... A family with two kids set up next to George. However, that didn't explain why she didn't just go to the restaurant herself, pick it up, and bring it home. He had already delivered the food. The collection is split into five sections, with jokes arranged by decade and spanning the '70s to the 2010s. They, along with Kramer and Elaine, could be the characters. Career choices and finances were also head-scratchers, and then there was the series' central location: Jerry's apartment (and his building). It could just be about talking, "about nothing," he explained when Jerry questioned the concept. He took it back and told her he loved her and couldn't live without her. He did manage to get out of it by season's end, but not before he ended up losing out on an opportunity with an actress. While it would have made sense for his wallet to get fatter over the years, especially if he added things and didn't throw anything away, that wasn't how it came about. In season 9's "The Merv Griffin Show", Jerry was amazed by his date's toy collection. "Come on, buddy, let's go ... You get past me, the guy behind me has a spoon. Not only did Elaine give a eulogy for Susie, Mr. Peterman also recalled a night working late with her where they "surrendered to temptation.". She had even told him to keep the change, so she had tipped him. In season 8's "The Pothole", Elaine went through a whole lot of trouble just to try to order flounder for delivery. However, then she revealed her cousin was taking the name Seven. However, she'd gotten hooked on the sugar rush from the cake, so she checked Mr. Peterman's refrigerator. In season 3's "The Dog", Jerry and Elaine encourage Kramer to break up with his girlfriend, Ellen, because they didn't like her. You're just taking up space! It wasn't like he had a job or any prospects. Each had their own quirks, and none of them seemed ready to commit. (To be clear, we mean Seinfeld the series, not Seinfeld the person - Jerry's stand-up segments were, even at the time, generally the least funny part of the episode; this may have been intentional, or it may just be that Jerry's brand of humor, while fresh and new for a sitcom, was pretty old hat for a stand-up comedian even then). They were the first astronauts in the '60s. Somehow, he kept adding to the wallet, too. "We'll do nothing.". But your callous indifference and utter disregard for everything that is good and decent has rocked the very foundation upon which our society is built," the judge told them. Relax, it's going to work. He could write her a letter and move to China until things calmed down. How Kramer managed to show up multiple days to a job he didn't have without getting kicked out of the office was a head-scratcher. I can't smell it. Instead, Elaine ended up on the sofa bed in a guest room. He thought he needed "structure" in his life, and the new job gave him that. Discover (and save!) He then brought George over for dinner with her. When she was about to, Peggy talked to "Susie" about Elaine and remarked that she was amazed she hadn't been fired yet. var _g1; We pack it in a glacier, then put it on a frozen truck driven by a polar bear." They didn't even try to make him look younger. For 65¢ I don't want to get involved. It even found the humor in the end of Susan's life, which also meant the end of the engagement. Jerry Seinfeld is set to bring a new stand-up special to Netflix next month.. You sit around here all day," he yelled at her. In season 9's "The Frogger", Elaine got sick and tired of all the cake they were eating in the office for someone's "special day." That makes it easy to see how the series would end with the four of them on trial for criminal indifference. Sure, it was a sitcom, designed to make the audience laugh, but some things could have been caught or fixed with a simple line change or even outfit selection. We have the best Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine memes. It got to the point that Jerry suggested they just eat at the movie theater. He had no choice but to fire him. Cold filtered. It was also just the beginning of the lengths he went to so he could play with the toys. In season 8's "The Fatigues", Frank had a pretty dramatic reaction when Kramer asked if he knew anyone who could help him cook for a singles night he was hosting. She did finally kick the sheet off. He even pitched a pilot to NBC, though the show didn't last. Since it would no longer be original, George was upset. Because, I've been working with the Italian guy and the crank organ, and I feel ready to handle the maximum re-entry G-forces. After what he'd said, she should have never wanted anything to do with him ever again. When he went to pick up George's mother after she had work done on her eyes, he parked in a Doctors Only spot. Corkscrews, bottle opener, nail file. In fact, Elaine was wearing more appropriate clothes (a T-shirt) after they turned up the air conditioning. This was the show that aired for nine seasons: a show about "nothing. When her coworkers brought her a get-well cake, she had enough and yelled at them. It was hard to believe that he didn't ever move out or that he, Kramer (who never had a steady job), and Newman (who worked for the post office) all lived in the same building. There, Elaine finally corrected Peggy when she called her "Susie" and claimed she hadn't noticed she'd thought she was someone else. It aired on February 24, 1994. The show treated all these scenarios as jokes. He tried to convince her cousin and husband to change their minds, but they didn't like his Soda suggestion. and 1660 had survived, he argued, "that's no tragedy." He pointed to the license plate, and the cop said, "Oh, okay. The members of the board had already been crying when he added, as an afterthought, how he lost Susan. A police officer approached him, and Kramer introduced himself as a doctor of proctology. In season 7, George was engaged to Susan, though he didn't want it to last. There, they made jokes about an overweight man instead of helping him when he was mugged and carjacked. I can't show it to you yet, we're still working on it in the Text Machine. It was too hot, yet she still wore pajamas with long sleeves and pants and was half under the blankets. "I'm doing this just for me," he said. Elaine did, claiming Susie had ended her life. Then, they might as well have been sitting in the diner, not a cell, as they began talking about the position of a button on a shirt. Classics from Seinfeld that are now popular memes and quotes. He thought the right spices and cooking it long enough would make it edible. In reality, Jerry was right to say that "something" happened because even mundane events like waiting for a table and eating in a diner are "something.". Never been involved in a war in 200 years. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); Her apartment was outside the restaurant's delivery zone – by one street. However, it wasn't like Seven seemed like such a great choice for a baby name that anyone should have been fighting about it - or following a woman in labor into the hospital, like George did. Soup Nazi. For the most part, he seemed to be doing well. All this, after only three days of work. Rather than be upset with this turn of events, the gang essentially shrugged it off. He didn't want to face the scene that telling Susan the truth would create, so he thought up other scenarios. Jerry sets Elaine up with a guy who he says would be perfect for her. "I do not know how or under what circumstances the four of you found each other. Frank had been the best cook, but their supplies were running thin. It could follow someone going to work, but "nothing happens." When he wanted to quit, she shook him while he was eating at the event. George explained he was a cook during the Korean War and something very bad happened. Rather than fire her, considering how much money she lost him, her boss just thought that what the cake would do to her digestive system was punishment enough. Why then? In fact, he didn't even care about being paid for his work. Where they put their hand on your shoulder, "You know God has given you a special talent." A one-stop shop for all things video games. He wanted to play with them, but she stopped him because they were priceless. It wasn't the worst thing he could have done – not all aspirins with that warning result in the person falling asleep like she did – but it was disrespectful. They were arrested for violating the Good Samaritan Law , as they were required to help anyone in danger as long as it was reasonable to do so. out Tuesday, a just-over 450-page compilation of jokes he's written in his 45-year stand-up comedy career. ", We're so anxious to get the next text they give you those three little ghosty dots to tell you it's coming ... "Oh, we're cooking up a good one for you, wait until you see this ... You are not going to believe what this guy is about to say. "I need everything in here," George insisted. Considering she was going to Florida, shouldn't she have packed more location-appropriate clothes? After poring through hundreds of stand-up sketches, here are some of the best jokes from "Is This Anything? She ended up having to do the janitor's job for the building for her trouble. She even returned to "even it out" after he left his office and then kept returning for more. "Breaking up?" "I see, so instead of the little bellhop uniform, you want me to get into a rocket and orbit the Earth at supersonic speed. Despite nearly 50 years passing since the events that transpired, Frank looked almost the exact same in the flashback as he did in present day. Instead, she took him back. As she told the others, she didn't want to eat it alone in the restaurant. Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix special '23 Hours to Kill,' coronavirus, 'Seinfeld' reunion, #MeToo advocate Dylan Farrow creates a world where words are magic in debut novel 'Hush', Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { When a coworker, Peggy, called Elaine by the wrong name, she didn't correct her in season 8's "The Susie". The way Kramer spoke to one of his girlfriends was proof enough that he shouldn't have been in a relationship. He could have very well been talking about himself. He wasn't a catch. What was that like? She even held a funeral for her, and quite a few people showed up for it. Thanks to reruns, people can still watch Seinfeld, whether for the first or fiftieth time.