Trees are tall with far-reaching branches, much like the forces of nature are strong and widespread. Thanks for reading and please share or pin the image below: My name is Kevin Muldoon and I love this can you please send me all the information on Ireland heritage. Ancients Celts called the Tree of Life crann bethadh. There are actually a number of things the Tree of Life symbolizes in the Celtic tradition: Since the Celts believed humans came from trees, they viewed them not only as living being but also as magical. Underneath the branches of this tree, the … Have a mixed Irish and northwestern European history. The concept of ‘tree of life’ is found in many cultures including that of Celts. The Celtic Tree of Life symbol can be interpreted in many ways. About the Celtic Tree of Life. Celtic knots are known as endless knots because they don't have a beginning or end. Chopping down the tree was considered a serious crime meaning that the biggest triumph one would be able to achieve over their enemy was to chop down their Tree of Life. It is totally understandable, especially in a modern age. The Tree of Life connects the lower and upper worlds as its roots grow far down while its branches reach high. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; The Tree of Life represents the balance and harmony in nature. It is through this connection that gods in the heavens can communicate with people through the Tree of Life. Astrology of the Ancients is your resource for Celtic, Egyptian, Mayan and modern astrology. The Celts also believed that they actually came from trees, and considered them magical, living beings. Rituals were often performed on the basis of. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; One could fall asleep next to a particular tree and awake in the fairy realm. All Rights Reserved. The Celtic Tree of Life is a symbol for these ideas. To honor the Tree of Life, Celtic people left a single, large tree in the center of fields whenever they cleared land. Today, you often find the Celtic Tree of Life used in tapestries, tattoos, and other forms of decoration. Countless Irish legends revolve around trees. Underneath the branches of this tree, the Celts held gatherings and appointed their chieftains. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "astrologyancients-20"; The Celtic tree of life symbolizes harmony and balance. Was interesting. They called this tree crann bethadh. The Celtic Tree of Life symbolizes these diverse ideas in a simple form. As you can see the Celtic tree of life holds quite a big place in Celtic Symbols. The Celts derived the meaning of rebirth from the seasonal changes they would see each tree go through(Summer to Winter and so on). People used to hold assemblies beneath it, and it also provided shelter, food and acted as a home for wildlife. Really enjoyed the article and looking forward to more. In modern times this Celtic symbol is used for decorations, tattoos and tapestries. The Tree of Life represents rebirth, just as a tree will shed its leaves in the fall, hybernate in the winter, and be “reborn” with new leaves in the spring. The endless knots represents the eternalness of nature. Trees combine their life forces to provide homes for countless species. The Celtic Tree of Life meaning is said to represent balance and harmony, which is at the heart of the Celtic culture. Turning our gaze to the Celtic corner of the world, we see that the Tree of Life appears in the folklore of the Celts as often as, if not more than, any other symbol. The Celts believed that their enemies would be rendered powerless if their sacred tree was cut down. They believed it had special powers. They represent how nature is eternal. amzn_assoc_linkid = "8f981620887729bb07426c795330cf5b"; To make things easier, I have bullet pointed some of the main points behind the tree of life. The Celts believed they came from the trees, and thus regarded trees as living, magical beings. The Celtic Tree of Life is a well known symbol often seen on tapestries, and on other types of decorations. Because the tree provided food, medicine and shelter to people and animals, the Celts believed it had the power to take care of all life. Its roots reach deep into the lower world, while its branches grow up to reach the upper world. This can be understood by thinking of how individual trees come together to form a forest. Under its branches, they appointed their chieftain and held gatherings. Celtic Tree of Life knots represent the roots and branches of a tree woven together without end, showing the continuous cycle of life on earth. The tree also represents rebirth, as it will lose its leaves during the fall season, hibernate throughout the winter, and will be reborn again once spring arrives. These days, the tree symbol is used for decorations, tattoos and tapestries. © 2012-2020 Well Read Gnome, LLC. They called this tree crann bethadh. In modern times this Celtic symbol is used for decorations, tattoos and tapestries. The Celtic tree of life(in Irish Crann Bethadh) plays an intricate part in Irish heritage and is among one of the most popular Celtic symbols. The trunk of the Tree of Life connects the two worlds to the earth's plane. U.K.-born archaeologist and academic Miranda Aldhouse-Green has even suggested that the Celts wer… Trees were a connection to the world of the spirits and the ancestors, living entities, and doorways into other worlds. Get your weekly dose of Irish straight to your inbox every Friday. Like the Celtic Cross, it is extremely popular in modern-day tattoos. The tree trunk connects both of these worlds to the Earth’s plane. The tree of life and its symbol is featured in nearly all forms of history and religion. It was believed that the roots of the tree penetrated depths of the lower world, branches of the tree reached out and stretched out to the heavens, and the trunk remains on the earth’s plain. Some of you might dismiss the tree of life and what it represents as untrue. The Celts believed that. Trees were an important part of Celtic beliefs and culture, so it's no surprise that the Celtic Tree of Life would hold great importance to the Celts. For them, the Tree of Life represented how the forces of nature came together to create harmony and balance. I find the Irish most interesting. They believed it had special powers.