Vin Moosk • Irwin • Kevin Whitney • Robin • Do-Gooder Krunk • Mr. Slinkman • (a parody of the exclamation "Hadouken!" Charlie • Senator Safely, Mac • Chowder is a hybrid kid of a cat, rabbit, and bear and the titular protagonist of the tv cartoonof the same name. Next, it appeared in Just Add History. Stinkfly • Best Schnitzel in Mendota Heights, Minnesota: Find 651 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of the best Schnitzel and search by price, location, and more. We found great results, but some are outside Mendota Heights. Ed • Mr. Gar, Robin • Cheetara • Muscle Man • Wildebeest • Bumblebee • His ears are small cubes that stick out of the top of his head. Shnitzel always wears an apron because, as Mung has stated, he is a master chef. The Emperor • ALL RIGHT!" His ears are small cubes that stick out of the top of his head. Shnitzel (alternatively spelled as "Schnitzel") is the tritagonist of Chowder. Media Furthermore, Shnitzel does not look forward to working with Chowder (he would rather fall into a bottomless pit), since every time Chowder gets into trouble of one kind or another, when asked what Chowder's fate should be, Shnitzel always suggests something dire, like making Chowder leave the company, abandoning him someplace, or throwing him in the furnace. Numbuh 86 • The General • Marceline • Although Chowder is the main character, characters like Truffles, Schnitzel, and even Mung Daal have shown themselves as comparable to him, as well as Endive and likely Panini. Rath • whereupon Chowder says, "Nah. Jesse Cosay • Swampfire • Agent Honeydew • However, it was later revealed that the whole episode was just an excuse Chowder made for eating an order. Chowder is able to eat, chew, and swallow anything possible that his stomach can handle, even once accidentally eating himself. Tramm • Frankie Foster • Adorabat • Wonder Woman • Upchuck • Numbuh 1,600 • Roger Radcliffe • Kevin Michael Richardson (pilot)John DiMaggio Numbuh 2 • Transformers Heroes, Chowder, as he appeared in season 2 and 3. Tanked being in the epicenter of the Hangnail Glider shaking the entire sky. In the episode "The Heist," however, he had blonde hair in a ponytail. Family Benson • Connie Maheswaran • Yo! Jane Doe, Adam Lyon • Yana • Tuba, Lion-O • Interestingly, they both meet each other in the Cartoon Network commercials, bumpers, and video games. Ultimate Swampfire • Shnitzel is the second-toughest guy Chowder knows; the first is Truffles. Origin Comparable to Schnitzel, who could strike 20 times a second. Age Heatblast • SleepingEating Upgrade • Ingrid Giraffe • PNGWave is an open community for users to share PNGs, all PNG images in PNGWave are for Non-Commercial Use, no attribution required.If you are the author and find this PNG is shared without your permisson, DMCA report please Contact Us. Frankenstrike • . Shnitzel is a rock monster that wears a plain white apron and different pairs of underpants. Chowder is the main protagonist of the eponymous series. Greg Universe • Alien X • Shake & Flick • Carrie Krueger • from the. Kelsey Pokoly • Red Star • Rigby • Dexter's Mom • Dr. Fox • Speedy • Tusky Husky • Principal Pixiefrog • Kid Flash • He has a stink cloud pet named Kimchi and is the "boyfriend", later husband of Panini. Lucy Mann • Panini, Zak Saturday • Teether • Susan Test • Dee Dee • Lighting • Clam • Wilt • Robbie the Robin • Aqualad • (Time to look for some Cinniminni Powder. Richard Watterson • Elfa Strike Squad • Mung Daal (boss)Truffles (employer)Chowder (friend/annoyance) Flinch • Chowder Fan Club is a FANDOM TV Community. Numbuh 60 • Hazel • Along with the other Flinger-Lingons, Mung, and Schnitzel, bounced around hard enough to pulverize the Bread Bowl stadium. Humungousaur • 20 Shnitzel is generally fearless, though in the episode "Gazpacho Fights Back," Rosemary scared him off after his attempt to be Gazpacho's bodyguard. Numbuh 10 • Louie and Elmo • Lila, Lazlo • Sometimes, as in "The Trouble with Truffles" and "The Heist," Shnitzel is shown sporting long, brown hair. After Mung's former apprentice, Gumbo, stormed away in a furious rage over his master's "disapproval" of his first dish, Mung Daal found a new apprentice in Chowder, a wide-eyed chef to-be in the city of Marzipan. Stinkfly • Jayna • Shockquatch • Eileen Roberts • Yo, my name's Shnitzel! Diamondhead • The Scotsman • Sam-R-I • Numbuh 362 • Hunchback of Nowhere • His giant hand could knock over buildings and a stadium. Yumi Ishiyama • (The Marzipan Macadamias, a sports team in the episode "Big Ball," formed an exception; when Shnitzel gave them a game plan from atop the Big Ball, everyone was confused and most (if not all) of them called on Shnitzel to repeat himself — it may simply be because they hadn't heard him, but this seems unlikely.). Bushido • Shnitzel almost always says "radda", rendering nearly all of his speech unintelligible to the viewer, though the characters seem to understand Shnitzel perfectly well and often repeat the meaning so that the audience can comprehend it. Red Action • Starfire • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger • In the episode where Truffles changes her voice, Shnitzel speaks normally because Truffle's voice is so peaceful; It only lasted about 10 seconds though. Often Shnitzel regards Mung's and Chowder's behavior as questionable or bizarre Pearl • Panthro • Nicole Watterson • However, stress caused by Chowder and Mung's fattening cooking has weakened him somewhat, as shown in the episode "The Lead Farfel." "Radda Ra Radda Ra Radda Radda." Last Appearance Raven • Cloudy Jay, Gumball Watterson • Gwen Tennyson • Shnitzel is said to have gone soft from Mung and Chowder's fattening cooking, though even in that state he was able to carry the Lead Farfel the farthest distance of all.