You can further customize the font in the More Options section, and also add additional text boxes. operating systems may support fewer fonts unless you install them yourself. It should go without saying that in 2019, if someone holds up a whiteboard on TV, it’s destined to become a meme. One entry per person. We’re here for ya! In this scene, Steve’s Scoops Ahoy co-worker and crush, Robin, uses a whiteboard to keep track of how many times Steve gets rejected when he asks Scoops Ahoy customers out on dates. by Our collection ranges from the latest hot new memes to original classics from the meme archive. Matt. There have also been ties between Jim Hopper and Hot Girl Summer. The LGBTQ community has been especially receptive of Steve’s character this season. Once in a while, the viewer sympathizes with Bart because his punishment seems to indicate that he was in the right. Today schools have either whiteboards or electronic screens as opposed to chalkboards. The episode aired on November 15, 1990. Yes! Funny you ask. NEW! Yes! all the customizations, you can design many creative works including likes up for Alexei ☝️ . Used as background since this image contains transparency. RELATED: The Simpsons: 10 Classic Moments In 'Homer's Enemy'. RELATED: The Simpsons: 10 Funniest Lisa Simpson Memes That Make Us Laugh. It's one of the best gags even though it's not really a joke. Cal Kearns' art is terrible and filled with pain and suffering. Steve and Robin smiling, that's the tweet, — Rafa SPOILERS (@strangerharring) July 5, 2019, robin’s coming out scene made me so happy, and i live how steve didn’t judge her for liking girls but her taste in girls, a scene i didn’t know i needed as badly as i did…, can stop thinking about robin saying that steve wouldn’t like her if he knew the real her and then coming out and it taking him literally 5 secs to deal with his feelings for her accept her completely and activate Best Friend mode, — SCOOPS TROOP #5 (@tinymeatsgang) July 5, 2019. Pretty much the whole world has seen the opening sequence for The Simpsons. no one:literally no one:not even a single soul:will: CAN WE PLAY D&D NOW?#StrangersThings3 #Strangerthings, Will’s mood throughout season 3 summed up in a picture #StrangerThings, #StrangerThings Mike: We aren’t kids anymore Will:, Na vida eu sou o Will _ #strangerthings #strangerthings3 #strangerthingsbrasil #st3 #mileven #finnwolfhard #milliebobbybrown #noahsnapp #sadiesink #calebmclaughlin #gatenmatarazzo #eua #brazil #canada #losangeles #newyork #fillie #milevenforever #fillieedit #fillieforever #steve #robin #strangerthingsmemes, A post shared by Finn Wolfhard (@finnwolfhard_br13) on Jul 7, 2019 at 2:28pm PDT, And the award for biggest glow up goes to…. Their True Ages & Birthdays, 10 Silly SpongeBob Fan Theories That The Internet Just Won't Let Go Of, 15 Quotes From Scrubs That Are Still Hilarious Today, Supernatural: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Chuck & Castiel's Relationship, The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things Fans Forgot About Howard’s Family, Dexter: 10 Things That Need To Happen In The Revival, Nick At Nite's First 10 Sitcoms (In Chronological Order), Psychedelic Cartoons: 15 Animated Shows That Tripped Us Out, Modern Family Characters Ranked From Most To Least Likely To Die In A Horror Movie, The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Starlight, The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Frenchie, Timeless: 10 Best Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb). 'v' Cast Your Vote To Select The October Meme of the Month! The post (shown below, center) received more than 6,100 points (97% upvoted) and 70 comments in two days. (warning, may contain vulgarity). Select from 1000+ professionally-designed scenes with animated characters, icons, image and video holders, then give your video a unique look by editing styles, colors, and transitions. Bart Simpson is arguably the most popular character of The Simpsons, with possibly only Homer Simpson being more popular. Literally what’s going on right now on this subreddit. Not every single opening credits sequence on the show had a chalkboard gag at all, but there are still literally hundreds to choose from. For the big times and small times, people always need something to smile at, so when you start to believe in yourself or when you start to feel... More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. Using our online tool generate your custom version of the Meme: Whiteboard, Blank Sign, Presentation, Lisa Simpson In the episode, the character Lisa delivers a presentation on bullying throughout time (shown below). Online, people add text to the screen and occasionally the people watching the presentation. Make your own images with our Meme Generator or Animated GIF Maker. 60 views, 1 upvote, 1 comment. Instead of the usual sequence of events that shows the chalkboard gag first and the couch gag later, this one skips right to the family rinning to the couch only to find Bart and the chalkboard instead. If you don't find the meme you want, browse all the GIF Templates or upload Homer finds out the hard way not to mess with City Hall and Bart seems to reinforce that message with his chalkboard gag of the week, which gets mixed up with the couch gag. Click to change. Create. © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Whiteboard Animation Pack. There's the obvious parallel to a medieval Christian belief that pain can cleanse the mind and body of sin. Eye Roll” memes See more “and I … Continue reading "Famous Blank Memes (templates to make your own meme)" Or, take a look at all the other Bart Simpson Chalkboard images created by other people. he went from asshole dudebro to father of the year to the lesbian ally we all deserve, — aims robin warrior (@robinshawkins) July 6, 2019, Appreciation post for Steve Harrington before he was beaten in every season of #StrangerThings