Tom finds a duck egg, and decides to have it for breakfast. But he then immediately shrinks to half the size of Jerry, then to the size of an ant, and runs away from Jerry, who proceeds to chase him with a fly-swatter. | Tom is a cat owned by a western rancher living near the. William Hanna, He writes a note for Tom, telling him about his departure. He pours Tom some water to soak his feet in, but it ends up burning Tom. Tom places his skis in snow to distract the dog so he can get Jerry. When Jerry runs into a dog pound, Tom takes the head of a dog statue and wears it in order to not get caught and try to catch him. Once finished, he leaves him on the porch to go get some meat. Not noticing, Tom dashes off in which he thinks is the direction the mouse went. Joseph Barbera, Another episode with a shark. This time, Jerry is rescuing a fish from Tom. Once Tom claims his territory again, Jerry comes back and makes Tom angry. | Now, they protect each other, sleep next to one another, and so on. He fails miserable and destroys Jerry's place in the process. Tired of fighting, Tom, Jerry, and Spike sign a truce. Re-released with Perspecta Stereo in 1957. She receives a package that she's been wanting. Produced in CinemaScope and Perspecta Stereo. It's icy fun in the kitchen, as Jerry and Nibbles turn the floor into an ice-skating rink by freezing overflowing faucets. Jerry proceeds to torture Tom by taking advantage of his new life, sleeping in his bed and eating all of his food. Jerry gets annoyed when he sees Tom fall for a female cat once again. Thinking it was Jerry, Tom marches into the kitchen. BUT I'M HAPPY!!". Taking place in a large house, Tom and Jerry challenge each other to a duel. Also first T&J cartoon animated by. Tom reads it and finds out that he inherited one million dollars by one of his uncles! In this winter episode, Jerry is rolling down a hill in a giant snowball and lands in a place where Tom is. Martha Wentworth. 8 min Lillian Randolph. Both cats try to catch Jerry, but when one cat tries, the other cat gets hurt, and both think Jerry is the strongest mouse ever. Later, he finds out that Jerry was the one behind all this, so he chases him around the house. Jerry notices this, and tries to stay awake, but it doesn't work. Directors: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna. | He holds onto the question mark and grabs the nearest ledge. Jerry drinks a potion that makes him grow super-strong. (C) 1946 Loew's Inc. Joseph Barbera, Tom and Jerry Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When Jerry notices that Tom is having a bad day, he takes advantage of it by pulling numerous pranks on him.