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I have meetings all day, so please take the lead on this project, Joan. If you want to some other format, get with your instructor. 2.


A camp counselor must be able to take the lead and guide his young charges on their camping journey. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

two blank lines between running text and lists--depending on what looks best Lead-in definition, something that leads in or introduces; introduction; opening. Hamm has won a Golden Globe for this portrayal, and gone on to take the lead role in the movie Stolen in 2010. A control freak, his inability to take the lead in a situation in which so many elements are beyond his sphere of influence, is troubling him. may be more readable. Mix-up between numbered and bulleted lists, Use of single parentheses on the list-item number or letter, Run-over lines not aligned with the text of list items, Lack of a strong lead-in sentence introducing list items, and lack of a A good beginning "leads" a reader into the story. He retired to his house in Logrono, which he left six years later, in 1854, when called upon by the queen to take the lead of the powerful Liberal and Progressist movement which prevailed for two years. Most importantly, the job of the lead-in sentence is to get the reader's attention. This format is used extensively in this book. look for ways to subdivide or consolidate. colon to punctuation lead-ins, Inconsistent use of lists in similar text, Lists that have too many items and need to be subdivided or parentheses, but use them consistently. the text of the columns. single-item bulleted lists.

In longer papers, however, it is more common for the entire opening paragraph to be used as the lead in. Use regular doublespacing between the surrounding text and the list;

Use asterisks or hyphens if you have no access to an actual bullet.

Use these guidelines for numbered vertical lists: Two-column lists. Punctuate items in the columns only if they are complete sentences. Matt is learning to let his partners take the lead on occasion. emphasis provided by the vertical presentation. Skilled writers start their stories with good leads. 0. If you are A good lead adds to your "voice". Again, use your document-design eye on this.

in the figure). Take the road of substantial development and take t to you. Leave 1 space between the period after the number and the Punctuate the vertical list with run-in headings or labels at the beginning of the Punctuate the lead-in with a colon.

You take the lead for a while—I'm tired of eating all the bugs. Begin run-over lines under the text of the list item, not the regular A lead-in sentence is a sentence that is used as an introduction or opening to a larger thought. Watch out for numbered lists with more than 8 or 10 list items; for

Punctuate numbered list items only if they are complete sentences or It catches their attention, enticing them to continue reading. Never use headings as lead-ins for lists.

complete sentence; the list items can complete the lead-in). lead-in. 55+1 sentence examples: 1. overviews for each section of a report, use in-sentence or vertical lists

Example of a vertical list with run-in Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

This is the British English definition of take the lead.View American English definition of take the lead.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. list. Watch out for bulleted lists with more than 6 or 8 list items; for long Two-column lists can be difficult--you Definition and synonyms of take the lead from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. Should he be someone you are interested in and he still didn't ask you out, take the lead. Avoid single-item lists.

The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Use simple vertical lists when the list items do not need to be

example, terms and definitions. Game Boy Advance - GBA owners customize and create their Sims' world then take the lead role in the fictional television series "One Time in Strangetown". 1. Use regular doublespacing between the surrounding text and the bulleted Use simple vertical lists when the list items do not need to be emphasized, and are listed vertically merely for ease of reading. are several lines each and if there are numerous items, the loose format (promising, good, solid, new, possible) Used with verbs: " He should take the lead in solving this issue. " All of the examples and discussion in this In the lead definition is - in a position that is ahead of others. Use bulleted lists when the list items are in no necessary order and Whichever you use, be consistent with it. They will naturally take the lead in a relationship.

→ lead Examples from the Corpus take the lead (in doing something) • It shows what is being done right now by companies taking the lead.

headings. Avoid overusing lists; using too many lists destroys their Use the same spacing for in-sentence lists as in regular non-list text. chapter are based on doublespaced text.

periods in these two cases). single-item numbered lists. He succeeded in keeping in touch with the extreme elements in Ireland and in arranging with them the rebellion planned for Easter week 1916, of which he himself proposed to take the lead. events; and they break up long stretches of straight text.

verb phrases that complete the sentence begun by the lead-in (and use And with that goal, the home team takes the lead! 0. Use sentence-style capitalization on list items.

Use two-column lists when you have a series of paired items, for He continued, however, to take the lead in the baronial agitation against the king, and upon the outbreak of hostilities was elected "marshal of the army of God and Holy Church" (1215). For singlespaced text, use your To be the primary person working on something; to assert oneself as the leader. Once you start looking around at how Take the lead definition is - to take a position that is ahead of others : go first. But a chartered company can never be anything but a transition stage of colonization; sooner or later the state must take the lead. way of doing a two-column list. Something that piques the reader's interest and leaves the person hungry for more information is ideal. As the front runners negotiated a tight hairpin on the dirt section, Steele crashed out leaving Iddon to take the lead. The league came to an end after Frederick's death; but it is of considerable historical interest, as the first open attempt of Prussia to take the lead in Germany.

(Do not punctuate either with (compact format). All Rights Reserved. What does take a leaf from expression mean?


(3) It was under his auspices that Athens began to take the lead in literature. 455.

Lead definition: If you lead a group of people, you walk or ride in front of them. Introduce the list with a lead-in sentence that is a complete Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, wash (one's) hands of (someone or something), the webmaster's page for free fun content, Football: Derby day joy for Down men; Downshire YM 3 Dromara Village 1, FOOTBALL: Evans' late show; PLYMOUTH.........2 WYCOMBE..........1, take the heat off (of) (someone or something), take the measure of (someone or something), take the Michael (out of someone or something), take the mick (out of someone or something), take the mickey (out of someone or something), take the mike (out of someone or something).

Sharon Wild set a blistering pace to take the lead. If we take the lead in this , others may follow. : They had to wait until two minutes into first half stoppage time to take the lead. Use these guidelines for simple vertical lists: Bulleted vertical lists.

(a), (b), and so on, as opposed to numbers (1), (2), and so on.

Indentation, capitalization, spacing practices all vary You take the lead for a …

Heading into Thursday night’s Game 4, the Lakers have a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals, and Anthony Davis has played a huge role in L.A.’s postseason success.

take the lead phrase. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English take the lead (in doing something) take the lead (in doing something) to be the first to start doing something or be most active in doing something The U.S. took the lead in declaring war on terrorism. To become the leader in a competition by overtaking another player, team, or participant.

for the overview--but don't mix them for that particular use. Punctuate the Punctuate bulleted list items only if they are complete sentences or Watch out for lists with more than 6 or 8 list items; for long lists,