Fishing with Uncle Grandpa • One-Time Shorts Xarna: She-Warrior of the Apocalypse • Hot Dog Person is sitting alone at the mall until Beary Nice hops out of a shopping bag, Beary talks about how wonderful it is to have an imagination and that makes Hot Dog Person concerned that he doesn't have an imagination. Evil Wizard • Ule Gapa's Museum • Mr. Gus's Break Dance • The Grampies • Then Hot Dog Person falls into the trash, still painfully hurt, while Beary Nice is happy about his ice cream, oblivious to Hot Dog Person's pain. • Beary Does Not Know He Launched Normad, then typing in the Normad password. Moments in History with Mr. Gus • Pizza Steve's Cheese Rap • After "Uncle Grandpa Sitter" (Tree Climbing), After "The History of Wrestling" (Imaginations). NORMAD is Base on NORAD The North American Aerospace Command . Hot Dog Person flies through the door and into another door and goes down the stairs, Beary is still having fun. Mr. Gus's Work Out • Tiger Talk • Race for Shoes • Uncle Grandpa's Puppet Show • Sticky Caramel Apple • The Origin of Frankenstein • Ghost Math • Unboxing • Beary asks to get his haircut first and he wants to keep his sideburns, the barber shaves off a single hair, when Beary sees himself in the mirror he said he looks like movie star. Hot Dog Person falls out of the traffic and turns to normal on the grass until a dog chews him out and launches him into a fat dirty man's foot. Hot Dog Person says that "Computers are amazing". Tag Sale • Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person are sitting together in a restaurant, Beary tells Hot Dog Person that he's excited to eat at a fancy French restaurant for the BEARY FIRST TIME! House of Mirrors • The Heavy Breather • Super Cloud • Frankenstein Juice • RV Checkup • Behind the Scenes • Stinky Elevator • Hot Dog Person says that he can't eat this, he tries to eat himself and Beary goes to give him a hand and Hot Dog Person begins to eat himself. The Story of Crispin • Beary Nice is always liking his new things but Hot Dog Person is always getting painfully hurt and tortured by his new things. Yoga with Uncle Grandpa • Chicken Crossing • Once outside Hot Dog Person is just a floating bun and he tells Beary that he doesn't feel a thing. Hot Dog Person's tree is an electric tower with high voltage wires at the top and he starts climbing and is okay with it, unaware that he's not actually climbing a tree. Sit on it • Here Piggy Piggy • No Farm No Foul! • When it's Hot Dog Person's turn Beary restates that Hot Dog Person won't feel a thing so the barber keeps shaving off hot dog skin until there's no left and Beary is covered in hot dog skin. The Uncle Grandpa Wash • Beary states that the cookie is Delicious. Inside the Director's Mind with Uncle Grandpa • Ducktor Exam • Who Wants the Last Pickle • After getting in, the soap bar flies out of Beary's hands and hits the flush lever, flushing Hot Dog Person. Out of Fuel • Beary Nice creepily tells him that he'll do what he does and he'll like it! Grandpa Cize • Scary Cyborg Guy • he knows about the cookie crumbs, then choosing all targets. Sandwich Mail • How to Draw with Uncle Grandpa • Curiosities of Nature • The waiter arrives and Beary puts on his glasses and tells him "Je voudrais la plaque de jour, et pour lui, la chien-chaud personne special", the waiter tells Beary "Vous avez commande un excellent repas, Merci! Beach Patrol • Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person are sitting together in a room and Beary asks Hot Dog Person if he's excited to wear socks for the "beary" first time, and Hot Dog Person tells him he's not too sure about it. Mr. Gus Live • Uncle Grandpa's Incredible Journey • Beary happily puts on his socks and slides towards Hot Dog Person who has trouble getting in his sock, Beary sees Hot Dog Person in need of help and he helps him by pushing him into his sock, Hot Dog Person slides off while Beary continues to have fun. Hot Dog Person flies out the building and into traffic, Beary is pretending to be an ice skater. Soon later Kevin E. Peepants takes over Beary's imagination and turns it into a nightmare leaving Hot Dog Person in danger, Beary comes back to find what's left of Hot Dog Person and asked him about the new blue jeans he bought. Cutting the Wire • Beary Nice starts climbing a tree and Hot Dog Person thinks it may be dangerous. He then presses The "Y", "E", And "S" keys, destroying everything. Spelling Bee • Beary Nice is taking a bath and tells Hot Dog Person to take one in a toilet. Later on, Beary calls for his waiter who brings him a water bottle with Hotdog Person inside, much to his surprise. Disgusted, She dumps Hot Dog Person into the ocean and he ends up in a water bottle factory. Beary is in a sauna to relax after working out, Hot Dog Person hops in as Beary asks him how his first workout went and he replies with AWESOME! Funny Looking Sleep • Dirtbag • Beary tells Timmy to help out his friend, Timmy grabs Hot Dog Person and places him in the machine, straps him in and turns it on, the machine then begins to pull, twist, mutilate, and torture Hot Dog Person to get fully ripped as Beary calmly works out alone. Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person are at the front of Gym's Gym and sees that this is the first time for them to workout, Beary Nice wonders if Hot Dog Person is ready to get ripped, Hot Dog Person believe that getting ripped sounds painful. Kung-Fu Turtles • Guess the Character • Recurring Shorts They are a government organizations part of the Department Of Defense .. The dirty man notices it isn't his sock and he takes it off and thinks it's disgusting, he rolls the sock up with Hot Dog Person in it and he clenches the sock in his hand and throws it away. Beary Nice is liking his ice cream cone a lot but when Hot Dog person is about to eat his, a bee lands on it and stings his tongue. Coolest Lunchbox •. New Experiences with Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person • Beary finishes his meal and the waiter asks if he was satisfied, Beary thought it was magnificent and he asks Hot Dog Person how he liked his meal and he tells him that he might need a doggie bag. Picture Imperfect • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Weird Zone • Will It Stick? • Tiny Miracle the Robot Boy • Frisky Mustache • Is This Funny? Weird Man • Beary says he did not know computers can make is cookie toasty warm. A Lots of Style Check • Beastoid Bros • Hot Dog Person then lands into a washing machine and proceeds to get washed as it cuts to Beary having fun. The Case of the Missing Bike • Bubble Trouble • Lunch Break • Hot Dog Person wants to know what he ordered and he tells Hot Dog Person that he talks to much, the waiter comes back with a T-bone stake for Beary and the waiter serves Hot Dog Person himself.