Copyright © Astrology Bay &, Inc. You don’t where it is leading you and you don’t trust that is somewhere good because negative thoughts and feelings are overwhelming you. To underscore this, the baby is as naked as the day it was born: welcome to a new you. When it comes to tarot cards, each and every card has its own unique meaning. All new customers can get their first 10 minute reading for $1.99. After all the challenges, trials and tribulations the Major Arcana has thrown at you, you have finally reached a place of true insight, enlightenment and contentment. If The Sun combines with any Ace card in your reading (Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords, Ace of Pentacles or Ace of Cups), look for a big improvement in your mastery over a specific area of your life that has up until now been troubling you. You shine greatly and can inspire people as you get ahead in life on your terms, but you are often by yourself. This card could also mean that you are denying your creativity the opportunity to shine. Consider the old man in The Hermit card to be at the end of one phase, and the baby in The Sun card him reborn into a new phase of his life. Where The Hermit is alone and carries his light (representing enlightenment) in a lantern for his own use, in The Sun card, the light is an inspiration for all to see. For example, you may be feeling pessimistic and drained because you are working too many hours but you haven’t asked for the time off you need to rest. It might be just what you need to find yourself once again. This passenger is a naked baby, wearing a crown of flowers with feathered plumage and carrying a pennon flowing in the air. During an online tarot card reading, here are some of the possible interpretations for the reversed Sun card. A Sun card in the Tarot spread is the sign of fulfillment, cheerfulness and joy. You understand your path and you are happy to let things unfold in their own time as you have complete trust in the universe’s love for you and where it is leading you. In a spiritual context, The Sun Tarot card reversed indicated that you may be struggling to embrace the joy that spirituality has to offer. If you’re curious about other reversed tarot card meanings, check out “Reversed Tarot Card Meanings” for additional insight. It may indicate that you are finding it difficult to see a way forward for you and your partner. If you’re currently looking for love, the reversed sun is a sign that your special someone might not be that far away. Overall, the reversed sun card is a very positive and insightful card to receive. You will be feeling carefree, liberated and self-assured. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Midsummer, with the longest day and the shortest night of all the year. You need to let go of your ego and remember the simple pleasures of life again. ​eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thetarotguide_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',146,'0','0'])); In a spiritual context, The Sun Tarot card can signify discovering the joy that a spiritual path has to offer. If you are single, The Sun indicates that a great relationship could be coming your way. The Sun (XIX) represents hope, energy and unbridled optimism. There is not a cloud in the sky; everything is at peace. This Major Arcana card may show that you are letting negative energy/thoughts close you off to the happiness and joy that is all around you. The face on the sun is an illustration of your higher mind. Are you making a breakthrough in understanding the patterns of a relationship? And lastly, the flowers may represent health, growth, and success. The card in this position indicates a fundamentally wonderful childhood. * Imgine a winter’s day when you wake up & the sun is shining. But this time, we will just focus on the sun tarot card to give you a detailed look into its vast meaning. Little can be lost and consequences are few when you reach out to take what you want. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. UPRIGHT SUN MEANING An upright Sun is the symbol of abundance, vitality, and hope. A large, bright sun shines in the sky, representing the source of all life on Earth. The Wands Tarot Suit Overview and It’s Hidden Meaning, A Three Card Tarot Spread List For Beginners: Our Top 5 Picks, Tarot Card Meanings – An Inside Look Into The Hidden Meaning of The Suits, Love Horoscope 101: Overview and Top Sites For an Accurate Prediction. If you get this bright and radiant card in your reading, consider yourself lucky. They will return before you know it – all you need to do is give it a little bit of time. A positive outlook can take you far in life. It represents new experiences, love, serene relationships and friendship, bliss, light and warmth. When the card is reversed, there are some clouds that are getting in your way. When the Sun card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it indicates unhappiness, doubt, canceled plans, or an uncertain future. Things are going well and you’re enjoying a lot of freedom. We are witnessing the moment of unveiling. The image on the Tarot Sun card suggests the sun at its triumphant return at the vernal equinox. Alternatively, when the sun card appears reversed in a reading, you are being told to awaken your inner child. It can also signify jealousy or trying to score points off each other. Try to focus on the positive things in the relationship, spend quality time together and remind yourself of why you got together in the first place. The Sun tarot card is, overall, a very positive sign. This can shine a light on how you affect those around you and how you move forward in your life with your head held high, which is always a positive trait. In the present position you have everything to gain with this card. For more tarot card overviews and interpretations like this, you can also check out our article. Everyone should be able to see what you are doing in order for your integrity to never be questioned. It is full of joy and optimism, opportunity, creativity, realization and satisfaction. You must let go of this in order to find enlightenment. Your ego has grown out of proportions and caused you to form unattainable ideals about your capabilities. Large blooming sunflowers sprout from within. You may be missing opportunities because you lack the confidence and self-assurance to go for them. The Sun is one of the cards in the tarot which provide nothing but good feelings and fulfillment. This is the concept of blending a built-in knowledge of your purpose in life with your intuition on how to maximize this purpose. In a career context, The Sun reversed can signify feeling trapped or oppressed by your career. However, do not take this promising outlook to mean that you should blindly accept the next opportunity that comes your way. Even when times are tough, there is always something you have to be thankful for. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You don’t where it is leading you and you don’t trust that is somewhere good because negative thoughts and feelings are overwhelming you. Has a recent victory given you reason to be confident? The Sun Tarot card is the Major Arcana card of positivity, optimism, freedom and fun. Any problems you have been experiencing will melt away with the warmth this card brings. This could be a promotion or chance for you to improve yourself professionally. If you have been ill, The Sun reversed shows that recovery is possible but you will need to be proactive in aiding your recovery and you will need to maintain a positive outlook to help boost your health. Overall, the reversed sun card is a very positive and insightful card to receive. This is often the key to true happiness. Please read them! Yet, it is an indifferent one, so it allows itself to be used for whatever purpose. The sun is a resource that's not spent, no matter how much it's used. It is overall all about radiance, uplifting, and positive energy, and should always be a card that is welcomed with open arms. You will find that people are drawn to the happy vibes and positive energy you are giving out and you will bring light and joy to everyone and everything you come into contact with. You may find yourself no longer enjoying things that you once did. The Sun Tarot card radiates with optimism and positivity. Lack of enthusiasm, excessive enthusiasm, sadness, pessimism, unrealistic expectations, ego, conceitedness, oppression, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion. You are approaching a moment that has the potential to change your life. Each of these meanings plays a part in the definition of the card, so it’s always important to analyze each card closely beyond the definition. Look towards The Sun’s appearance in your Tarot reading as an indicator that everything is going in the right direction for you. Have you been the center of attention lately? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The Sun Reversed Tarot Card. It should be used with some moderation, or its power might be destructive. The few cards pulled from the deck are parts of the whole; each has an influence that changes the meaning of every other card just a little.The Sun is closely aligned with The Hermit. But instead of accepting this as part of your journey, these setbacks have significantly impacted your attitude. The Hermit is numbered #9 and The Sun follows it as Tarot card #19. To learn more about tarot card meanings, check out our article, “Tarot Card Meanings – An Overview of the Suits”. The sun in this piece would represent radiance, optimism, and warmth. This can either take the form of the relationship becoming more open and honest or in some cases ending to allow a better relationship to come to you. Learn the meaning of The Sun for love, relationships, futures, romance, outcomes, exes, feelings, intentions, reconciliations, as a yes or no, marriage, pregnancies, positives, negatives, and more. With that said, this card can also point to a pessimistic attitude in need of change. In a love context, if you are in a relationship, The Sun reversed can indicate that you are feeling left out in the cold by your partner. It can also indicate that you work in a cut-throat environment where being egotistical or competitive may be more valued. The Sun Tarot Card Explained. The white horse, on the other hand, could represent purity, positivity, and strength. In a love reading, the Sun tarot card denotes a new relationship full of potential. Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - (19) The Sun. No matter where The Sun card is in your reading, it is a good thing. You can get exactly what you want and are the center of attention in doing so. Behind the horse is a gray brick wall that serves as a planter. Success. The infant, along with the flowers growing, indicates new life and in readings and often represents a new direction. Sunflowers always face the sun; people are watching to see what you do in order to emulate you – they consider you to be a paragon of success. With a bit of effort, you can overcome all of the obstacles that are in your way.