Speed Does Chance love Sassy in Homeward Bound 2? This article is a stub. Country PopsOld TimerHousepetGoldie (by Ashcan and Pete)Gramps (by Pete) Voice of Shadow--The Golden Retriever. Source Once it is gone, Shadow asks Riley for help getting back to the Golden Gate Bridge, but Riley refuses, leaving Shadow and Sassy to set off on their own. Barry Jossen Playing it safe, protecting his gang Goal David R. Ellis Leads Shadow and Sassy to the bridge and goes back to rejoin his gang Shadow comes out a few moments later with Tucker right behind him, then Sassy appears with the kitten. Indignant, he tries to convince Delilah that she shouldn't be with Chance because he is a housepet. | Background information Shadow, Riley, and the others are too late to save Chance initially, but after managing to get ahead of the van before it leaves the dockyard, on Sassy's suggestion, they form a roadblock to prevent the van from leaving. She finds him in a light alley and explains why she was chasing him. With the family together again, things seemed to be going well now for the pets. It was inspirational. Homeward Bound: The Incredible JourneyHomeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco Cinematography Sassy in danger, being away from Peter, Chance's immaturity, Sassy and Chance bickering, Ashcan and Pete Shadow "Come on you two, let's go home. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, the boy refused to like him and play with him, so the parents got rid of him by leaving him in a gutter on that Christmas night in the rain. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco is a 1996 American adventure comedy film and the sequel to the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. After it passes, Shadow asks Riley if he can help him and Sassy find a golden bridge, which he remembers passing on the way there. Special Vocal Effects (voice) Michael J. When Shadow and Sassy see her, they are amazed she came all this way to be with Chance again, and Bob agrees that Delilah can stay, much to Chance's happiness. However, Riley is displeased when he sees Chance hanging with Delilah (they had sparked a romance together while he and his gang had left). Shadow remains pretty calm during the trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to the airport, but once inside and in their carriers to be placed in the plane's cargo hold, as they are being taken out to the plane, Chance mistakes the San Francisco International Airport for a dog pound and the airport workers for being dog pound workers and panics, Shadow says to Chance their human would never do that to us, knocking his carrier off to crack open being dragged between two baggage carts going in opposite directions, freeing him to go find Jamie and apologize to him.