Billy wants to join Sperg's garage band, "Purple Filth", and take part in the upcoming battle of the bands. Then, with the dangers of the sea averted, the guys go back home, but the undertoad is set on bringing Billy down, that he follows him to his house. Then, Mandy calls for Grim, who proceeds to revive Shnissugah through the internet. Soon, the stench of the brownies spreads through the world and starts resurrecting dead people, animals, and even food, as zombies. Grim is annoyed by Billy who thinks that a shadow is following him. When they leave, Billy only takes Grim's skull, leaving Grim's body to be found by a rich family that take it with them. Mandy goes away for the weekend. In the end, Billy becomes friends with the dragon he was supposed to kill and spares his life, becoming the dragon's hero. In the end, Grim allows the kids to disappear by going before birth, but he can't restore his own hourglass to its correct position and he disappears too. Billy and Irwin are addicted to the video game “Beasts & Barbarians.” Mandy and Grim work to cure Billy and Irwin of their addiction by venturing to another dimension to give Billy and Irwin a taste of “the real thing.”. Grim prepares him a remedy using his granny's recipe, but this medicine makes a parasite to start growing in Billy's back, which Billy names Yap-yap. Hoss Delgado returns to lend a hand as Grim and Mandy try to stop Billy from bringing existence to an end! 2001-2007 Terminée. In the end, after training with Billy and Grim, Nergal returns home and he finally wins at the board game, but he also makes a crack in the ceiling and his home starts filling with lava. Billy takes up his cause, revealing to Nergal the five C's of friendship. When Billy and Irwin start making prank calls, everybody knows that Billy is behind the calls because every telephone has a caller ID. As Billy, Mandy, Grim, and Irwin hang from a rope about to be eaten by a giant sea serpent, Irwin wonders how they came into that trouble. However, since Junior has never attempted to transform into inanimate objects he can't stop running and can't revert to his human form. Then, in order to decide who will have the honour to battle Horror for his Hand, the heroes and Boogey participate in a challenging obstacle course, which the heroes win against all odds. When Billy crashes his bicycle, he obtains a free tricycle from a mysterious boy in a supernatural porta-potty. Then, after digging for fossils, Billy, Mandy and Grim wander around and find an abandoned mine, where Billy is captured by a giant, mutant chicken.