Just this week, floodwaters rose to the feet of a huge Buddha statue in the Sichuan province on Tuesday, a feat that has not occurred in decades according to Bloomberg. [49] The last flood discharge was 13 years ago. [72] The county seat was underwater when the torrential rainfall hit. Villages in the mountainous terrains should be prepared for mudslides. [38] Homes in She County were inundated. People wade through floodwater at an intersection after heavy rainfall led to flooding in Hefei, Anhui province, China June 27, 2020. Copyright© Mediacorp 2020. [87], Hunan Hydrological and Water Resources Survey Center issued an orange flood warning at 12:20 p.m. on 11 July. [74] Maling Town [zh] and Hualong Town [zh] of Lipu alongside Maling River, Lipu River and Hualong River were besieged by flooding. As of 1 July, 500 hectares (5.0 km2) of crops were affected, 280 hectares (2.8 km2) were damaged and 70 hectares (0.70 km2) will have no harvest, more than 280 houses collapsed or badly damaged and 2,300 houses partially damaged. Regions along the banks of the Yangtze and its tributaries are traditionally vulnerable to flooding in China's summer, with the impact of heavy rainfall worsened by deforestation, dwindling flood plains and the diversion of natural river systems for hydropower and irrigation. [21] Hubei was once known as "The Province of a thousand of Lakes" (千湖之省). [95], On the afternoon of 8 July, Qinghua Rainbow Bridge was devastated by flood. Some Yangtze tributaries have already experienced their worst floods ever, including the Xiaojinchuan in Sichuan province. Chinese youth use subcultures as a way to distinguish … [26] Yichang, a city below the dam, experienced extensive flooding, raising questions about the effectiveness of the flood control by the dam. [42], All residents in Laozhou Township and Xuba Township of Tongling along the Yangtze River were ordered to evacuate on 11 July. [110][112] The lower reaches of Dadu River and Min River were exceeded warning levels. [110][111] The Yan'an section of Qingyi River was hit by a major flood rarely seen in a hundred years. [81], On 17 July, in Enshi City, the streets and cars were covered in water. [57], On 27 July, affected by persistent heavy rainfall, the first floor of the shops in the town of Ciqikou alongside the Yangtze River were inundated. [47], On 19 July, the Government of Quanjiao County blasted several gaps in Chu River Levee to release floods. On 14 June, Huaxia Minzu School (华夏民族小学) was inundated. [86], On 8 July, in northwestern Hunan's Zhangjiajie, a man netting fish was swept away by the flood. The ministry said 78 people have been confirmed dead or missing, with direct economic losses at 27.8 billion yuan. In Pingshan County of Yibin, the government evacuated 2,400 of its residents due to flooding. The level of Baishui River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, had risen 8 metres (26 ft), causing serious floods in towns and townships along the river. Heavy rains and high winds are hitting China’s eastern coastal region from a tropical storm weakening as it nears Shanghai By The Associated Press August 4, 2020, 11:16 AM On 29 June, a rainstorm hit in Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Affected regions include Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei, and Chongqing. [32] "Flood #5" passed the dam by August 22 when the reservoir's water level reached 167.85 meters, the highest level ever recorded. [114], From the evening of 29 to 30 June, a heavy rainstorm occurred in Zhenxiong County, Yiliang County, Weixin County and Yanjin County. [74] Luojin Town [zh] and Baoli Township [zh] of Yongfu County were waterlogged. [59], As of August 16th 2020 the center of the city of Chongqing was flooded under 1-2 meters of water after the Jialing River overflowed due to heavy rainfall. [91], Residents were forced to evacuate Jiangzhou Town [zh] and Sanjiao Township [zh] of Jiujiang on 12 July as the flooded river began to overtake homes. [64] Wuyishan City had serious waterlogging, and the local government issued a rainstorm red warning signal, and Wuyishan Scenic Spot had been closed. Hong Kong Futures Exchange closed trading for several hours as Higos passed just to the south. The threat for flooding has been renewed across parts of southeastern Asia as Tropical Storm Higos plowed into southern China. (Photo/RAMMB). [70], On 7 June, the daily rainfall in Yangshuo County of Guilin was 327.7-millimetre (12.90 in), breaking the local record of daily precipitation. With this much rain, particularly after Tropical Storm Sinlaku hit the same areas a few weeks ago, flooding is a serious concern. Rains and floods extended to central and eastern China during July[1][2] and were described as the worst since at least 1998. 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[89], On 20 July, the Government of Hunan announced that as of 20 July, persistent heavy rainfall has affected more than 6.01 million people in 117 counties of 14 prefectures in Hunan, and more than 347,000 people have been transferred and resettled urgently.[90]. The dangerous flooding forced more than 60,000 residents to evacuate. With the rapid increase of population in China and breakneck economic growth, a large number of lakes and other wetlands had been reclaimed into farmland or urban development. [12] According to statistics from the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA), 76 key national cultural relics and 187 provincial cultural heritage sites have suffered damage of varying degrees. Rough seas battered the shoreline and locations like Tate's Cairn, and Cheung Chau Beach reported wind gusts as high as 83 km/h (52 mph). [28] Other experts have pointed out that studies do show that the dam does help alleviate typical flooding during normal years and that the problem is not the design of the dam, but the public's expectation that the dam alone can solve all the problems of flooding on the Yangtze. [49], At 10:24 a.m. on 21 July, the water level at Zhongmiao Station of Chaohu reached 13.36-metre (43.8 ft), which is the once-in-a-century water level of Chaohu. Rains and floods extended to central and eastern China during July and were described as the worst since at least 1998.. Now voters face a choice on climate change issues, United States: Knee Surgeons Losing It Over These Knee Sleeves, Eddie Hassell, Actor in ‘The Kids Are All Right’ and ‘Surface,’ Dies at 30 After Being Shot, Mother Chased, Accused of Kidnapping Because a Hospital Worker Thought She Was 'Too Old' for Baby, Black men are voting for Trump because of chauvinism: Former NAACP president, 30 Odd Animal Species You Never Knew Existed, Trump suggests he may fire Fauci 'a little bit after the election'. [121][122][123] At 23:00 on 19 July, the officials of the Central Theater Command arrived in Wuhan, Hubei to command flood fighting and disaster relief. [51] That same day, a firefighter named Chen Lu (陈陆) was swept away by the burst flood while searching for trapped people in Lujiang County. [31] On August 15, "Flood #4" passed through the Three Gorges reservoir with a maximum inflow of 62,000 cubic meters per second, the highest reached at that time during this flood season. [82], At 8:00 a.m. on 20 August, the Three Gorges Dam saw an inflow of 75,000-cubic-metre (2,600,000 cu ft) per second. [citation needed], On 20 August, the "Cuntan Hydrological Station" (寸滩水文站) in Chongqing rose over the high of 191.41 metres (628.0 ft), which was set in 1981. The Qijiang Wucha Hydrological Station reached 205.85 metres (675.4 ft), topping the previous record of 205.55 metres (674.4 ft) in 1998 China floods. [106], On 17 August, in Leshan, floods affected the Leshan Giant Buddha, flood water reached the toes of the Buddha statue for the first time since the establishment of the Communist State in 1949. [31] In Chinese social media it was claimed that this exacerbated downstream flooding, while the dam operators maintained that the action helped to delay floodwaters going downstream. A typhoon slammed into Taiwan and southeastern China, leaving two people dead and 44 others injured. [36] On 7 July, some houses along the Shuiyang River in Xuanzhou District of Xuancheng were submerged. The ineractive map makes it easy to navitgate around the globe. Particularly, when significant amounts of rainfall occurred downstream of the Three Gorges Dam in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze which will never pass through the dam. Since early June 2020, heavy rains caused by the regional rainy season led to floods severely affecting large areas of southern China including the Yangtze basin and its tributaries. [6] The Ministry of Water Resources said that a total of 443 rivers nationwide have been flooded, with 33 of them swelling to the highest levels ever recorded. [46], On 18 July, the Huai River Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources raised the flood-control response from Level III to Level II. [3] As of 13 August, the floods have affected 63.46 million people and caused a direct economic loss of 178.96 billion CNY, which are 12.7% and 15.5% higher than the 2015-2019 average, respectively. [71] Waterlogging occurred in several towns and townships, including Putao, Baisha and Jinbao [zh].