During breakfast in Linda and Tulio's house, he kicks blueberries to him, soccer-style and on the way to the Amazon, Tiago is seen sleeping on his father's back while flying at night. Valiente | Tiago eats jungle food, but also eats human food such as pancakes and soda. He had brown eyes (darker than Achez), and deep-blue feathers. In the birdhouse at breakfast a few days later, Tiago steals the blueberries intended for the pancakes, kicking them at Blu as a game. When Rafael decides to go to the New Year's Eve party, Rafael leaves Tiago and his siblings with Luiz, who then passes them on to Tiny. Als er die Arafamilie auf ihrem Weg zum Amazonas sieht, befreit er sich aus der Gefangenschaft und nimmt die Verfolgung auf. Momma Dino | The creator won't see your user name. Tiago making a face at a crocodile. He enjoys being around Roberto, waterskiing with him, and learning flying tricks from him.

He also tends to interrupt his sisters, as shown in the first teaser trailer, the New Year's countdown video, and the "Beautiful Creatures" video where his sisters are dancing together and he comes in between them. Tiago was taught by Roberto to fly backwards, but, in reality, the only birds known to do this are hummingbirds. Jewel gently declines, kissing her son on the forehead, and Tiago immediately falls asleep. On the way to the Amazon she was also seen snuggled up to him when they slept on their father's back while flying at night. Jewel | Rio 2 (2014) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Es stellt sich heraus, dass ein Krimineller eine Gruppe Arbeiter engagiert hat, um Bäume im Lebensraum der Vögel illegal abzuholzen und die dabei störenden Vogelschützer auszuschalten. It is not available for other users to see. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tiago attempts to protest for his innocence, but no one believes him. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. novel by assuring them that they "are the party," but his and Nico's joint attempts simply bore the kids. When the loggers retreat, Tiago hugs his sisters. Tiago prefers to hang out with his mother. If something needs to be blown up or destroyed, he is the one to go to.

If something needs to be blown up or destroyed, he is usually the one to be asked.

When Nigel later tries to attack Blu, Blu pulls Tiago and Bia close to defend them, but Gabi drags Nigel away. Shira | Aunt Fanny | Tiago follows Carla as they escape the sanctuary to go after their parents, under the cover of playing hide-and-seek. He is seen cheering for Blu at the Pit of Doom, and cringes when he gets hit in the head with the ball. The next day, Tiago,Bia, and some other chicks scare Blu awake with a spider. If something needs to be blown up or destroyed, he is the one to go to. At the soccer match, Tiago cheers on Roberto and Blu enthusiastically, jumping up and down and shouting.

Tiago is the youngest of the kids by three minutes, and the only male. I also added some flowers and vegetation. My Reason: Characters left: 140 Der Film war die letzte Arbeit des Drehbuchautors Don Rhymer, der am 28. Lance Sterling | novel is the first time Tiago and his siblings are seen addressing Rafael as "uncle" while they run to greet him. Greetings from Atlanta . Peaches |
Tiago tries to catch it but was instead squashed against the wall. Rio 2 Super Bowl. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. When Blu hesitantly agrees, Tiago is ecstatic, but then asks what the Amazon is. But they work well together during the battle against the loggers, driving a tree harvester away from the trees. Diego | Shangri Llama | [8], Die Filmkritik von kino.de fällt in der Summe positiv aus. Upon being informed by Nigel of their parents' cave-in accident, Tiago and his sisters rush to their location and uncover a secret door to rescue them. Tiago, like his sisters, eats jungle food, but also eats human food such as pancakes and soda. Epic – Verborgenes Königreich (2013) |

At the beginning of the Snakes Alive! We're going to the Amazon!

Nun kann sie ihrem Schwarm Nigel endlich nahe sein und nutzt dies auch gegen seinen Willen weidlich aus. Little birdLittle oneLittle munchieT-birdBird-brainBro Tiago and both his sisters run away from their great-aunt Mimi when she tries to hug them.

Maquina | Zu Jewels großer Freude gehört auch ihr totgeglaubter Vater Eduardo dazu. When Bia shows Blu a pop-up snake from her Amazon book, Tiago takes it, interested, but Bia takes it back, annoyed. Tiago, along with his sisters, was initially frightened of Mimi as she rushed to hug them for the first time. Tiago hurries Blu as they prepare to leave for the Amazon eager to go. During the battle with the loggers, Tiago and Bia drive a tree harvester away from the trees.

The Rio: Snakes Alive! He appears to have little manners, shown when he takes Bia's book, when he burps after drinking soda, and when he farts while relaxing in a bird-sized jacuzzi in Roberto's nest. Spione Undercover – Eine wilde Verwandlung (2019), Gutachten der Deutschen Film- und Medienbewertung, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft, Sergio Mendes says a 'Rio' sequel 'looks like it's going to happen', 'Rio 2' Soundtrack Out March 25, Features Janelle Monae, Bruno Mars. In Rio 2, Tiago and his siblings are left in Rafael's care by Blu and Jewel, until Rafael passes them over to Luiz. When the Spix's Macaw Tribe discovers them and brings them to the Sanctuary, Tiago looks on with awe and wonder.
He is then distracted by the birdbath, jumping into it. Guapo | In the Rio: Snakes Alive! Bia voiced by Amandla Stenberg . As Blu and the bat colony discover and attempt to fight off Ssssalbatore, Tiago flees along with his family. He is voiced by Pierce Gagnon. Rio 2 Thai promotional 1 week countdown image. Carla voiced by Rachel Crow and 1 other . Blu fühlt sich dagegen zunehmend ausgeschlossen. He greets her mother as she stares at them all, clearly annoyed. Tiago was born 6 minutes and 2.5 seconds after Carla and 3 minutes after Bia.