So, instead of touring the streets of Chicago this fall, I will lay on the floor with my little ones climbing all over me and do the oh-so-tedious physical therapy required of someone who can somehow run both fast and far without ever actually firing a glute muscle. you will get your new shoes. I fudged a little bit on that promise when my family doctor said she didn’t think “running is such a good idea” for me anymore. It’s so good to hear from someone who’s in the middle of this too! The idea was to take a popular gym machine, the elliptical trainer, and put it on wheels and get it out of the gym and onto the streets. Get full nutrition info for every recipe and track with one click. But giggling at the feathered mullets and the vignetted pictures of my rainbow socks through my tears definitely helps. 1 week ago I was doing around 100 kilometres a week, generally 15km a day around 5min km pace. But it stinks. I finally talked to a sports psychologist about it and it really helped. I know it’s hard to watch other people do what you can’t…believe me…but I’m thinking about going up to Wineglass to volunteer and cheer for my friends who are running. I found hiking to fill the void and I have to say, I love it better than running. I’m trying to figure it all out and feeling quite lost about the whole damn thing. And maybe some fun treat as a pick me up, too. 2. He taught me that it’s ok to feel this way and to acknowledge your feelings. I went into quite a depression when running started to play havoc with my hips but then the plantar fasciitis hit and put me down and out (even from walking for a while) for over 15 months. I knew it after my second spinal fusion but ignored that knowledge right up through my third and fourth fusions. I have been told (just last week) that I really can’t do anything to fix the knees as they are. The ElliptiGO was conceived by two guys in California named Brent and Bryan who are just like me: runners who can’t run anymore. x��\Yo�F~����Kf�or�q���k�C��!�Q$�Q���[G���6lǑ8CvWwUu�W-�����o߾��H��ŋW/ŋ�߾NEV�7��H�?�X��)E�le w>�C?����ty��[�����/+������ˋ`��ۗBx$ҀD&�& Qg2�e���|�$�$I����&IJ�\���:-Ợ�.��K���[I3����]W�H�_���54�[}&�����k�Q�ҥ&}�4�τ�3\KA����9/'/O'���7XXB���+Zu.�h����l&��˴�U��Td�]^�(�T4�L��(�F&�(�ZV�x�//~���i�p� �� G\�����`^a.�T&�Y=���z��գxZ_U��:MWj��W�J|Z����oġ�}�]�b�;��w��\_��=�|ZW�Gr��*V}� I get on my screaming red ElliptiGO and I ride ... a lot! Once in a great while I will start a jog to see if I can still do it. It’s a popping, ripping, stop-me-dead-in-my-tracks kind of pain. That said, 4 months does sound like a long time with no improvement. For me there was light at the end of the tunnel. Even being mad makes me mad. Was a runner for 18 years and had to stop due to hip problems about 7 years ago. Literally can't run for 30 seconds. She didn’t come right out and tell me not to run, so I kept going. Ugh, thank you! As frustrating as it is, it is part of the comeback trail. I Run 4 Michael pairs runners with adults and children who can't run. �|��@_�4Ӯ��i��7�d+�8���N��P����-ޠG�И6���u����� xB0���x�� ��@������"9*�b�62M�SIJY*�W��Ѓ���h�u��pR���p��ߎ����r��'�%70�4���`��DN7H}6��:�w����{�RC��ʇ!^�H;�. I’ve dealt with a lot of depression over the years, and for me the best way to get through it is to face the source of my pain head on, let the tears wash over me and come out on the other side with some clarity and a plan to get through it. By day she's a camera assistant for films and tv in New York, and by night she's on a quest for zen in the 10k. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I met a runner that had to quit because of injuries, he had run in many competitions. It stunk. But the pictures you added put a smile on my face. I'm 5'9, and weigh 210 pounds, but I've also been lifting weights casually since high school (I'm 25). By taking care of yourself now, you’ll give yourself tons more time to run happier and healthier. . . So I hate that you can’t and I feel so bad for you. Tom Riggs is a runner, artist and writer living in Fort Collins. You can see their creation at, or you can rent one from the Fort Collins Club. A few weeks ago, during a visit to the pain specialist I’ve had to start seeing because of all those surgeries that put the titanium bits and pieces into my body, the doctor came right out with it and said, “Don’t run. Not that, like, I’ve ever done that before or anything. I could have been more committed to you, maybe given you a little more time, or maybe even given us some extra time apart. Maybe something sparkly. I hope you giggled at the fine grooves (and mustaches) of Player as much as I did. Do You Follow Good Running And Walking Etiquette? I feel like I don’t know who I am, like my whole self has been undermined by my body’s incapability to heal this injury and move on. Talk to doctors who are runners themselves! For those who have never tried running before, a common fear is, "I won't be able to run." Years of running damages joints and cartilage. I, too, am a runner – or was until I overdid things and tore both medial menisci (compounded by probable pre-existing degeneration as I in mid 40s). There comes a time when you have to quit listening to some of the “I want to” ideas and start paying attention to the “I have to” facts that have been laid out for you by the doctors and others who take care of and care for you. I still do speed work and I still do tempo runs, and I absolutely love the long run! The range of emotions has been awful. For me, things got better; I joined a union and in so doing got access to health care, and was able to return to running. Maybe a new PT. Two other tidbits on the matter: Thanks all for your awesome commiseration and feedback! I suppose I could have lied to my wife when she asked me what the doctor had said, but we’re not that kind of couple. endobj I hate the way you are feeling. Big time. I’ll still be writing columns about running and my love for the sport, but instead of being carried by Nikes or Asics, I’ll have something on my feet called ElliptiGO. endobj I’m currently training for my fifth. So I hate that you can’t and I feel so bad for you. And I wouldn’t give up Salty Running for the world, but writing about running every day and reading about running every day, hearing about other runners’ races and victories and training… it’s so hard for me. I’d been running for 2.5 years, had lost 65lbs, and even with 2 major surgeries, I had been able to keep running. So I am somewhat athletically built, with some muscles. I learned this a month ago: after four brilliant opening miles of the Eugene Women’s Half, my first DNF came in three painful steps and was followed by a seemingly eternal hobble-hop back past 900 runners to get to my car. ", 6 Exercise Red Flags You Must Know to Avoid Injury, Running Quiz: How Much Do You Know-Part 2, The Definitive Guide to Caring for Your Expensive Running Shoes. Have you ever gone through a long period of healing from injury? I desperately want a race. 8 weeks in a boot. I could have written this. But it’s not just riding, because the ElliptiGO is built for the millions of people just like me who still have that fire in their gut and want to be out in the fresh air, challenging their bodies to go just a little farther, a little faster and a little longer. I will not succumb to the (injured) runner’s low. This post has me in tears. My PT actually advocated for me to see someone else because he felt as stuck as I did. I am so sorry. Tgee . You don’t stay married for 32 years by lying to your spouse, so I had to fess up and honor my promise. I went into quite a depression when running started to play havoc with my hips but … As a 250lb lady, I had finally found something that answered all of my physical and mental health needs. God, that drummer’s feathered mullet just sings to me! Learn how your comment data is processed. Maybe you could volunteer in Chicago? I know how truly awful it feels. That night when it happened I was so scared we’d wind up like this, but I didn’t let anyone know. And remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Running over 60 years old used to be an automatic age group award, but more folks are showing up each year so you should have some fun competition to keep you focused on race day! , How to Know Your Peak Marathon Training Worked - Salty Running, For My Birthday I'm Running My Own Race - Salty Running, Staying Sane While Getting Healthy - Salty Running Injury Recovery. you will get better. I agree – why? Don’t loose that sense of humor! 4 0 obj I know that isn’t helpful, but I have not been sidelined by an injury for more than a couple of days (knocking on wood). thank you Report. But for the next 2 weeks, I know I will have to fight off the voice that’s still trying to find a way to make it happen on October 7th, no matter how disastrous it would be. All rights reserved. Unlike some, my tears are not really amenable to surgery (absent removal) so I fear running may be a thing of my past. Good to know..Thx! Even jealous to hear how well my? Report. Member Comments for the Article: 8 Exercise Options for Runners Who Can't Run Anymore 121 Comments Leave a Comment Return to Article I know I’m not supposed to, but I justify each step to myself with the knowledge that I’m going crazy without it. The plane tickets are bought, the hotel is paid for, the whole family is coming. 8 Exercise Options for Runners Who Can't Run Anymore. There are better times ahead! Ty Report. I will do it 4 times a day, like I’m supposed to. I don’t mean “too well” in an insecure, I’m-not-this-fast, I-don’t-deserve-this kind of way; I’m talking about walking that fine line between pushing myself and asking for a karmic advance on the health maintenance work that I keep promising to get around to. Share on Twitter Print. The ElliptiGO was conceived by two guys in California named Brent and Bryan who are just like me: runners who can’t run anymore. endobj It’s been 3 months for me, and I do like you do, run/walk just to see how green the summer foliage is on the path by my house or to feel some wind on my skin.