There have been numerous attempts in the comics to reconcile the Donna Troy's numerous, and contradictory, backstories, which leaves open the possibility of Titans finding a way to connect its current depiction of Donna Troy to one of these other storylines. Stephen Amell Recovering After Sustaining Back Injury On Heels Set, Vampire Diaries: The Actors Who Almost Played Damon Salvatore, Psych: The True Story Behind Curt Smith's Cameos, Better Call Saul Can Have Both Breaking Bad AND El Camino's Endings, Star Trek Discovery: Airiam Is Still Part Of The Crew In Season 3. She was eventually found and taken in by Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, and taken to Themyscira, capital of the Amazons, wher… Donna Troy is a complicated figure in DC Comics, who has been retconned numerous times. The character was once again retconned in the late 1990s, this time becoming a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman created by Magala.

The ending of season 2 which had the hero’s (Donna) controversial death was not well-received by fans. House Of Dragon: Official Release Date Confirmed! A one-stop shop for all things video games. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

Titans so far has followed Wolfman's version of Donna Troy from the 1960s run of Teen Titans; however, the events of the season 2 finale suggest that season 3 may incorporate other storylines from the comic, such as her transformation into Troia, or her Darkstars run. I'm just an another literature geek who sometimes wrote poetry. Donna Troy In Titans Season 3 Donna Troy is the childhood friend of Dick Grayson and Wonder Woman’s foster daughter and also her sidekick named Wonder Girl. The Buzz Paper marks itself as the ultimate stop for news from various segments including business, technology, and finance. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We will see these stars in the upcoming season of the superhero series: Hello friends, I am Sajid, the author of TheDigitalWise. We’ve got some exciting opportunities and stories ahead for Donna Troy and Rachel, and the whole underworld we’ve made. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Following Crisis, Donna Troy was given a new backstory in which she was saved from a fire not by Wonder Woman, but by the Titan Rhea.

Titans Season 3: Donna Troy Could Mark Return! A panelist representing Titans at DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse has teased the return of Donna Troy in Titans season 3. According to the official announcement from DC Universe and Warner Bros Titans season three is clearly happening. We’ll go into what it’s like as a transition stage.”, To that, Holbrook replied, “DC Comics loves the Lazarus Pit.” Walker dodged the question by saying, “I have no comment about that.”, In Season 2, Donna died by being electrocuted , a plot point that Walker said will come back. Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl may return for season 3. She passed away while saving Dawn, as she stopped a damaged transmission tower from grounding on civilians.

The DC Universe show follows the adventures of the new and old team of the Titans, led by Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), also known as Nightwing. Your email address will not be published. Riviera Season 3: Who All Will Be Joining The Cast And What Will Happen?

After Corey’s season split between helping the Titans and dealing with his family issues, the Titans seem ready to move more than occasional riffs into season 3. In the comics, Wonder Girl was originally imagined as a younger version of Wonder Woman, then as Wonder Woman's younger sister. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The production of the third season did not start yet as it was impacted by the ongoing pandemic condition. She passed away while saving Dawn, as she stopped a damaged transmission tower from grounding on civilians. So, Walker also said that the show will be changing some of the normal life and death rules. Whether it's entertainment news or rumors, you will get to know everything here. Fans will have to wait until Titans season 3 returns and the revelation by Greg Walker might be a small light in the dark for the fans! Only its production has faced delays due to coronavirus. At The Buzz Paper, we intend to serve the readers with the hottest and latest news so that the readers get wide and detailed information about the stuff they look. After … Now, many fans are thinking that the creators might be brought Donna Troy back in Season 3 by creating a plot twist or something like that.

The Titans season 2 finale saw the unexpected death of original "Teen Titan" Donna Troy (Conor Leslie). The ending of season 2 showed Rachel accompanying Donna Troy’s coffin to Themyscira (the home of the Amazons). Donna Troy's showdown with the brainwashed Superboy in the finale may have been a nod to her death at the hands of a Superman robot in "Graduation Day." Deathstroke was defeated in Titans season 2, the creation of Cadmus Labs was halted, his two brain-less allies were given control over their own brains back, and the Titans finally officially teamed up. Conor Leslie was at the panel, which gives a big clue of the character’s return given that the actress portrays her on the show. We are a for-fans, by-fans site devoted to bringing you all the latest information on DC and Vertigo titles, movies, TV shows and more. Friends Reunion: Here's Everything We Know About It's HBO Max Premiere. Initially, all the characters were split but as the story progressed all of them formed a group. Donna’s body was still intact, so there is still a possibility that her reincarnation is in the plan. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Friends Reunion: Release Date Confirmed For 2021. Titans Season 3 is expected to release on DC Universe around late 2021, as per the sources. She is a writer, researcher, and folk musician. The DC Universe show revolves around the adventures of the new and old Titans, both of which are headed by Night wing/Dick Grayson played by Brenton Thwaites. "Donna Troy" is the eighth episode of the first season of Titans, and the eighth episode overall. I'm here to provide you with the latest buzz around the world. Dick Grayson fights and kills Deathstroke, but the gang had to fight Cadmus afterward. Sweet Magnolias: Cancelled For Season 2?

But yet, we have to remain for a lengthy time for the third season. Titans star Conor Leslie teases plans for her character Donna Troy in Season 3 may draw from a specific comic storyline. In Titans, her role is portrayed by Conor Leslie. ‘The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance’ Is Season 2 Happening By Any Chance? The Titans season 2 ending was criticized by fans worldwide, who felt that the way she died was not just illogical but it was also disrespectful for the prime character of the series. I have a passion for writing, and I put in all my efforts to provide my readers with what they are looking for.