Rialto Beach sits just north of the La Push beaches and is part of the Olympic National Park beaches. It’s located right where the trail meets the beach, down a small side trail that’s not very noticeable from the main trail. You can easily drive to Second Beach from Seattle. After wandering through the woods for a specific time, the trail will take you down to the beach. Second Beach is located in the Pacific Northwest, one mile south of La Push, Washington. The area near the trailhead is often quite full, but if you continue south you’ll find many great places to set up camp. I didn't notice any toilet paper on the trails mentioned in other reviews. Make sure that you don’t strip the beach of its natural resources when you’re looking for firewood and only use dead wood. Hi Heather! Oh my! Then you have to climb over fallen logs that have washed up from the Pacific to get to the beach. Not sure who did it and what their intentions were, but always be on the lookout and make sure you have car insurance! It’s a popular day-use area and makes for a great night of camping. It would be the WORST to set up camp only to watch the water creep up and wash it away hours later! We all want to arrive at our beach camping site ready to soak in the sights and sounds of the coast! This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Emily running away from a sneaker wave- we explored during high tide which was a big no-no. I love camping on the beach! Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Second Beach. If you enjoy online shopping, I’d appreciate it if you used my links, but I won’t pressure you. Make sure to put your bear container far away from your camp when you head to bed. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be awakened by the ocean in your sleeping bag in the middle of the night. You know the beach landing level in the first Halo game? However, once you're down to the beach, it's easy to navigate. You do have to climb over mounds of driftwood at first, but that's all a part of the fun! Many sea creatures live in the tide pools but, be careful when walking around as you might accidentally step on one. We took extra care to bring our valuables, even though they were definitely added weight. Hiking to your Washington beach camping location? Once you get to the bottom of the trail, the last challenge is getting over all the drift wood logs. If you are in the Olympic Peninsula, I would highly recommend visiting this beach!! To the north there’s an arch and to the south tall sea stacks rise out of the ocean. This beach was stunning! See all photos from Ash L. for Second Beach. See all photos from Andrew H. for Second Beach. To make the most of your Washington beach camping trip, it’s important to pack the right shoes. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Join me and learn to embrace your inner explorer! When I think of backpacking at the coast in the Olympic National Park, I think of frolicking in the surf, hot sand and salty cheeks, beach bonfires.Coastal camping in February is not quite the typical scene, but there is something about La Push in the winter. You can easily stroll around and enjoy the lovely beach. I really hope you make it back! You probably already know this if you are going beach camping, but literally, EVERYTHING you bring will get sand in/on/around it. So pretty. It’s about more than standing on the mountain top. And there’s just nothing like the sound of ocean waves. I can't wait to go there again! Beware… camping on the beach becomes a problem because you want to DO IT ALL THE TIME! Go midweek, and enjoy the pristine sand, the tidal pools, the driftwood fires warming  you as the mist rises and falls. Watch your step because the trail is riddled with massive roots. There. In the meantime, here are our favorites and some tips for your own beach camping experience! Today, Quillayute Needles, along with two other main refuges, Flattery Rocks and Copalis, comprise the larger Washington Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Complex, which protects more than 870 islands and reefs and is home to an estimated 800 sea otters. The walk down the path through the dense forest is really peaceful and as you get closer you can hear the waves crashing and get little peeks of water through the trees. In order to go beach camping at La Push Second Beach, we had to drive to the Port Angeles Ranger Station to get a beach camping permit. Here are some other tips for securing beach camping permits: Wilderness Information Center in Port Angele, The Ultimate Guide To Camping In The Pacific Northwest, learn more about the seven principles here, Hike The Hole In The Wall Trail At Rialto Beah, Here’s a link to all the places you are allowed to drive a car on the coast in Oregon. There was so much wildlife outside of the restaurant, especially Bald Eagles. I think of all three, Second Beach was my 2nd favorite (very fitting) with Ruby being the best. Because we were on a road trip, we didn’t have many options to leave our valuables at home. Second Beach is located on the western coast of the Olympic Peninsula, about 20 minutes from Forks, Washington. Its a pretty strenuous hike back up when youre holding it. Apart from all of the twilight advertisements, La Push is amazing. As the mist slowly burns, golden rays of sunlight sneak through the trees and reveal a stunning blue sky. In order to go beach camping at La Push Second Beach, we had to drive to the Port Angeles Ranger Station to get a beach camping permit. Great the spoils with lots of starfish if you hit the tides right.. Hotels near (SEA) Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport. You’ll be blissfully unaware of the time as you laze beneath the stars. The closest place to get one is either Port Angeles Ranger Station (near Hurricane ridge) or Lake Quinault SOUTH Ranger Station. Take Back Any Trash You Brought In and Dispose of Waste Properly (And Pick Up Other Trash Too), Don’t Bring back Any Plant of Wildlife (Leave It Be). You can easily find a tide tracker by using Google search and typing “Tide chart for insert your beach here“. We just parked in the parking lot for a quick dinner stop, then drove over to second beach to hike out to the coast and camp. Second Beach was the last beach we visited after seeing Ruby and Rialto. It’s also a popular day-use beach, so the trail could be quite busy in the summer. Seriously, it was an excellent experience even though it rained on us 90% of the time. The main parking lot for Second Beach is small, but an overflow lot provides parking for many more cars with a longer walk. We marveled at the exposed sea life clinging to the sea stacks – starfish of many colors, sea anemones, and barnacles – a visual delight! It was beautiful but if you're looking for tide pools, we didn't find any. Coming out of the tree line and onto the sand is breath taking. Here are the pairs we suggest to bring when beach camping in Washington: Read More: 5 Essential Pieces Of Gear You Need On The Coast. I’m unsure if you can park overnight in the lot, and I don’t exactly remember any part of the beach where cars were allowed on the sand. Yay, you don’t have to poop in the woods! So many trails, >Check Out My All-Time Favorite Sleeping Pad, >Buy The EXTREMELY Packable Inflatable Pillows, >Check Out This Bear Canister Carrying Case. The boys were definitely enjoying themselves as they were running around regardless of the wind and rain blowing in our faces. It's fairly short, so maybe about a 10-15min walk. Want more beach camping tips and inspiration? Learn how your comment data is processed. We didn't know what to expect from La Push and the surrounding area, but Second Beach was our favorite beach that we visited. Hi Matt! Read More: Hike The Hole In The Wall Trail At Rialto Beah. Read More: How To Survive Camping In The Rain. The hike back up is pretty rough but its completely worth it. This blog lives to inspire outdoor adventure, inspired by our home in the rainy Pacific Northwest. My friend and I took a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula a few years ago. Native American Reservation? This was really our favorite beach on the coast. Since you’ll be dealing with the ocean and wetter conditions than normal, we suggest 100% waterproof options. Worth the trip even if staying an hour, but recommend packing a lunch and staying a while. Unfortunately, we left our better traction shoes in the vehicle. Stay safe and put anything with a strong smell (including your camping hygiene kit) in a bear can. Second Beach, La Push: See 27 reviews, articles, and 47 photos of Second Beach, ranked No.4 on Tripadvisor among 6 attractions in La Push. Making your fire below the high tide like actually keeps natural debris under control. If you bring food or scented products with you, you’ll need to store it away from your campsite at night so that animals don’t come to your campsite. There is also the obvious advantage of daylight, which will help you set up your tent easily and properly. One of my favorite beach! Watch as sun becomes one with the horizon and bathes you in its soft, golden rays. And you'll know when you're close when you reach the staircase steps and hear the crashing of the waves from the other side of the trees. Hi Matt! Need more information about permits for your specific area? Bringing anything else also brings the risk of ruining your gear, so prepare ahead and prevent damage! One does need to pack it out. This is good because it deters some folks.But it doesn't deter everyone! My friend and I took a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula a few years ago. It’s not every day you get to do this, so take advantage of it! :)When you make it about a half mile into the hike you begin to hear the waves crashing and the anticipation is well worth it. However, beach camping in Washington requires a lot more than just parking your car and setting up your tent – there are a few more steps that need to happen! You can purchase the permits from various Ranger Stations throughout the Olympic Peninsula and I purchased ours from the station in Quinault. I went there with my husband and parents and they comfortably did the hike. It’s best if you can find some large driftwood to put up in front of your tent as an extra barrier. Thanks for the info! You may use driftwood for firewood. The rainforest walk to the beach is somewhat challenging, and not recommended for kids or elderly people necessarily. Second Beach is one of four major beaches lined up along the west coast of Washington right next to each other. I will have to check out that spot one of these days, I was really hoping that picture was taken somewhere near La Push. Your email address will not be published. This place is awesome! This beach was stunning!I like the fact that there is a small hike to get to the ocean. “Tons of driftwood everywhere, smooth clean sand (still wear protective shoes) and natural beauty.” in 5 reviews, “Before we started our little hike into the woods, one of the cars parked near us had all 4 tires slashed.” in 3 reviews, “Go for a day visit when the tides are low to explore the tide pools or just camp on the beach overnight.” in 3 reviews. We brought some Sparkling Rose and enjoyed the rain and views from our tents. Coastal camping in February is not quite the typical scene, but there is something about La Push in the winter. You’ll need to buy a camping permit beforehand because they aren’t available at Second Beach itself. By setting up your tent among the driftwood, you’re not only ensuring you won’t get wet, but you’re also protecting yourself from the wind that comes in at night. We unfortunately came on a windy, rainy day so it was super cold, but then again, that's Washington for yeah lol. Camping on Second Beach is different than camping in a campground or even the back of your car. Burn the fire all the way down, until only ash is left. This is one of the most famous beaches in Olympic National Park, and with pretty good reason.