As they step out of the elevator disguised as government agents, across from them is Dr. Selig. He meets with a security guard to confirm if Zeta was on board Sweete's sub. [1], Special Agent James Bennet heads the National Security Agency as well as the hunt for Zeta. "The Zeta Project" The Hologram Man (TV Episode 2002) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. His orders are to bring Zeta in for reprogramming, and put him back to work as an Infiltration Unit. Bennet then realizes that it may not have been Selig. History Comments Share. Bennet then runs off to find out Zeta's real purpose for being here. (voice) (as Grey DeLisle). No notes. Unfortunately, Zeta can't just go in and talk to him, because he lacks a valid retinal pattern for the security checkpoint. Bennet's been explicitly ordered to bring Zeta in "alive." Disguising Ro as a fellow synthoid, they sneak through the complex. He will on occasion surface, to aid other scientists or lecture at conferences, but because his security is so sensitive, his appearances are never announced until the last minute. Although he's the central antagonist of the series, he's never just being "villainous." Hey Kids Comics Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered and they would risk being destroyed if they continue resisting. Zeta's a sophisticated, expensive piece of equipment, and Bennet's bosses want to see that equipment put back on line. They copy the isolation suits the Gnosis' staff is wearing and discover Selig's new work: synthoids with a synthetic skin laced over them to seem more human. However, he believes that the module never activated and Zeta remained a killer like the rest; he had plans if it had activated. Because of this, Zeta has good reason to believe that Selig can help him. At the Sub Rosa, Lemak checks the terminal's activity logs.

Title: Appearing in "The Hologram Man" Featured Characters: Supporting Characters: Antagonists: Other Characters: Locations: Items: Vehicles: Synopsis for "The Hologram Man" Synopsis not yet written. Bennet truly believes that Zeta's a threat to National Security, and that by hunting the synthoid down he is serving his country. They also want him to pose as Selig again in case they get stopped approaching the lab. Shocked that his only hope of proving that he's innocent is dead, Zeta picks up Selig's lost watch before escaping the Gnosis with Ro. Justice League Unlimited (animated series), He then finds out that Selig was downloading the location of his own lab and asks out loud why would Selig get what he already knows. Instead, they have to rely on non-lethal tools and techniques: Air-fired nets, expanding glue-foam, hi-frequency sound-beams, nanites that Zeta would "contract" when patching into a computer... Plus, Bennet will employ more elaborate plots to deceive Zeta and Ro: sending out a young, undercover agent to win our heroes' trust, or luring Zeta and Ro to him with false leads about Ro's family. Ironically, Bennet believes that Zeta's already been reprogrammed -- by a group of dangerous terrorists. I looked over at her. Lemak then calls HQ to inform them that they've been compromised. The Hologram Man, Part II Zee's POV "This is where I was born." Once the head of the government's Infiltration Unit Program, Doctor Eli Selig is the man who created Zeta. They vow to help this man escape the terrorists -- especially when Zee realizes it may lead them to the real Selig after all. Bennet is confused, as Selig hasn't been out in the open for over a year.

Zeta and Ro follow Selig to a junkyard, where he is meeting Titus Sweete, a high-ranking soldier with Brother's Day. At the current level of secrecy, Selig has become a phantom, appearing only wear and when his work demands it, keeping his itinerary close to the vest. Disguised as Edmund and Curtis respectively, Zeta and Ro board the Brother's Day sub. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Featuring: Zeta finally meets his maker, and we discuss the Season 3 that could have been and our Short List for the whole series.

Images from the The Zeta Project episode "The Hologram Man". The planes return to the Gnosis, holographically disguised as an island. Knowing that it's not part of the Zeta Project, nor Brother's Day, he believes that he had a memory lapse that was unaware of and i…

Zee and Ro finally track down Dr. Selig, only to find him being forced to work with Brother's Day, a terrorist organization Zee's infiltrated in the past.

He then notices Sweete's group. Unfortunately, the sentries tell "Selig" that they are on alert and his sub will have to boarded. The show only had time to introduce five men from it. The Zeta Project is a 2001-2002 American science fiction animated television series … Zeta and Ro get involved in a plot by Brother's Day to destroy the lab where Zeta was created. The genius who designed Zeta's artificial intelligence, Selig knows Zeta's abilities and limitations better than anyone else on earth.

Luckily, with Zeta by her side, he manages to shoot down the attacking aircraft, though the pilots eject. Unfortunately, Zeta fears that if the government arrests them with Brother's Day, it would only serve to confirm everything Bennet believes. "The Hologram Man" is the second season finale of The Zeta Project. Use the HTML below. If anyone will believe that Zeta's capable of valuing life; if anyone has the influence to call off the agents -- Doctor Selig is the one.