Our integration model provides not only diversification, but an interdependent organization where each business strategically performs on it's own, but bringing them together creates a definite competitive edge for our customer and the Synergy Group of Companies. We are proud to be a part of Synergy and look forward to playing our role in making HVAC better for companies throughout the nation. all six of our convenient locations. Using advanced diagnostic tools for both plants and soil, SynergyAG emphasizes applied science to our customers’ individual cropping system- planning, product selection, field scouting, recommendations, oversight of crop performance and stewardship. Whether you’re looking for a service company for startup and warranty opportunities or purchasing contacts responsible for buying equipment and tools, Synergy has got you covered. The group is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Welcome to the Synergy Group of Companies. We proudly offer custom designed seed treatment packages of both synthetic and biological technologies to provide protection, nutrition and stimulants to all crop types. Our highly trained team of agronomists help to maximize the potential of your crop. Whether it is custom blends of nutrients tailored for your specific needs, unique products such as low salt index alternatives or novel homogenous dry compounds – we have a soil or foliar applied solution of macro & micro nutrients, soil health promotors and biological stimulants that can be integrated into your farms fertility program. Quick Links. We help you on your green technological renovation, enabling the power of machine to digitalise your assets and unlock your business value through data analytics and self-learning algorithms. At SynergyAG we focus on agronomy and applied science to implement strategic innovation options in crop production. Nuestros clientes de habla hispana: contáctenos con seguridad, ya que les atendemos en Español. We have unique seed treating technologies to deliver a tailored seed application to fit every farm. Along with the full support of innovation manufacturers, we service our customers with solutions in crop protection well before and well after the sale with our agronomy professionals. We have worked with conglomerates worldwide, retrofitting over a thousand stores in a single project, We find the right solution for each client to maximise their reduction in energy costs, We deliver our range of solutions by means of direct sale, consulting or leasing products on a profit-sharing (EMC) basis, We develop energy saving and management technologies through AI and Big Data Analysis, We have developed the Synergy Energy Efficiency Index (SEEI) in collaboration with the World Green Organisation as a scientific tool to measure energy efficiency in Hong Kong, We have increased our R&D spending in the energy saving and rapidly growing energy storage industry, diversifying our clean energy solutions portfolio, We support energy innovation and offer a range of world-class solar power solutions. Our team truly understands the diverse product portfolio options available and will help dissect advancements in crop protection innovation. Our mission is to help great HVAC contractors build connections and develop meaningful relationships for everyone within their organization. Founded in 2008, Synergy offers diversified technologies to electrify in the most efficient and state-of-the-art way. Get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. O'Reilly Auto Parts Mundelein, IL. Synergy partners have access to the best commercial HVAC contractors in North America. Contact Us. Synergy members don’t just hear about trends or new technologies, they actively look for ways to sharpen their competitive edge. Our noncompetitive peers provide a cohesive environment of companies who are willing to share the knowledge they have gained without fear of losing a customer base. Synergy hosted a webinar on Oct 1st featuring Cohen Seglias attorneys Jonathan Landesman and Anthony Bottenfield. We believe all companies can benefit from being part of a geographically exclusive peer group, especially when you don’t have to take on the administration role yourself. Our crop nutrition offering at SynergyAG includes traditional and non-traditional fertilizer options of both dry and liquid sources. At SynergyAG we are proudly Advancing Genetics. SynergyAG carries a diverse portfolio of seed genetics with our product line of oilseeds, pulses, cereals and forages. Our Location. The benefits achieved through collaboration and best practice sharing allow you to provide an even greater experience for your employees and clients. From owner to technician Synergy members across all departments have access to training and tools to help them turn challenges into success stories. Harnessing synergy of the sun, the soil, plants, finance, operational efficiencies and the environment for your agronomic success! South Loop Montessori School Chicago 1967 Lincoln Way White Oak, PA 15131 Get Directions. Considerations For Straight Cutting Canola. The Synergy Group In the Media. Our focus is on branded products of Seed Genetics, Crop Protection, Crop Nutrition, Agronomy Services and Agronomic Solutions. SynergyAG offers a full line of branded chemistries and actives using a systematically balanced approach with various modes of action for a true intergraded pest management application. Helping commercial HVAC contractors build a stronger peer network. SynergyAG is a retail chain of crop input stores that are 100% Western Canadian Owned. Our crop nutrition offerings include many unique and novel alternatives to traditional options. Budget Worksheet More Than Money. Event Space 3660 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Therefore, creating a synergy of the sun, the soil, plants, finance, operational efficiencies and the environment. interpreting information and delivering results. Synergy Solution Group is a network of peers who share the same vision, drive, and passion for the commercial HVAC industry.