The change comes just after most students left campus for the summer and the retirement of longtime USF president Judy Genshaft. In her address, Genshaft assured staff that will soon change. USF's last major marketing campaign was launched nearly 12 years ago, when the iconic "Bull U" was introduced as a new sports mascot. Other complaints about the logo introduced in September 2018, involve the new logo’s colors, which are a brighter green and yellow than the school’s classic dark green and gold. Breaking down the cost of the logo, according to USF: Check out a transparent overlay we designed to compare the old logo to the new logo. They did right by the school.

And the reason the branding will change is the same reason this university is ready to rise higher than it ever has. Hice said that's because a university's "reputation" makes up a large portion of those scores, and USF has done little to market itself beyond the Tampa Bay area. USF was so proud of its new logo, it's the first shot in the April promo video for the new health building. Following USF’s newly-gained preeminence status, Genshaft unveiled the university’s new academic logo, which features a forest-green background and a lime-green bull that resembles the first bull in front of the Marshall Student Center. The guy behind it originally was Tom Veit, a USF alum that was working out of the same trailer as me on a patch of grass east of the Sun Dome when he put it together. And see the passion this screw-up foisted upon Fowler Avenue, and tell me that this university isn’t ready to compete with any on earth. USF also has increased research expenditures to more than $560 million, and earlier this year became one of only three public universities in the nation founded after 1950 to raise more than $1 billion in private donations. They have not laid out a plan yet for when the signs will be swapped, but it will not impact when the building is going to open. The new script is airy and modern, with open spaces in some of the letters meant to symbolize the university's expanding and diverse community, Hice said. The new logo will officially take effect Oct. 14 during Homecoming week and will replace USF’s prior logo, which featured “USF” in a block-like font with the “University of South Florida” under it, in full by January. — Collin Sherwin (@CollinSherwin) May 3, 2019 100% true.

I’m sure he’s close to finding another job because his resume is longer than a Tolstoy novel, but if anyone ever needs someone for a branding like this, you could do a lot worse than Tom. And we expect nothing but world-class both in the classroom and as our brand. “I think USF has every reason to be proud of its achievements as much as the University of Florida.”.

Hice said the students preferred the proud Bull because it was a better representation of USF instead of the initials. BREAKING: New USF Logo Will Be Killed Monday, USF Recruiting Classes History: 2020 Update. We love our school, but we are taught to think independently. "Don't you love it?" Right now, 'it doesn't really say anything'. The new logo is a bright arty bull with ornate “USF” lettering and it debuted in September of 2018. TAMPA — After 18 years as president of the University of South Florida, Judy Genshaft has perfected her role as a walking billboard for the school.