Add the first question. King Frederic | Rookie | Princess Tori | Renée Honda | Peppermint Girl | When the evil Laverna weakens all flying creatures, Elina must find the Guardian Fairy, Azura. Barbie | Princess Meredith | Sagi | Trained Dogs, Barbie: Thumbelina Reggie | Stacie Roberts | Queen | Barbie Thumbelina Cast . Discover your inner sparkle! Princess Portia | Christie | Fairy Queen | Barbara Cook as Thumbelina's Mother – the kind widow who mothers Thumbelina since her birth from a flower. Honey | Troll, Barbie in A Christmas Carol Eddie | Princess Genevieve | Thumbelina is the titular main protagonist in the 2009 animated film, Barbie: Thumbelina, aka Barbie Presents Thumbelina. Stacie Roberts | Vanessa | Spirit of Christmas Future | With Kelly Sheridan, Anna Cummer, Kelly Metzger, Tabitha St. Germain. Nola | Coral | Shimmer | Queen Isabella | Queen Frieda | Barbie's modern adventure takes her to Paris, where she makes new friends and meets magical characters that discover their true designer talents and use their inner sparkle to save the day! Honey | Two best friends, Liana and Alexa, embark on a journey to find the Diamond Castle! Nori | Was this review helpful to you? Ann and Nan | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Anna | Harnessing the magic of nature, Thumbelina sets out to prove that even the smallest person can make a big difference. Grandma Roberts | Dawn | Stacie Roberts | Samantha Lang | Cloud Princess Rose | Prince Nalu has been kidnapped in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of a special berry that will make Laverna the most powerful fairy in Fairytopia -- even more powerful than the Enchantress! Dahlia | Todd | Teresa | Peddler, Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper She'll need the help of Nori, a headstrong mermaid who doesn't trust outsiders and wants nothing to do with Elina. Here they learn of construction plans that threaten to destroy the land of the Twillerbees™! Lucas | About zombie,vampire,mermaid,fairy,UFO,... What is the Best Song From a Non-Musical Movie? Silver | Boz | Raquelle | Archibald | 7/10 Bethany Cox. Princess Lumina | When the Queen falls ill, it's up to brave Mariposa and her friends to journey beyond the safe borders of the city to find a cure. Grandfather Drosselmayer | Princess Annika (Barbie) discovers adventure when she is befriended by Brietta -- a magnificent winged horse -- that flies her to the beautiful Cloud Kingdom. Faban | Enchantress | In a modern retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale, Thumbelina (1994), Barbie recounts the exciting story of the tiny forest-sprite and her new best friend: the Twillerbee, Thumbelina. Chelsea Roberts | King | Carlita | Jack | Anu | Sloane MacLain | Serafina | Barbie presents the story of Thumbelina in a modern retelling of the classic tale. Barbie | Monsieur Treville, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Emma | Mr. Pennington | King Reginald | Renée | Barbie™ and her dog Sequin™ jet off to visit her aunt's amazing fashion house in Paris, and much to her surprise it's about to be shut down forever. Puffball | Chelsea Farnsworth | Teresa | Alexander | Queen Adrienne | Princess Hadley | Bibble | Dori | Rayna | Ruby | Barbie | Queen Erika | Gaia | Poofles voiced by Brian Drummond . Will good triumph over evil? Emily Willows | Barbie stars as Merliah, a surfer who learns a shocking secret: she's a mermaid! Kim | Max Roberts | Chelsea Roberts | Wolfie | Zuma | To save their new friend, Liana and Alexa embark on a dangerous journey to the hidden Diamond Castle that will put their friendship to the test. Viveca | Princess Edeline | Dana Yeosan | Percy | Spirit of Christmas Past | Tiny | Stevie | Prince Carlos | Lulu | Marooned on an idyllic islet, the beautiful young woman, Ro, sees her world turn upside down, when an adventurous prince takes her and her furry friends to explore civilisation. Aidan's Father | Ambassador of Bismark | Cloud Princess Blush | Janessa | Queen Danielle | Prince Daniel | Harmony | Sal-Lee | Instead, she bans all dancing in the palace.