"This also lets me spend more time with my family!".


PLEASE listen to Chris Stigall on WPHT1210 for all the best right-winged morning drive talk. Glad he’s gone. Liberals are no longer classical liberals. Radio personality Todd Schnitt picked a good time to split town. I can’t listen anymore. His commercial breaks have about 5 minutes plus of music IN ADDITION to the already long enough commercial time, which oddly enough might be one of the few GOOD things because there’s less of his disgusting Blow-hard, cluelessness.

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He rants and rambles most of the times. At one point, Schnitt sued Clem for defamation; they eventually reached an agreement in which Clem couldn't verbally attack Schnitt's family.

Are you looking for Aol mail – find here step-by-step procedure to setup your AOL mail login and create a new Aol mail account. SHE should stick to her faggot theay ter schnitt. Listeners are leaving in droves, like voters for Hillary, I won’t be listening either. Todd is a buffoon. Schnitt also serves as the afternoon drive personality of the nationally syndicated The Schnitt Show on Compass Media Networks. I used to listen on my headphones. I could tell that Len learned a lot from Todd about the radio business but it will be a big job for him to carry the whole show by himself. That appeared to be his only positive quality. A morning drive nightmare would be a “Don Imus and Todd Schnitt morning radio show. Fallen??? The only time he was in his element was when he did the sports updates. Plus, Todd was prepared and Len is not. He moved along with his family to Virginia Beach, Virginia in late 1976. Len will drive ratings through the floor. However, Campbell expressed concern that Personius had consumed too much alcohol to drive and offered to call her a cab. Good riddance to him and his nasty comments. Love Todd.

Ya’ll made a mistake by letting him go. Couldn’t agree more with those who are happy he’s GONE. The political meaning of ‘liberal’ is vastly different than it’s use in the phrase ‘liberal arts.’ LOL Unless you’re attending Hillary U, that is. Then came Todd – like a breath of fresh air and truth in the PC toxic media of NY/NJ. I’m listening to it as I type.

Most ditto heads feel the same. Len was/is terrible,,,Todd was the only reason I tuned in,,,now never!!! Sand intrusion has created a beach that is blocking boats and threatening to drive out the landmark Hubbard’s Marina and other businesses. The Schnitt Show will still air on more than 50 stations across the country, on XM Satellite Radio and online.

Narcissistic. You’re obviously not paying attention, it was the TOP morning show with Schnitt, now watch what happens, “bottom of the barrel” Len. Todd’s syncidated show broadcasts online. A native of New York City, Schnitt came to Tampa in 1994. For morning radio programming for kids I suggest Star 99.1. Len is not too bright, arrogant, boring and fully accepts the liberal, PC, culture of victimization crap so in favor with the left. Sean Daly can be reached at sdaly@tampabay.com. You have entered an incorrect email address! Hillarie Barsky has my vote.

Todd was unlistenable. Don’t listen to the WOR–NY radio show. I Can’t believe He Was On The air For 3 Years. I agree, love joe Bartlett, feel like he gets looked over. Two smart people with their own take on certain issues… He advised her again to leave her car at the steakhouse’s parking garage and take a cab. I gave up on the show about 3 months ago, I listen to 970am Joe piscipo now .

he can carry any show. I have been listening to Todd since 1994 in Tampa I’ve grown up listening to him and will continue to listen to him. Joe did a good job when he helmed the show for a while.

Additionally, sometimes I had to turn the station off if my kids were in the room b/c Shnitt had brought up some really raunchy story/subject. Todd was the only reason to listen to this show. So dull! Len Berman isn’t ready to be a host by himself. By 2001, Harris was gone, later admitting he had a problem with cocaine that derailed his life and career. I’m glad he’s gone. He lived nearby in a downtown apartment and planned to walk home.

BIt lately, it seemed viscous . Len frustrated the heck out of me making so much noise and interrupting Todd’s train of thought. Right now, as I am listening to Joe and Mike, I am laughing. It’s mind boggling!

In August, the Facebook page for Schnitt's MJ Morning Show filled with fan complaints after the program revealed changes such as playing more music, shortening talk segments and ending the show an hour earlier, at 9 a.m. Todd was the show. I enjoy Len and think Joe has class. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that Schnitt won't miss Clem — and no doubt vice versa.

At least Todd gave it some balance.

BIG MISTAKE!! Absolutely not true. He is famous for hosting America’s conservative talk radio. You may also do AOL Mail Login, Create AOL Account, AOL Password Reset etc. It’s time for me to find a new station. Martha, my thoughts exactly. In NY, has to many weird media hosts that are very cynical, mediocere and the most important very antipathyc. His name isn’t even mentioned anymore. TODD SCHNITT has exited iHEARTMEDIA News-Talk WOR-A/NEW YORK's morning show. That was followed by another tweet: "sorry I had2run u outta Tampa.

You already have a sports guy. Why doesn’t WOR own up to the real reason behind Todd’s absence. Even though I really agree with Mark Simone, it’s a class show and he is an intelligent guy. After 22 successful years in one market on two shows, he becomes another radio talent from Tampa to head to market No. By the way Lens contract probably expires the same time as Todd’s did. (Except when you had a strange announcer for several months and I turned the station off. ) In recent times Baetlett tried to be both a newscaster snd a conservative commentator- not good. This is an afternoon drive time on the News radio 970 WFLA and it is syndicated to the Compass Media Network. Would be nice to have Hillary Barskie back; she & Len would be good together. ", (Schnitt's response to the latter text: "He ran me out of town?