Complete registration in all the provinces and … If you are applying for a certificate or certified copy of registration (also known as a copy of an act) to support a separate application such as, for example, obtaining a Passport or Native Status, it is important to The provincial/territorial registries provide standard registration information to Statistics Canada using a variety of media, including machine-readable format, paper, optical images and microfilm. In addition, some state registries in the United States provide to Statistics Canada personal information on births, deaths and stillbirths of Canadian residents that occur in their jurisdictions. Marriages are recorded in civil registration and/or in parish registers / church records. Our safe and easy online order form allows you to request your vital certificate in less than 10 minutes. Victoria BC V8W 9P3 Phone: (250) 952-2681 Toll free: 1 800 663-8328 Fax: (250) 952-2527 order the certificate.). Prov. However, some lists containing the names of persons to whom marriage licences were issued are held at Library and Archives Canada. Safe and secure online application forms. The civil registration of births, marriages and deaths is a provincial and territorial responsibility. The return of any records to the registries complies with the Agency standards for the transmittal of sensitive statistical information. If a subject’s, or parent of the subject’s, name was legally changed due to adoption use the person’s adoptive name in the applicable fields. Information about those records, including how and where to access them, can be found on the following provincial and territorial information pages: Library and Archives Canada holds marriage bonds for Upper and Lower Canada. Services provided by CDPH-VR include issuing certified copies of California vital records and registering and amending vital records as authorized by law. This site is available for use by the general public and legal profession to obtain government approved and official certificates issued by the government agency. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. Statistics Canada's Canadian Vital Statistics Program obtains from the provincial and territorial vital statistics registrars personal information on births, deaths, stillbirths and marriages that take place in Canada as well receiving from the federal Department of Justice's Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings personal information on divorces. Since January 1, 2018, all notices of mariage or civil union are published on the website of the Directeur de l'état civil rather than at the place of ceremony or the nearest courthouse. Depending on the province and certificate type the Requestor of the certificate may be required to provide copies of identification (as proof of identity) and/or other documents (to prove entitlement and/or home address to All rights reserved. Box 9657 Stn. Alberta Registries, Vital Statistics Box 2023 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4W7 ph. Here is the procedure for searching any of these databases, online and free of charge: 1. Required information varies by province and certificate type. This information forms a personal information bank and is listed in the annual publication Info Source: Sources of Federal Government Information. 604-660-2937. Vital statistics data are used by Statistics Canada in the production of population estimates and projections, demographic and health trend analyses, as well as for methodological studies and survey sampling. pertinent information to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations resulting in you receiving your filing package without additional delays. Research Program in Historical Demography (PRDH), Université de Montréal; Many libraries hold reference books, local histories, family histories and other books on genealogy. Save time and avoid busy government offices and long lines. Complete the secure online application within minutes while avoiding long lines. What type of vital record should I order? Receive your personalized filing package by email with instructions on how to submit your documents to the proper Issuing Agency. Full-service professional support to ensure error-free applications. Saskatchewan Vital Statistics Index (Vital Records) includes births (more than 100 years ago) and deaths (prior to 1917) Saskatchewan, Canada, Burial Index, 1802-2011 (requires payment/at Ancestry) indexes more than 270,000 burials in more than 299 rural municipalities in Saskatchewan; most entries show year of death and burial city Vital Statistics: Births, Marriages and Deaths, Births, Marriages and Deaths Recorded in Canada, Marriage Bonds, 1779-1858 - Upper & Lower Canada, Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics - Marriages, Provincial Archives of  New Brunswick: Index to Marriage Bonds 1810-1932, Prince Edward Island – Genealogy at the Public Archives, List of Marriage Licences Issued in Upper Canada (RG 5 B9) and Lower Canada (RG 4 B28), Marriage Bonds, 1779-1858 - Upper and Lower Canada, List of Marriage Licences Issued in Upper Canada (RG 5 B9) and Lower Canada (RG 4 B28), names of spouses, occupation and place of residence, names of parents of the bride and groom, and the name of a previous spouse. Mailing Address: Department of Health Bureau of Health Statistics & Registries Division of Vital Records … If you cannot obtain the required information contact us to discuss your options. As well, in collaboration with the vital statistics registries, Statistics Canada is currently developing enhanced standards for more secure means of transmittal of files and documents. Our Acts of Divorce, 1841-1968 database includes references to divorce acts printed in federal government publications such as the Statutes of Canada. Upon receipt by Statistics Canada, all vital statistics information is provided the same level of security afforded to all information obtained under the authority of the Statistics Act. Quebec Vital Certificates are coming soon. It can be done within minutes from the comfort of your own home. In most cases required fields are indicated with a red *. Adoption alters the original birth registration. 204-945-3701. We are not affiliated with any government agency. A person’s maiden name is the last name given at birth that is registered with Vital Statistics.