A few days later I had more problems and when I contacted them again they were very quick about getting out here again. You have to buy energy but you don't have to be ripped off for delivery charges that are almost half the cost of energy on you bill compared to what energy you actually use so please look at the delivery charges you're paying verses your actual kw usage that's only going to continually rise. Here are 4 best reasons (out of probably a thousand) why you should SYNERGIZE with us: You must’ve gone deaf already from hearing this line but we’ll say it again: Prevention is better than cure. ", M.K.Surappa: Director IIT Ropar"I am very much impressed by the use of techonology in buliding technology. I had trouble with my coach lights, they were able to quickly troubleshoot the problem and fix it. "I am highly impressed and delight to watch in action , the real spirit of entreprenurship, positive thinking and highly technical and indepth knowledge with sender Harpal singh and his associates Yashjit and Avneesh . As a clean, renewable energy source, solar is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly power alternative. Your big ideas and our highly skilled and experienced craftsmanship will produce a product that far exceeds your expectations. We don’t work too fast because our work lasts. Synergy a 1000 crore well heeled Infrastructure Company laid its footing in 1987 in Mohali (India). We interviewed 4 Solar companies and Jose with Sunergy Construction hands down met our every need for us to go solar and not being taken advantage of from rising energy costs by SCE. ", Dr. Y.Chawla : Director, PGI Chandigrah. Powered by. I am very satisfied with their work, level of professionalism and willingness to work with the cost. We set ourselves apart from the competition through innovative, unique solutions, combined with our project and engineering know-how. Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan: Former Chairman,Indian Space Research Organization. We're not around right now. The construction industry relies heavily on compiled teams working together to complete a project. I with Shri. Keep up the good work. I have 3 animals so with the heat I needed I fixed ASAP. Green and Sustainable Building Trends of 2018. By subscribing to our mailing list you will get discounts & special offers. Trust that with Synergy, every cent of your hard-earned money is well valued. Why? the company Synergy Construction and Development Corporation (SCDC) , located along Ortigas Center in Pasig City Metro Manila, is a 100% Filipino corporation established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since May 1983. And that’s a good thing! "The building is built with ideas more than building material. The force behind the success of company is Mr. Harpal Singh, CMD whose intellect and eagerness to multiply the velocity of working resulted into Instacon and Instahome Concepts that revolutionizes the construction of multi-storey buildings and housing projects limiting the site work from years into mere couple of days. Find out more. Everything he told me was outlined in the contract so there wasn't anything I didn't know before I signed. We are a General Contractor (Gen-Con), engaged in developing and constructing medium to high rise residential/condominium buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, as well as religious and school buildings, from the ground up. "Synergy Construction stands by the buildings they have built and returns for owner concerns long after warranty periods have expired. Event Space 3660 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Or, would you rather join our team and SYNERGIZE? Well Done Harpal. As it turns ... Two very professional personnel showed up and had to do more than was expected. We know that few people have the extra funds to exceed the agreement, and we know how much stress our clients have to put up with when a contractor starts his sentence with “If we can just add …” We know our prices. Dr. Pawan Kapur: Director, CSIO Chandigarh. Our strong drive for quality and safety has made us the number one go-to solution for many residential and commercial property owners since 2007. Is saving a couple of bucks really worth it? We take necessary steps to ensure a smooth development in all phases of the project. South Loop Montessori School Chicago Share With a strong vision to create a safer, greener and more cost-efficient structural and electrical work, we never fail to make each day a chance to better ourselves and our services! Shivraj V. Patil: Governor of the state of Punjab and Administrator of the Union Territory of Chandigarh. We deliver quality work with a reliable track record. O'Reilly Auto Parts Mundelein, IL.