In times of danger, he was the man to be with. What little remained of their old hunting grounds was played out. Minister: (to John) Do you thus solemnly and sincerely engage and promise? Now in his sixties, he was respected as an elder. Jill Lepore, Historian: It's as if you could take the storybook version of American History — the myth of the first Thanksgiving — and turn it entirely upside down. Indian nations begin to unite in a confederation, to resist that expansion. those who came nearly a hundred years later, Wounded Knee was sacred land. Patrick Ramirez, An Apograph Productions Inc. film for American Experience in association with Tecumseh LLC and Native American Public Telecommunications. Playboy Foundation Mike Burke, Set Costumers  Narrator: Incensed that Crook had allowed Geronimo to escape, federal officials removed him from his post. And before that Senator could present it a Congressman from Kentucky and one from Maine had a duel. KELO-TV Kent Frizzell, Former Department of Justice Official: Shortly after I arrived, the lifestyle was somewhat changed of the occupants of Wounded Knee. Ford Foundation “There was a certain something in his countenance and manner,” a childhood friend recalled, “that always commanded respect, and made those about him love him.” The contrasts could not have been more striking with his troubled younger brother, Lalawethika. I mean, Brock’s remark is a classic one. And in the aftermath, his body is mutilated so badly by Harrison’s Kentucky militia that the Americans who know him can’t really identify him. Coy Stout II and Jeffrey S. Falk. Oliver Enjady, Chiricahua Apache: When the United States almost put that final dagger, should I say, into the hearts of our people, almost carried out that manifest destiny, in a land, in a place that was worse than San Carlos. Colin G. Calloway, Historian: It's hard to see how conflict could have been avoided and how the outcome of that war could have been different. Goodbye. Rick Gernhardt We have our own way of punishing people that way. The league title stayed on Merseyside for eight out of ten years as performances on the football pitch became the city’s primary form of opposition. A Tecumseh LLC film for American Experience in association with Robyn Simmons Narrator: For the ten years after his celebrated victory, Geronimo fought one bloody battle after another with Mexicans. John Ross, Descendant: John Ross he didn’t look like a real full-blood Cherokee, but the full-bloods, the Cherokee people, trusted him. Carey Tilley, Historian: At this point, the Ridges see the yielding of land as inevitable. Stephen Warren Dennis Banks had to be very protective of Nowa Cumig. Anthony Johnson There was a rich sort of political interaction in this region. It really was the most incredible contrast. Some break windows. In the past two decades, one Indian tribe after the next had been defeated. Gayle Ross, Descendant of Chief John Ross: And you Miss Sarah Bird Northrup, with your right hand, take Mr. John, If an Indian is educated...yet he is an Indian...and the. Narrator: The English were in a race to establish empire in the Americas...jockeying for territory with the French, the Spanish, the Swedish, the Dutch. Cassidy Alla Graham Bough Daniel K. Richter, Historian: Native American forces had devastating victories over the English in the early months of that war, destroyed large numbers of towns and people and property, and were very much winning that war and putting the English on a defensive. UCLA Film & Television Archive The Dreamer marked East, South, West and North with sacred cattail pollen. Nicole Anderson Because he didn’t do it alone. "Continental Citizens" and "Twisted Train" We want you to promise none of your people will harm any of our people. They must have been carved out by the same buzzard that carved out the Smokies. Assorted Voices (archival): Hey! Narrator: Friends and family members were astonished by the changes that had transformed Lalawethika almost overnight — and none more so than Tecumseh himself — who all through the fall and winter of 1805, looked on thoughtfully as young men from across the Midwest  trooped into their village along the White River in increasing number — drawn by his brother’s siren call of renewal — and by his brother himself — who would soon be known simply as the Prophet. Maybe they wanted to go back for one more last look, for all that this land has provided them. The Cherokee Phoenix, the translation of the Bible into Cherokee. Examine him. The outcome of the battle seems really to have been a foregone conclusion. But, the toll was devastating. “They have done some bad things but I want them all rubbed out and let us never speak of them again.” Crook had orders to demand unconditional surrender from the Chiricahuas, but he knew that Geronimo would never agree. The league title stayed on Merseyside for eight out of 10 years but then, in tragic circumstances, the sport that had given its people a voice shook the city through disasters at Heysel and Hillsborough. Keith Basso, Anthropologist: Crook was forever talking about how intelligent Apaches were. Their trajectory in a way mirrors what a lot of the Indian world was about, which was trying to connect with traditional knowledge, culture, religion. Symon Mink We’ll be right here. The Navajos chose war. hoping to convince him not initiate hostilities. To the south, Potawatomis left corn crops standing in the fields, and came to hear the Shawnee holy man. Suddenly a fire-fight erupted. Narrator: Brando sent an Apache actress named Sacheen Little Feather to represent him at the awards ceremony, watched by millions. Stephen Warren, Historian: Tippecanoe. As a show of friendship, Massasoit formally ceded the settlers the village of Patuxet, and all the planting land and hunting grounds around it. Boston Casting (Boston), Extras Casting Coordinators  Lucia Mandelbaum, Make-Up Department Head He’s saved for immortality through death on the battlefield. Orvel Baldridge (Oklahoma)  And every time he'd hoot in a direction and then we'd go that way and they did it right under the marshals’ noses. Music “It’s the tale today of two great clubs but one extraordinary city,” says Desmond Lynam introducing another Wembley showpiece featuring Everton and Liverpool – one of FIVE which took place between 1984 and 1989. Pilgrim Man: Alright, stay back everyone. John Sugden, Biographer: I mean, Brock’s remark is a classic one. Don’t clutter their minds with all this old information.”. But here’s Tecumseh,” he says — “a more gallant or sagacious warrior does not exist.”. To get them paranoid, and pointing fingers at one another. Dan Bittner Alissa Martin Ron Kanter, Post-Production Sound Services Provided by Narrator: There was no reconciling after Red Clay. And remember that in English eyes Philip was a traitor — and this was the punishment meted out by 17th century Englishman to traitors. That’s why we stayed in our apartments or stayed in our rooms. Palace of the Governors Photo Archives He doesn't have the coercive power that a European sovereign or a monarch would have. National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution New Mexico State Game and Fish Department “In just 81 minutes of spellbinding airtime director Andy Wells captured a remarkable snapshot in time” – Liverpool Echo, Two Tribes – How Everton and Liverpool allowed a city to walk tall in a time when it was on its knees. In the 1980s, Britain’s bitter divisions were between right and left, and perhaps between North and South. Chad Smith, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation: There was one character for every syllable. Their mother left for Missouri in 1779 after horrifying warfare between the Long Knives and the Shawnees. Here these thousands of people making this forced march, one quarter of them dying en route. The chief got what he could for the Wampanoag land. Fort Detroit falls. You know so they started banging a drum and singing victory songs and everyone was hooping and cheering.