The stories them selves are as individual as the characters in them. "The books we enjoy as children stay with us forever -- they have a special impact. I liked that it was aimed for a younger audience, there are a number of beginning readers about time travel and books for the older grades. All of the stories and characters are linked together in a brilliant way. It's refreshing to have a romance between older characters. This is somewhere in between, and could work for 3-5 graders, depending on what level of reading they are at. This series is full of darkness and love. My favorite of the stories is The Dragonslayer. Good one for those who want to read adventures, going back to history, pirates. Refresh and try again. I was in a book club at my school and this was one of the books on the list which was confusing because it didn’t look exactly our grade level and looked targeted to younger kids and after reading the book entirely can conclude that is true. Two orphans get lost in between floors in a mysterious old building and end up in the midst of a family drama several generations in their own past. April 10th 2007 This is another book I picked up for a dime a million years ago and never got around to reading. News; Creepypasta; Media; Search for: Search ; Facebook ... Today we’re proud to offer our readers an exclusive never-before-published ghost story by Los Angeles-based author and filmmaker Katherine MacDonald. This unique mystery looks at the injustices the legal system exercised based on superstitions and unfounded claims that led to animals, children, women and men suffering executions for wi. With almost 60 books to his credit, some of which have been made into motion pictures, Sid Fleischman can be assured that his work will make a special impact. Vetis seems to have also escaped the clutches of hell, and he’s come to Marc’s sleepy little town to created a bit that hell on earth for him and maybe everyone else. I loved it all and will be greedily reading everything labeled "Christine Rains" from now on! Pour en savoir plus, veuillez vous référer aux conditions générales de ces promotions. Téléchargez l'une des applis Kindle gratuites et commencez à lire les livres Kindle sur votre smartphone, tablette ou ordinateur. Welcome back. This is a story about a boy named Bubby Stebbins who wanted to find an adventure. Ce livre contient-il un contenu inapproprié ? After that, it's all paint-by-numbers storytelling and authorial smugness. But will he find his way back to the thirteenth floor—and home? We also have memorized one of the pirate's speeches for our classroom, perfect to haul out on National Talk Like a Pirate Day, or any other time when we might traipse around town in flouncy shirts with swords on our belts. © 1996-2020,, Inc. ou ses filiales. My favourites were The Harbinger and The Ghost. The action in the story is gripping. Peter Sís is an internationally acclaimed author, artist, and filmmaker. It is a collection of novellas/short stories about supernatural residents of an apartment house, all on the 13th floor (duh). It is thrilling, bloody at times, fun, and entertaining. A tale of New England pirates and witch hunts, the book demonstrates that issues of great moral complexity are nearly always handled with ham-fisted clumsiness in pop culture genres and treated with what Owen Barfield termed "chronological snobbery" (basically, an idea that moderns are ultra-spiffy-cool and intellectual giants when compared to the knuckle-dragging dunderheads that preceded us in centuries past). I was captivated. I have previously reviewed the first six novellas of this series and enjoyed each and every one of them. I was lucky enough to win this book and I couldn't put it down.I can usually tell if a book is going to capture my attention if I continue reading passed the first 5-10 sentances. Marc is conflicted about his past and thinks he's undeserving of love. A good adventure for a younger mature reader, elementary age, with some New England/early American history. ), If you want to read about supernatural beings (demons, werewolves, dragonslayers, harpies, banshees, vampires, ghosts, and shadow assassins this is THE collection for you to sink your fangs and talons into. Among his works are three Caldecott Honor books: The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain; Tibet: Through the Red Box; and Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei. The Celebration of All Things Scary. Impossible d'ajouter l'article à votre liste. Paragraph after paragraph and page after page, the author must deliver his or her best work." I think putting these stories together into a collection was a natural progression and a wise move by Ms. Two orphans get lost in between floors in a mysterious old building and end up in the midst of a family drama several generations in their own past. Yay! Buddy Stebbins lives alone with his 23-year-old lawyer sister Liz after their parents are killed in a small plane crash. Veuillez réessayer. But it was still a cute story, so it gets a 3. Revisited a book I liked very much as a kid (loved all Fleischman's books) and found it has held up well. Dare they save a family member wrongly accused of witchcraft, when doing so might irrevocably alter, or eliminate, their own existence? Even though there was a main thread to the event that took place in the book, it was not what dominated each story. It's a collection of short stories, but all the plots are the same -- paranormal romance. Their interactions are fun and sweet. Even the building has personality. Marc's enemy goes after his friends and the woman that Marc loves. “One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. It made me want to go back in time to and maybe save one of my ancestors. And after finally sitting down to read a couple chapters... not reading this was probably the right way to go. I am a First Reads lucky winner for this book look forward to getting started. Also, Sid uses an arsenal of unique phrases, action packed battles, and dramatic court scenes to pull you in like a tired businessman attracted to a pot of coffee. The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story by Sid Fleischman is about Buddy Stebbins and how him and his sister are alone, with no other other family, and one day both their lives change. Commenté aux États-Unis le 26 novembre 2019. 12-year-old Buddy Stebbins and his older sister Liz are recently orphaned. Marc, is a demon, who used to be known as the Grand Marquis. The book is well written, funny, exciting, and endearing. Rains. The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story by Sid Fleischman is about Buddy Stebbins and how him and his sister are alone, with no other other family, and one day both their lives change. This is an amazing collection of short stories. I have enjoy this book from start to finish and I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series. The six novellas all take place at the same time, meaning that characters interact and pop up in each other's timelines. The 13th Floor book. Well, I still liked it, but it certainly was far from what I remembered. The “ghost story” subtitle is a bit misleading, in my opinion.