Another good one is "World Cavern 4" which is similar to Pee's "World Cavern 2" in that they are both ambient and moody; with the exception that Sakoda's is slightly more melodic. The first thing noticeable about this game is its amazing graphics, because it looks more like a game for a next gen system, rather than the SNES. play. He actually starts the soundtrack with "Gemini Wing," a short symphonic introduction to the world in which Treasure Hunter G is set in. I recommend that you play the game as well, because it helps appreciate the themes that are only half developed and constructed. Graphics (9/10): RPG's meet Donkey Kong Country! BUT the combat system is amazingly nuanced. once and moved on. giving this a 10). It seems a bit closer to the Tri-Ace/Wolf Team stuff from the era than Squaresoft, maybe? No, we do not have Fifty Shades. gobs of money you can't spend because of a lack of weapon/equipment shops...not For a good example, one cannot go past both his world cavern compositions. You may call it epic when it reaches this stage, though it doesn't maintain this status for much longer than a few seconds. Daria Reviews Treasure Hunter G [SNES] - Squaresoft's other amazing SRPG - Duration: 8:11. Back to the main page. Difficult at times, but worth the play through since it's not extraordinarily long. 6. Now, we come to the main course, the Balladry series consisting of "Apprentice of Balladry," "Emperor of Balladry," and "It Is Raining on the Peninsula of Megahama". Create an account Your channel is amazing, also! Red), and there could have been a few more monsters, but overall very Archived. Saying his effort was the most enjoyable part of the Original Sound Version may be a bit misleading, however, he is the so-called heart of the music in Treasure Hunter G. Surprisingly enough, like most leaders do, he didn't even start the soundtrack (leaving the duty for Sakimoto), making his first appearance in "My Rural Town," a fairly typical, mellow town theme, which may lead some to think that it doesn't go anywhere, especially in the first 40 seconds or so, but actually creates a nice little climax before the loop at the three quarter mark. The three others — Akiko Goto, Tomoko Matsui, and Yoko Takada — only did a few themes each. I enjoyed It lives up to the name well, not going over the edge in sadness, and follows a progressive, moving path all the way to the end. your character to search a chest, or break something open. Red is the older brother, the tough guy and Kids" is the main battle theme of the game and he definitely puts his all into the creation of the piece. them without any concern. Characters (8/10): You play the role of Red G. and Blue G., two brothers who One of the reasons why people are attracted to this album is because of the MIDI arrangements at the end of Disc Two, which contain arranged versions of all of Sakimoto and Iwata tracks featuring improved instrumentation. that you really needed them. Ending (8/10): impressive. You routinely cover/mention interesting games I've never heard of. at the fact her real identity is a mystery. you guessing. Post a comment! of the Super Famicom's (SNES) life cycle, Treasure Hunter G was Square's last Fairly enjoyable in the bouncy nature, we can definitely see the composer's future in this track, relatable to almost any of his Final Fantasy Tactics compositions. The militaristic drums and strings give you that thrill of excitement, something that is mandatory for a battle and its corresponding theme. before getting it right. Goto's contributions to the album are quite large, and are focused to the theme that is originally shown in the composition. The ending included a Released near the very end Made only a year before Sakimoto co-composed for the Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack with Iwata, you can certainly see the future, developing Sakimoto in his compositions; take note that his music presented in this Original Sound Version is a lot more melodic than most of his other works on later symphonic scores. bar, I didn't find any good items to equip him with to raise it. would have been much more useful if not so expensive; this would have shortened Started playing Touhou-Diablo: Treasure Hunter G. Dat Difficulty Curve. He cries often, gets scared, and can never wake up on time. The ending made me beg for a sequel! ), Dark Started playing Touhou-Diablo: Treasure Hunter G. Dat Difficulty Curve. worth the play. innovative, but became annoying after awhile. Though he does put in effort, the tracks often come out as too short or too underdeveloped. worth a download from this site. For the quick clips of the games I'm not playing I usually search youtube for HD footage. One of them is "It Has Been a Long Time Since Someone Called Me a Magician" which has a xylophone playing the addictive main melody while the rest of the track is entirely of ambient relation. and would aggressively pursue a second title, as there's much they could do. You begin your journey chasing after your father, who Little frustrating when the popular discourse tends to center around things I don't play. better items, it would have been worth investing time here. somewhat fun and challenging...but not quite appealing enough to go back and