CyberSphere: SciFi Third Person Shooter, 8. When is playing monopoly, Let’s Get Rich is only Bluetooth capital? The GUI is really easy to use and the game is loads of fun. Interestingly, this game made by Moment Ltd also provides offline multiplayer features via WiFi and Bluetooth. As the name implies, Badminton League is a badminton game that can be played online to fight other players from around the world or offline to fight friends using a WiFi connection. The name and logo of Softonic are registered trademarks of SOFTONIC INTERNATIONAL S.A. Now we can enjoy the thrill of racing that has not been offered by other games, either by playing solo or multiplayer, without an internet connection at all. Sea Battle 2. kill time and have fun with friends with this game. It provides you the best range of weapons such as sniper, flamethrower, shotgun, etc. Besides this game can not only play two people, but you can also play up to 12 people at once offline, but of course, all players must be connected to the same WiFi network. this Bluetooth multiplayer offline game is a zombie shooting game in the form of a 2D cartoon, which can be played by two people. Interestingly again, this game made by 17th Pixel can also be played completely free of charge, the article Warlings does not provide paid features or equipment. Is this also available on PS3? This is a unique card game, and incidentally, this game was inspired by the legendary gameboard, Wolfgang Kramer. Take it, easy guys, you don’t need to worry, Actually, there are many multiplayer games that can be played without quota at all. Those who win 3 rounds claims winner. I and my niece are really enjoying the game. is a plane shooting game having classy graphics. If you love games that need intense concentration then Crossy Road is the best option for you. Play Mini Militia with your spouse as well as friends. Mini Militia is a simple war game that is packed with epic 3D graphics that are quite epic. The game is fully loaded with 50 planes and 8 levels. If you choose to become a racer, then your friend will become a cop and vice versa. This is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Apple TV. Looking for an offline multiplayer game with the theme of adventure? It is an epic battle in the place. Interestingly, this game is free and can be played multiplayer with friends using a local network. You can also play with original players as avatars and perform all of their coolest stunts or moves. Price: Free of cost and supports ads, which can be erased with a singular in-app-purchase. NOVA Legacy is a Sci-Fi based action game and is quite popular among Android gamers. In addition, you can also play this game offline with friends on the same smartphone by choosing the split-screen multiplayer mode. At first I was kind of skeptical that a car racing game could be fun on a phone, but Asphalt 8: Airborne changed my mind. Because in this game, you will throw bombs among fellow players to compete to blow up enemy characters. BADLAND is an adventure game that has won various awards, in this game players will be challenged to control one of the characters of the forest dwellers to uncover the mystery that is happening. You and your friends can play together in this game if you have connected each other to Bluetooth networks. le play and the download is fast and easy. The reason is, there are a variety of exciting missions that are served in this game, one of which is the mission of saving humans from the attacks of creepy galactic creatures. This game will invite you to feel the sensation of running in a complex environment. this is an amazing game. Find out what other users say and: Like and comment; Hit the blue buttons to explore more about the solutions This game made by CillyRoom provides a wide selection of characters with different abilities, more than 170 weapons are also provided in this game. This time the game franchise presents free games for Android devices. We can practice from the bot stage. One of the favorite games of many people turned out to have features for playing multiplayer without the internet. 3 is a game playing golf that is not only limited to fighting the computer, but we can also play with other players without using the internet at all. There are different modes to select from and jets to unlock. I loved the movie. List Of Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot: Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. Not only that, DUAL! SFG 2 is another traditional third-person shooting game with many explosives, weapons, and maps. Cool, huh. CyberSphere is an offline multiplayer game that comes with a pretty tense storyline. He did. ... MiniSquadron! In this game, two players will have to join forces or fight each other in amazing games. DUAL! You and your friends only need to connect to the same WiFi. There are several game modes provided in this game, including a single-player mode that provides more than 100 levels …. is a unique game that allows two players to each use their phone to play against each other.