There was a bit of friction between CSjr and MV over Sainz refusing a team order to let Max by when they were on different strategies but that seems to me to have been pretty small potatoes and easily forgettable for the two drivers. Required fields are marked *. My tought exactly. McLaren seems to be terrible handling their young drivers. Great point. 2017 – I don’t have the data on this one honestly. Toro Rosso Honda-February 24, 2019. It’ll have to be Gasly, he’s gulping up valuable Honda data and has shown the calm turn of speed in Bahrain that Red Bull are looking for. Saying Ricciardo has better racepace is ignoring what is in front of you. Ric had nof single DNF while Verstappen DNF-ed in the US and took damage at Spa (p2). Ocon's chances at an F1 drive next season are approaching the flatline, something which longtime overseer Wolff is vocally unsatisfied with. Big thanks to @BahrainMcLaren for sorting this out ✊, DRIVER ANNOUNCEMENT DNF’s due to mechanical issues are ruled out for the overall picture, even when the driver that mostly finishes in front of the other, we only are interested in points, cause points are a favour of the driver that’s the fans favorite. For Max to finish first, he first has to finish. Also don’t forget other incidents. McLaren will be reluctant to let Norris go. On race pace and trackperformance VER Has beaten RIC most of the races. © 2020 Collantine Media Ltd | About RaceFans. Marko stated that a driver "with a Mercedes contract" will "probably not" be considered. Too bad you’ll have to suffer through the next 15+ years looking the other way. Furthermore, Brendon Hartley's performances have been sub-par, which again is a source of concern for the team, and could force them to start the 2019 season with two new faces. “I guess it changed my attitude a bit.”. He seems to be free and is very good. Toro Rosso Honda F1 Team. The other driver will ideally be a rear gunner type like Kimi. Their only option was Kvyat. Esploratore (@esploratore) 10th August 2018, 23:58. Perez to leave Racing Point, Vettel likely replacement. Third year in a row? ... Over the course of 2019, Toro Rosso only suffered a single reliability-related retirement, Kvyat's oil leak in Italy. The changes coming to the formula in 2021 will shake things up, not only the cars but as so many Bernie-contracts with promoters, teams and other ancillaries are up, F1 as we know it now is not going to be no more and we start building a newer , slower but hopefully a racier F1. @DRG Do you actually use the Baku pitstop ‘strategy’ as an excuse for Riciardo being overtaken (twice) by Verstappen..? With the 2019 driver line-up continues to take shape, the team with the most uncertain future is Toro Rosso. In general they’re treated as 2 number 1 drivers, look at hamilton-bottas and vettel-raikkonen if you want to see number 1 and number 2. predate VES being here) for things ranging from trolls to “FBoys” to Orangists to preaching “MaxGospels” pretty liberally and then simply “not gonna accept that what you made me for”?