference page. For the first couple of years I specialized in building systems and opening restaurants. I am a retired Chef, and had my own successful Italian Trattoria which is still around after 24 Years. I was a teenager when I got my first restaurant job. The consulting plan aids the restaurant in reaching out to third-party financial and technical assistance, as well as aid in identifying issues that the restaurant is currently or soon may encounter. We offer a complimentary consultation for all clients so you can gain an understanding of who we are and how our approach to restaurant management can benefit your business. You can think of us as a research company, think tank, innovation lab, management consultancy, or strategy firm. It is not to say that if a new business is new, it cannot be trusted. Hey so I am a chef based out of Hawaii and am faced with an opportunity to sell a restaurant a menu to implement. We’re creative, operations and financial experts, and are passionate about all aspects of the hospitality industry—from initial concept, day-to-day operations, all the way to the financials that show how it all comes together. Thanks! I have had the opportunity to open 4 restaurants during my career. I knew I had a unique talent for service and my entrepreneurial spirit helped kept me rolling in the tip money. I organised and enjoyed 5 very successful Food, Wine and Culture Tours to Sicily, Italy and France during that time, and have helped many friends and acquaintances to ‘Fix’ problems at Food establishments. Get Hospitality Education . It was a job I was learning to enjoy from the inside out. David. We work with new and existing restaurants to help achieve individual goals, and create a dining culture we’d be proud of—and we have very high standards. When listing down qualified consultation companies for your consultation plan, you should follow these tips to maximize your partnership with these companies. Nothing represents your business more than your menu and how your staff execute the experience for Guests. Once I am clear what their mission is for the restaurant and staff, I am able to channel the needs of my client through the work that I do. I typically start by creating operational systems for the restaurant. From feasibility studies to business plans, to Culinary and Brand Development and more, our team of restaurant consultants is ready to help you get your concept off the ground. I have been a part of the restaurant business from childhood to my GM position at 1 of the top restaurants in Houston! Experienced every role from dishwasher to opening manager! If I were to push my way through the problems of another person’s restaurant, I would be doing the client a huge disservice. I’m happy to share my perspective on the business of restaurant consulting with you. I’m happy to share my perspective on the business of restaurant consulting with you. When I tell them that I am a restaurant consultant helping out some friends for a few months, their eyes light up. This is mostly for appointment purposes especially if a client wants to meet with a certain person in the organization. I am 52 and would love to do this professionally in Ontario, Canada where I live, but feel Professional Training is Required. Learning from other masters in service — in and out of the restaurant industry — has been incredibly beneficial. We also provided examples in PDF as well as some tips on how to write a consulting business plan so that it will be easier for you when you will be proceeding on creating the actual contents of the restaurant consulting business plan. You may also see business plan examples. In 2010, a former employer agreed to give me a chance at being his first Director of Service or “Service Guru” for two of his Asian food restaurants. | Food Woolf, Service 101: Being the Unseen | Food Woolf, Service 101: Defining the WHY of Your Business. Gilkey Restaurant Consulting has a proven track record launching successful restaurant and hospitality concepts. you have provided some valuable and educational advice for people like myself interested in restaurant consulting. It is normal for companies (even for large corporations) if rank-and-file employees are constantly being replaced. If not, you can ask these companies directly. I think every restaurant consultant has their own specialty. My intention getting into restaurants at that time was to make some spending money. I have learned over the years that listening to the client and designing a unique solution for their needs results in a sustainable fix. If your goal is to get into the hospitality industry, get a degree in hospitality, management or culinary arts. I’ve even spent some time at a vegan juice bar, helping the team improve systems and service. You may also see annual plan examples. It was also around this time that I began to see that restaurant work was an honorable profession. Thanks for the information. Without an owner’s involvement or a key leader’s buy in, the turn around work will disappear within weeks of my departure and the money they invested in finding a solution will be wasted. The last thing you want to encounter is being scammed by a fake company that did not only provide little to no business requirements but tricked you into doing business with them.