(Lamberts's character is a former fencer turned businessman, but that bit's cut out of the home video/DVD version, as is the monologue by Kinjo the ninja, which helps to serve---in part, at least, as an explanation as to why this movie, set in Japan, has almost an entirely Chinese cast). This is the usual movie project for Lambert and doesn't make my must see list. Lambert is good throughout this film, his encounter with a mysterious lady in a nightclub is a sexy cliché, but Lambert's character is always likable and decent, and not stereotypically macho - he has to cower in a corner in some of the…. Christopher Lambert ist zwar der Hauptdarsteller aber die Action wird größtenteils von seinen Japanischen Co-Stars übernommen. More details at

How often have we seen a ninja movie where ninja's or people are killed, without that ever happening? It's slick, brutal and overall a fast paced actioner which in the end, is all we ask for. ", I look forward to the train sequence every time I watch the film. This film, The Hunted, is written and directed by the guy (J. F. Lawton) who wrote us the first Under Siege movie with Steven Seagal, directed by Andrew Davis. Check box if your review contains spoilers. The acting in this film was palatable..much like eating pickled-plums...if your hungry it's not so bad, but if you would pass it over for a box of Godiva Chocolates. Now Lambert has formal training in sword use in "The Highlander " films, just say it pays off in this film. "I've finally done it. Both THE CHALLENGE, and the even earlier Sydney Pollack film YAKUZA were putting Japanese characters front and center alongside their white counterparts. Lambert is a non-factor in this modern day Japan tale.

After that , he inadvertently interrupting his meeting by a killing . It somehow all stays plausible, and is filled with memorable, bloody scenes. This movie has a lot of factors to recommend it and here they are: "The Hunted" is one of those movies that tries to give you an insight in the Japanese code of honor. If you're in the mood for an fun, entertaining, semi-intelligent B-action flick, I whole-heartedly recommend this one.

The Hunted: Actionfilm 1995 von John Davis/Gary W. Goldstein mit Joan Chen/Christopher Lambert/John Lone.

These are the best moments of the film, and it reaches its pinnacle with a wicked set piece on a train. Thought it was entertaing through out and well worth the watch, Good acting and action as well. Die Story zum Film liefert das Skript von Regisseur JF Lawton, welches noch vor seinen bekannten Drehbüchern zu Pretty Woman (1990) sowie Alarmstufe …

The concept of honor is a bit over done in this movie...you don't see too many Japanese men or women walking around town breaking their katana in half when a goofy inspector demands the sword for evidence. It'll take awhile but here goes. I can handle the truth. John Lone also makes for a good villain, even if he is geographically miscast, so the cast here does make up for how crap Lambert is. And the story is instead stolen by a vengeful Bushido seeking out a ninja guild leader. User Ratings The Hunted is not a great movie but it should satisfy action fans, especially mainstream action fans. They must all do battle with Kinjo (John Lone), the lethal leader of a ninja cult, and his minions. Ninjas try to kill him again but new samurai friends help, hide and train him. Back in the 90s Lambert was the Cage / Willis of today......sign me up and let’s make a fucking film even if it might flop. The film begins with New York businessman, Paul Racine (Christopher … Directed by J. F. Lawton. OK actioner with swordfights. The movie cast is superb with veteran actor John Lone, playing Kinjo. Bonham (Tommy Lee Jones) against Aaron Hallam (Benicio del Toro). How much blood do I have to bath in, to get clean? This isn’t to say it doesn’t suffer somewhat from being late to the party. And you know what, it's not too bad either. Although American cinema’s interest in ninjas was played out by the 90s, THE HUNTED is a pretty classy one. He soon meets a mysterious martial arts teacher and his wife who fill him in on what is really going on... an ancient and bloody feud.

Bu durumu destekleyen pek çok diyalog filmin içine serpiştirilmiştir. Christopher Lambert receives sword training and his enemy is wounded before the final fight, to give Lambert a realistic underdog chance to win. This is a outstanding samurai movie. Tren sahnesi unutulmaz ama küçük bir detay hep gözden kaçar. A clear flop with a $15M budget, it took less than half of that back at that the US box office but that defies that this is a surprisingly solid 90's westerner-overcome-by-the-east action/thriller. This a gripping, colorful and highly satisfying film that will never have you bored at any point. Lambert is fine here, but is so inconsequential because this movie belongs to Harada and John Lone. The Hunted is surprisingly high in production values, acting and story.

Now back in America, he kills everybody he believes to be involved in a conspiracy against him, still works for the government, and takes the murder of animals by hunters very personally. To be fair, I did not have high expectations of the film, and it definitely lived up to those. This is one of my all time favorite "Hero" movies.

Paul sees the ninja leader's face and they try to kill him, but he manages to somehow survive and finds himself a man marked for death. Christopher Lambert'i yine elinde bir kılıçla görmek çok keyifliydi. En sevdiğim aksiyon filmlerinden biridir. I especially liked the train scene, which not only featured highly entertaining action but also the very quotable "is this Kinjooooo?". So when a western business-man, a witness in the murder of a call-girl, becomes the hunted, the question arise "How far can a code of honor go?". Christopher Lambert played his role very well and kept his naiveté and innocence very well portrayed, while finding himself in the middle of a war. The good guys aren't without flaws. A keeper in my book. For a lot of the running time Lambert is sidelined while Lawton focuses on Yoshio Harada's samurai who's there to protect Lambert. It could have used a bit more story though. External Reviews Kinjo(John Lone) is the ninja leader who stalks Racine for seeing his face.

Christopher Lambert John Lone Joan Chen Yoshio Harada Yoko Shimada Mari Natsuki Tak Kubota Masumi Okada Toshishiro Obata Tatsuya Irie Michael Warren Bart Anderson James Saito Seth Sakai Ken Kensei, Bregman/Baer Productions Universal Pictures, 110 mins   A good action movie with some depth.

Doch leider reicht es The Hunted dazu nicht.Was schlicht und ergreifend daran liegt, dass er etwas mogelt. Have you ever watched a samurai movie and thought: this would be so much better with Christopher Lambert in it? Lambert comes off rather vulnerable and the villains he's up against are no slouches either. (This is a good thing.) What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Free (& Subscription) Games for All Platforms: New & Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home. The main bad guy isn't without honour. By day by night..the fact that he has to die¨. The hunted is one of those little diddys which actually does the job and entertains in most areas. Violent dogs are barking everywhere. Lambert plays Paul Racine, a computer chip executive from New York who meets a beautiful stranger in a bar, and would get way over his head. Returning to her room, 3 ninjas kill her and wound him. The running time flys by at a lightning pace. Genre: Exploitation (100 Years: 1896-1995), Psychotronic Ultimate Guide (as complete as possible), "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and i'm all outta bubblegum! This is not an arm's-length chase picture, but a close physical duel between its two main characters. Nevertheless, it is flashy, fast and furious - and therefore highly enjoyable. Aided by cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, Friedkin works economically, lending the film the mark of a master craftsman, albeit of the coldly efficient variety.